The Relationship Advice For Women: 40 Best-Proven Tips Ever

relationship advice for women

A complete guide you must read

Relationship advice for women are those proven tips they are to follow to enable them to enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship with their significant other. You hear many partners say love does not exist or it’s complicated. This is because they don’t put in more effort into making their relationship enjoyable and long-lasting.

If you want your relationship to be mind-blowing, learn to put in more effort yourself and your partner should do theirs for the equation to be a balanced one. And you’ll experience a unique and healthy relationship others will wish theirs to be like that.

Consequently, a lot of people just don’t want to stress themselves and expect their relationship to be shinning like gold automatically. It’s so unfortunate you can’t expect this in real life by just folding your arms to expect magic.

Building a long-lasting healthy relationship requires effort from both partners and patience. You and your partner are the recipes for a fairy tale relationship.   

  • Is your man’s love driving you insane to the point of regretting ever knowing him?
  • Do you worry your once superman isn’t into you the way he once was?

You’re curious, aren’t you?

Both men and women want a perfect romance in their relationship, but some partners just don’t seem happy when they come together to create the hot romance. All of a sudden, you both start enjoying the relationship in the beginning and after a year or two, things appearing weird. The hot romance that was once great now becomes cold and you feel infuriated and depressed.

Have you experienced this?

If yes, then read on.

Important relationship tips for all girls out there

Be it that you’re only dating or in a serious and committed relationship, you must have felt like you’ve tried all your best but the relationship isn’t working. To be candid with you, we all know what we need to do to fix the relationship. But we tend to procrastinate, assuming the effort isn’t worth the stress, or we are too egoistic to accept change. So if you want your current relationship to work out perfectly well, just learn to trust your instincts.

If your instincts tell you that all isn’t well, believe it and act quickly to avoid losing your cherished relationship. Communication and effort are the major things to look out for to enable the relationship to return back to normal. At times, your man might be responsible for the failed relationship. But most at times, relationship remain stunted because partners don’t value their relationship or do take their relationship for granted.        

Never panic but if you can adhere to this best-proven relationship advice for women, it will help spice your relationship and make your man love you to the moon.

40 best-proven relationship advice for women

Do you want to experience a better love life? Then simply follow these best-proven tips to spice up your love life and make your man proud of you:

His friends and other guys see you like a dream catch

This particular relationship advice for women must be taken into consideration if you want a healthy home and a healthy relationship.

Men can be influenced by other men around them in their life very easily. If his friends or other guys think you’re a dream woman all guys want to have, he will fall more in love and stay more in love with you and do everything within his reach never to lose you.

relationship advice for women

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Give him listening ears

Don’t have the mindset that all men are bad listeners. It’s just that men and women listen differently in their own way. Men give a listening ear with the aim of solving the problem while women listen to connect with another person. Learn to listen attentively to your man’s point of view before chipping in or arguing back. Giving your man a listening ear will also help prevent altercations and tempers from rising. And he should give a listening ear to you as well.

Never bring up his past failures

However, women are delicate and fragile but men are very sensitive when it comes to mistakes made in the past. Avoid using his past failures to make him accept defeat or gives you a listening ear. He may dislike you for life from trying to uncover old wounds. Instead, you can advise and encourage him to put in more effort that all hope isn’t lost. This particular relationship advice for women must not be taken for granted except you don’t value your relationship.

Men don’t know how to read their partner’s mind

You’ll be flogging a dead horse if you assume your man should be able to read your mind on how you feel. It is better to air out your mind to him and he’ll listen to your thoughts. If you refuse to tell him what is bothering you, you may be hurting yourself more.

The silent treatment isn’t the best

You may think the best way to punish your man when he upset you is by ignoring him. But to be candid with you, you are even paving the way more for him to be a better liar. Speak your mind in a gentle and calm manner that you don’t like what he did to you. Doing just this will make your man love and cherish you.

Be a high maintenance woman

You may be thinking that men dislike high maintenance ladies. But the truth is that they secretly desire to have such a woman. Learn to take good care of yourself by having adequate rest or sleep, staying healthy, having an ice bath, or go get massages.

Men love a girl who is a lady on the street and a hooker in bed

Try to be hardworking and industrious in anything you do and this does not mean your lovemaking life should depreciate. But try to make him smile and excited while engaging in lovemaking with you.

Never let yourself go in you’re in a committed relationship

Sexual attraction plays a major role in a happy romance. So if you want your man to desire you more than other women then work out and appear sweet in your apparels. I can assure you, he won’t go out looking for another woman because he feels fulfilled having such a beauty and a goddess.

