Warning Signs Your Relationship Is In Danger: 16 Best Signs

warning signs your relationship is in danger

what are warning signs in a relationship?

Warning signs your relationship is in danger are those signs you have to watch out for to know if your relationship is headed for disaster so you can easily work towards arresting the dangers. Most at times, if these dangers are not dealt with earlier, they might cause great damage to your once booming and joyous relationship.

Also, you hear most couples who split, make reference to why their relationship ended that way as their problems were rarely resolved amicably or they had buried resentment that lasts for years. As a result of this, they argue over and over some things.

You may not know when a little misunderstanding turns into a regrettable act. In some relationships, partners separate and eventually lose admiration, fondness, and love for one another over time.

A healthy intimate relationship should be built on trust, sharing your innermost feelings, wishes, and thoughts. Never forget that all couples have incessant problems and can develop tools to curb it. You see many people focusing on getting the right person instead of trying to be the right person which is really unhealthy.

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16 best warning signs your relationship is in danger

Furthermore, I know some doubters will be saying how on earth does he know that my relationship might be crashing soon? If you don’t want to be taken unaware, here are the proven warning signs your relationship is in danger:

Lack of trust

Trust is the bedrock for a lasting relationship. Without it, your relationship will be like a ship without a captain. You might just be saying “I trust you” but deep within you don’t mean it. Never make it a daily routine to always suspect your partner whenever he or she goes out or when a male or female partner calls on the phone.

It is better you tell him or her that you feel infuriated or jealous when opposite sex calls that he or she should limit it so as to avoid breeding lack of trust in your partner.

If you know you are the one with the trust issues and your partner has not done anything to warrant not being trusted, you need to diligently work on yourself before you enter into any relationship. Most people do experience trust problem because of having been betrayed in a previous relationship and that makes them unable to trust their new partner which isn’t the best.

You can decide to visit a relationship expert or psychologist and explain your problem so as to enable you to get over those trust issues so you can enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship.

If it’s your partner who has hurt you deeply and you still find it difficult in trusting him or her again, then you can easily walk away. If you still don’t feel safe inside your own relationship, it’s time to let it go and move on with your life.

Furthermore, if you really want a smooth running and long-lasting relationship, learn to trust your partner immensely.

Lack of intimacy

Inadequate intimacy is one of the warning signs your relationship is in danger and don’t allow it get out of hand. You tend to discover you and your partner rarely indulge in lovemaking and the other seems not to be bothered. A relationship expert Cathy Meyer says that a lack of regular intimacy in a marriage isn’t a good sign as sex is the glue that binds couples together.

Usually, when kids surface, couples sex life tends to slow down a bit and that doesn’t mean you should break up. It is a normal thing for any couple’s sex life to decline and flow as different life events occur. You can visit a therapist for advice if the two of you always fight about the absence of lovemaking than yelling on each other or splitting up.

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Not free in relationship

Never bother your partner with rules and regulations but instead allow them to be free in the relationship. It is unhealthy in a relationship to force a person into doing things to achieve your own desired happiness. No human would love to be caged in a relationship and being in a relationship doesn’t mean you should always impose things or decisions on your partner.

Most people tend to impose restrictions on their partner’s life for fear of losing their partner to someone else or someone better. The inability of you not being free in a relationship is one of those warning signs your relationship is in danger. But to be candid with you, if your partner actually loves you, there is nothing that would make him or her leave you for another person as only a few sensible people understand this concept.

Exhibiting reckless behavior

Reckless behaviors like flirting with other people, being unavailable to your partner, unwarranted arguments or fights, lying to your partner, and not prioritizing your relationship are one of those warning signs your relationship is in danger. A long-lasting relationship requires both partners to imbibe certain responsibilities as there are certain unsaid rules bound with a relationship which every couple has to abide with and keep in mind.

So as to avoid losing your icy relationship, be respectful to each other and avoid irresponsible attitude.

You hardly agree on important issues

If you discover you want a particular thing and your partner wants another. Irrespective of how many times you’ve explained that thing to them, they still don’t give a listening hear, it’s one of those warning signs your relationship is in danger.

There are times two people just aren’t on the same page with what they want. You can see a partner telling the other, he wants 3 kids and the other reply by saying she only wants a kid which is difficult for the other partner to put up with. A situation where you and your partner can’t agree together on important issues after all effort prove abortive, it is time to walk away.

Unsettled fights and issues

A good relationship is that which even when problems arise, both partners still love each other in the end. Fights and misunderstandings are bound to happen in every relationship. But how you guys resolve it matters a lot as if both partners ignore the problems rather than resolving it amicably then it is one of those warning signs your relationship is in danger.

You may think some issues are vague and not worth your precious time but may turn out to be a big deal to your partner. Why not submit yourself and walk up to your partner and iron it out for peace to rain as even the tiniest of the issues can make or mar your relationship?

