The Importance Of Romance In A Relationship

romance in a relationship

Importance Of Romance

Romance in a relationship is simply having a romantic affair between two people who are emotionally attached to each other. Romance in a relationship is an important ingredient and it’s inevitable. Many couples try to share their experiences on why their evergreen relationship was eventually declining pointing to insincerity, lack of interest between the partners and absence of romance.

Do you need Romance In A Relationship?

Definitely yes, because without romance in a relationship the intimate affair won’t be fruitful. At the initial stage, couples would find it difficult to spice up the romance in a relationship but as time goes by they tend to enjoy it immensely. Romance in a relationship makes two hearts moves inseparable always.

Also, why don’t you put up with those things that work out well for your partner and try new things to make him or she enjoys romance in the relationship? I can vouch that, if there is no romance in a relationship is like flogging a dead horse.

How Can One Add Romance In A Relationship?

Romance in a relationship tends to fade with time and is ignorantly overlooked. You hear couples saying after all he is officially my husband, so there is no need to exhibit any trace of romance in a relationship, my dear you got it wrong because your husband needs to see that he actually married a wife who he is still attracted to romantically.

Also, to be candid with you, there are no secrets to romance; you could end up knowing that the romance in a relationship you were looking for is just a stone throw. Romance in a relationship could be as sweet as honey when you diligently and practically embed all these things:

How To Add Romance In A Relationship

Why not make your relationship and marriage glow by spicing it up with the following:

  • Bonding between Lovers

Romance in a relationship could arise from intimacy, affection, doing playful jokes and discussing things which happened in the past that makes their commitment very strong and binding.

romance in a relationship

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  • Good Sense of Humor

Try to add freaking jokes, funny stories of when you guys once started. Also, imbibe a good sense of humor toward each other to stir up the romance in a relationship.

  • Showing Appreciation

This sounds irrelevant but I bet you if you cultivate the habit of being appreciative, this will make romance in a relationship have an irresistible sweet flavoring aroma. Also, giving your partner a romantic appreciation whenever he buys a gift for you, like kissing him on his neck or under his ear to show him how much you cherish his gift.

romance in a relationship

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  • Having Sweet Fun

Always try to avoid making romance in a relationship monotonous. Go out with your partner to cinemas, stadium, serene beaches and try new things to spice up romance greatly.

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  • Sweet intimacy

Romance in a relationship really needs strong intimacy. Romance and sex are two words that are inseparable in any relationship, so try as much as to make your partner enjoys you sexually and inculcate new things into your sex life so as not to make it boring.

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  • Having Good Respect

Romance in a relationship can never be effective if both partners are not submissive to one another. Show your wife that she can also command respect to you and see romance in a relationship becomes yummy.

  • Good Passion

Partners should exercise strong sexual or romantic feeling for one another if there are to make romance in a relationship very strong. Try to build upon that strong feeling of love and desire in the relationship and see that romance in a relationship would stand the test of time provided romance is not taken off in the relationship.

romance in a relationship

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  • Experiencing New Adventures

Couples should try remarkable or exciting experiences like ski running together, canoeing in the boat together to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the beach and romance in a relationship would be ignited automatically.

romance in a relationship

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  • Being Nostalgia

It is always good to try going through old photos and share memorial things when you were dating, like what he says or how he dressed when he came to ask you out and you two laugh over it. I can also assure you that those 60’s and 70’s romance of Romeo and Juliet, would burn afresh in your relationship again.

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How To Add Romance In A Long Distance Relationship

To be candid with you, romance in a relationship especially long distance relationship could be extremely boring and stressful because it ages you set your eyes on your partner.

Long distance relationship makes your partner feel insecure and always having doubt on what or where his partner might be at the moment.

I will try to let you know how you can add romance in the long distance relationship to make it mind-blowing, just do the following things:

  1. Sending Good Photos

Try as much as you can to send your partner cute pictures of your recent photos at least thrice a week. This makes him fantasize and wish he was there to cuddle and be with you and watch romance in a relationship sparkle immensely.

Also, show him pictures of you eating or preparing meals to make him feel secure that you are indeed a wife asset.

  1. Video Chatting and Calls

I love this pretty well because it makes partners have the feeling that they are seeing face to face. If you both have phones that have Google Duo, and then you will definitely enjoy video calls together. So go ahead and introduce it to spice up the romance in your long distance relationship.

romance in a relationship

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  1. Making of Phone Calls

Never have you thought because you aren’t seeing always, so calling him on phone to hear his voice would make no difference, I can tell you it will. Communicating with your partner through phone calls make him feel secure that you are always in the right place, even though he isn’t there with you.

romance in a relationship

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  1. Sending of Messages

Always send your partner sweet romantic text messages or email to show him you are always thinking about him and you do miss him greatly.

Never allow your house chores to deter you from sending him good morning and goodnight messages, so plan your timetable effectively well to allocate time for your partner.

  1. Paying Surprise Visits

Paying surprise visit to your partner could be fun and at the same time disastrous for others, especially if your partner is a type that loves privacy. Always do tell your partner in advance that you would like to come and pay him a visit than just busting into him like thunder lightning.

  1. Sending Gifts

You can surprise your partner by sending him well-packaged gifts to show him you care and love him.  This helps strengthen romance in the relationship very well.

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  1. Romantic Names

Never you call your partner by his name, at least to call him a pet or romantic names like my jewel, my pearl, honey, my joy and lots more, whenever you pick up his calls or when sending him text messages to see how it greases romance in the relationship.


Romance in a relationship doesn’t just surface immediately after doing all these things I mentioned above, but it will yield fruits as time goes by, maybe a week or a few months.

Finally, never you forget that romance in a relationship is one of the most important ingredients couples need and this will make the relationship go on smoothly.

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