Give him compliments for his achievements

Even a child would like to be praised for being outstanding in class. Be it whether small or not, try to praise him for his achievements and he’ll do his best to win your praise all the time.

All men love privacy

Give your man the space he needs, even if he doesn’t request for it. If he’s with his friends or alone, you don’t need to panic. In fact, give him space and it’ll help both of you love each other more.

Avoid using sarcasm or snide comments on him

If you use sarcasm comments on your man, it’ll make him feel emotionally destabilized and he’ll stop communicating with you. And you will lose him to another lucky woman. This particular relationship advice for women is most common among young ladies of today.

Enjoy yourself

You shouldn’t put an end to your normal life, just because you’re in love with your man. It won’t be nice to abandon your friends for him. Why want to take up watching football and give up watching of your favorite movies?

Try to have some independence and an identity of your own. Because failure to do this will make things appear bored in the relationship.

Love yourself

Learn to love yourself exactly the way you’re right now. People, who tend not to love themselves, come complaining that they either can’t find Mr. Right, or they always attract jerks who don’t handle them with care. 

You should be accorded respect

Have in mind that you can never be respected when you don’t first respect yourself. Let your man know that you need to be treated with love and respect. Your man could return kind treatment in return for being respectful to him.

Discuss gender roles

This special relationship advice for women is a must practice for all to enjoy a happy family. Gone are the days when everyone automatically expects the man to provide for the family and the woman to stay home and take care of the kids. Have your man say his own part of responsibility in the relationship and you do yours. This will make the relationship enjoyable and long-lasting.

Don’t settle for less

Most people today fear to be being alone. This is because they don’t love themselves adequately to hold out for what they deserve. They tend to settle for less and find themselves miserable within a short period of time.

Why want to accept “Mr. Good”? Instead of holding out for “Mr. Right” because you’ll never find “Mr. Perfect,” you shouldn’t settle either.

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Never be scared of being alone, if necessary

Don’t be afraid to be alone, if it’s the best idea to follow. In fact, you can find it quite interesting and liberating. You don’t need to compromise your standard with anyone. There’s no one to question you and you can do whatever you want to do when you feel like doing it. You can also get to know yourself better and work on being a better potential mate.

So, if the relationship isn’t enjoyable, you can try being alone for a while as it helps immensely.

Avoid being too clingy/jealous

No woman would love to share her man with another. Try as much as possible never to be too jealous or possessive in the course of wanting to keep him for yourself. Men find these qualities detesting and you may end up losing your man.

Give your man some space than just being too clingy on him. Why not try to be more secure with yourself, so you don’t worry about letting him slip off from your hands? And even if you do, you need to assure yourself that you’ll be okay anyway.

Go on a date occasionally

Try greasing the relationship by going on a date with your partner at least once every month to help strengthen bonds. You can also decide to go to a serene beach with your significant other and enjoy a great time together than just staying in the house always.

Be honest and truthful to your man

This particular relationship advice for women is often taken for granted. Some women take it that being honest at all times don’t pay that their man will take them for granted. Do away with that kind of mentality as honesty pays greatly. You will definitely feel infuriated when a little child lies to you, how about a grown-up adult? Won’t he feel sad too?

Learn to play with your man

Playing with your significant other makes the relationship enjoyable. Never have this impression that only kids play so as an adult you don’t fancy the act of playing with your man. Learn to be jovial with your man and you two laugh over it and it helps strengthen your bonds. Make out time to play or be with your man to make him feel happy.

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Show your man the art of chivalry

Not all men understand the art of chivalry, romance, and romantic gestures. You can decide to show him how to give you a hot romance and he’ll learn to love and hold you in high esteem.

Avoid trying to change him at all cost

This particular relationship advice for women is not always taken into consideration by most women. Many women try to change their man at all cost and forget looking at the consequences of forcing someone to be who he isn’t.

If he truly loves and cares for you, he will change for you by according you that respect.

Accept responsibility, but don’t blame yourself

Never blame yourself if the relationship starts getting bitter. But you can blame yourself if it’s your fault and also accept responsibility.

Try to love his hobbies

This tip works magic in the relationship. If you know your man loves watching football, playing volleyball, or hiking. You can tap into it by accompanying him to the stadium or develop an interest in his hobbies and he will love greatly.

Avoid being a nagging woman

No man loves a bitchy lady and won’t like to be called her husband. Continuously nagging or saying negative words at your man will make him want to avoid you and you may eventually lose him to another person. Let your words be seasoned with good/loving words and be a blessing to your man.

Learn to be kind and caring to your man, give him that respect and see if he won’t love you immensely in return?