Also, you can make it a part of you that you can’t go to bed without resolving any issues you had with your partner for that day and see if you won’t enjoy a long-lasting relationship.

Putting your children or others first

It is advisable not to put your kids or others first in your marriage or relationship as it destroys a lot of marriages/relationships. Children are secondary as your partner is the first point of call in the relationship.

No feelings of interest in each other’s personal life

Every healthy relationship needs emotional support, a person you can easily run to when things don’t work out well, someone you can share your heart and mind’s out, and a shoulder to lean on. Seeing your partner isn’t always there for you or care for you is one of those warning signs your relationship is in danger and it is better you air out your feelings to your partner than concealing it.

If after speaking with your partner and he or she still persists, either you seek advice from a therapist or you let go. Always paying attentive ears to your partner, makes your partner feels cherished and happy in the relationship.

Not having the same priorities in life

When couples share almost the same priorities in life, it makes the relationship looks healthy and enjoyable. Priorities like you both agree to spend the weekend together but the other seems to be tied to office work and takes that as an excuse in not making it up to his or her partner.

Why not get in a relationship with someone who shares almost the same dreams and priorities as yours?  And you will see how you will definitely enjoy the relationship. 

Always bringing out the worse in your partner

You tend to discover that a relationship where you both were always playing and laughing together tend to depreciate and you both are like cat and dog. Avoid bringing out the worse in your partner especially at public places as it destroys relationships.

If you both keep ranting and screaming each time the other gets in its partner’s way, it is better you let go than incessantly dying in silence.

Always feeling egotism

When you discover your partner is always exhibiting pride and feelings that he or she is better or more important than you is one of those warning signs your relationship is in danger and never take it for granted. You can never have a healthy relationship if a partner always exhibits the trait of ego.

If you tend to offend your partner, quietly tell him or her sorry than claiming you are always right. Someone who is an egoist can never be a good lover as they don’t care about their partner’s welfare.

Not giving adequate time to your partner

When you dedicate most of your time to your partner in the relationship, it lubricates the relationship greatly. Maintaining a relationship isn’t that easy as you may think as you may come against some challenges which require you to dedicate enough time for your partner.

Being emotionally and mentally present with your partner makes him or her extremely happier than just being there physically. If you know you won’t be able to manage your time wisely, then avoid going into a relationship.       

Always a complaining type

We all know no one is perfect as it will be unfair to expect your partner to be 100% perfect. Never expect perfection from your partner or constantly compelling them to dance to your tune isn’t suitable for a healthy relationship.

If you’re a type that always looks out for your partner to make mistakes so that you can nail them, isn’t a good idea in a healthy relationship as it is one of those warning signs your relationship is in danger and do away with such a partner.

Others may still find means to complaining despite everything moving on smoothly in the relationship. Situations where they fail to find things to complain about they tend to awaken old wounds and stir a storm in a teacup. This is like keeping watch of your partner continuously under the radar and judging them each day.

Learn to be human and know that no one is perfect as we are all bound to make mistakes.

warning signs your relationship is in danger

Discussing all issues with everyone

We all need trusted friends whom we can share our problems with but that doesn’t mean you should tell your friend every detail of intimacy you had with your partner as it is always disgusting. There are tangible things an outsider mustn’t know and it should remain just between you and your partner.

Going against this breeds lack of trust in the relationship while others back up their claims for such activities with a useless saying “Good friends deserve to know everything you are passing through”.

A relationship where there is no trust and respect for one another doesn’t stand the test of time.

Always being fake

A relationship built on fakeness isn’t a healthy relationship as it might crash anytime. Some people may even go extra miles in doing things to please their partner by faking virtually everything about themselves which isn’t good. Have in mind that you can’t continue to hide your real identity forever as you may be caught a day you never expected.

Why not accept to be your real safe in front of your partner except you don’t value your precious relationship?

Neglecting self-worth

Some people consider themselves being lucky to have a good relationship and instead of enjoying their relationship, every second they are either trying to please their partner or bribing their partner to always love them.

They tend to look down on their self-esteem and take it that they can’t get a worthy love. These people never enjoy and explore good times in their relationship and tend to be over-dependent on their partner/relationship.

If you are such a person, then your entire relationship and the one you share with yourself is fast decaying.

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Try these things before giving up on your relationship or marriage

  • Always learn to resolve your conflicts as they surface and accept blames when you are at fault.
  • Learn to nurture admiration for your lover and always give a listening ear to your partner when issues arise.
  • Avoid blaming your partner and iron things out than attacking your partner.
  • Spice up your love life and physical affection as physical contact help release oxytocin a bonding hormone that alleviates pain and brings about a calming sensation.    


To enjoy a healthy relationship, one has to feel secure, safe, intimately connected, and in alignment with each other. Now that you’ve known some of the warning signs your relationship is in danger, how would you like to rate your relationship and what are the major problems you face in your relationship to keep it healthy? You can share your comments below.