Never condone any kind of abuse

We don’t just mean domestic abuse but abuses in various forms like mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. Never tolerate any kind of abuse if he tries to belittle you, downgrade you in public, or take you for granted. It’s totally unaccepted.

However, physical injuries can heal but emotional and mental wounds take several months and years to heal. So don’t allow anything to toil with your mental and emotional health so as not to feel depressed.

Don’t allow your insecurities get the better of you

Have in mind that insecurity woe. Lovemaking appeal is all in your mind and how you present yourself matters a lot.

Just accept the differences

If you find out that too many expectations of his behavior are being violated, why not just accept the differences and love him the way he is? A man that loves you insanely will also accept your differences too.

No individual is 100 percent alike. Even identical twins will have a little thing that distinguishes them.

And if there are too many differences that you can no longer tolerate, then you have to move on with your new life as he wasn’t meant for you.

Be 100% committed in the relationship

This particular relationship advice for women is always taken for granted by all and not just women.

You and your partner should be 100% committed in the relationship to make it a fairytale. It should be 100:100 and not 50:50 or 100:99. Both partners effort needs to be equal.

If you discover some things are missing, quickly sort it out with your partner so you guys can get back on track and enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

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Avoid trying too hard to please your man

It is better to make your man realize how lucky he is to have you than trying so hard to please him after all your kind gestures mean nothing to him. If you keep trying to impress him, he will just take you for granted and never realize he’s lucky to have you.

On the other hand, if you give too much of yourself to be loved in return by other people, you’ll end up being used and dumped. Make sure your man reciprocate your kind gestures toward him. Try to strike a healthy balance of being selfless and selfish.

Solve problems amicably

It is better to solve your differences amicably than avoiding them because a time will come you’ll wake up and discover the problems are just too much that you can’t sort out any longer. I don’t allow any conflict with my partner to escalate till the next day and I just do my best to iron it out amicably before going to bed. We all know that conflict is inevitable and there’s no way you’ll avoid conflict completely without it coming across your path.

Try to air out your problems and have it solved amicably with your significant other if you value your relationship.

Guys find a drama queen detesting

The same way women dislike cheating men so does guys dislike a drama queen especially if she goes looking for ways to make the relationship appears complicated.

See your partner as a team

In a long-lasting healthy relationship, there are no winners or losers between partners. Its better you and your partner win or you both lose together. The relationship shouldn’t be “me versus you.” If there’s any misunderstanding, it should be resolved amicably and not win points. This particular relationship advice for women is a must practice by all and not just women.

Try connecting physically, emotionally, and mentally with your partner

To enable the relationship to grow, these three things must be present. You have to be physically, emotionally, and mentally connected to your partner to make the relationship a fairytale. This also helps strengthen bonds in all areas of the relationship, so don’t allow any of them to be missing.

relationship advice for women

Love is filled with stages

Never rush but take time to fall in love, and experience the relationship one step at a time. You might want to rush quickly or move in together too soon to show him that you truly love him. But this might make him have several thoughts and may not want to deeply fall in love with you or become less committed with you.

Assure him you got his back

Tell your man he got your back and have nothing to worry or fear. Every man needs a woman’s love to strengthen him emotionally and mentally. You might think this relationship advice for women isn’t worth reading since it sounds too easy. Do you really adhere to these tips in your own love life? If you don’t, it isn’t too late to make amendments.

Avoid chasing your man

Chasing your man isn’t really healthy as many women do this without even noticing it. This comes in various forms like incessantly calling and texting your man all day, always wanting to go out with him to any place to show other ladies out there that he isn’t free, or it could be that you’re the only one initiating contact all the time (this is to say, you’re more into him than he is).

However, this doesn’t mean you should not call him to check on him but try to limit it. Most men find chasing a bigger turn-off and you can allow him to chase you rather than you chasing him.

Get kinky with your man

Try to spice your relationship by adding new things, and so does lovemaking. If you know your partner isn’t enjoying your lovemaking or it’s becoming boring, try something new to strengthen the bonds and make the relationship boom. Couples can experiment with different lovemaking positions to see which they love most and enjoy their love life.

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Support his dreams

There is nothing as sweet as a woman who supports his man’s into achieving his desired dreams. Men love ladies who encourage them into pressing further until they achieve their dreams. No man will take such a lady for granted and you guys will live happily. If he’s a sportsman, go and watch him engage in the game and give him all the warm supports and care.


Now that you’ve known the ultimate guide to spice up your love life and make your man happy in the relationship, kindly adhere to this best-proven relationship advice for women and give us feedback by commenting below.

However, it’s nice to ask your man for money and other things but never make it a daily routine. And work to earn your own income so as to avoid him taking you for granted for being too dependent on him. 

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