Self-Worth: 18 Proven Secrets Of Unwavering It & Self-Esteem


What is self-worth?

Self-worth is a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect. It could be similar to self-esteem which is simply a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities. You might be faced with one feeling or the other when you can’t get your dream job or receive negative feedback on things you never wished for.

Most at times, all these flash negative feelings can linger on and drain you of the energy required to boost your competence and confidence. Have in mind that your mind works in a remarkable way that can either make or mar you. Your beliefs about yourselves can shape you and also direct how you feel, behave, and think.

Notwithstanding, your emotions at the moment can also have a great impact on who you are to become. So you have to be happy always as it shows that positive emotions are held under your control.

You can respect yourself if you discover you are always going against your feelings and beliefs even though you might not get the desired result immediately. But you will start seeing your desired results with time and also learn to say no to people you find it difficult in saying no to and I can assure you they will start respecting you and you’ll realize your self-worth.

How to discover your self-worth and self-esteem

A little realization of your self-worth and self-esteem goes a long way. So, here is how to discover your self-worth and self-esteem at ease.

Be your own staunch supporter

Challenges and failures are normal things to expect in life as there is a little voice somewhere that might be reserving its most negative analysis for your hearing. Learning to be your compassionate voice goes a long way in making you realize your self-worth and self-esteem immensely by analyzing your actions without judgment.

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If you are finding it difficult to be there for yourself, imagine what advice you would offer to a friend who messed up and tend to assume you’re in such a situation; won’t you love to heed to the same advice you gave to your friend?

Learn to exercise gratitude

Humans have the unquenchable urge that continuously yearns for more. One can always find reasons to be unhappy especially in this world filled with unlimited choices and an unrealistic desire for perfection. Learning to be grateful even if it is the little things you were able to get keeps you going smoothly and averts you the chance of looking down on yourself.

Researchers deduced that you can realize your self-worth and self-esteem by making it a daily routine to always appreciate at least 3 good things in you and you’ll achieve your desired results.

Lean on supportive friends

Being around good friends and family relations who truly wish the best for you and cheer you up when you feel sober goes a long way in boosting your self-worth and self-esteem greatly. This does not mean we should ignore our inward beliefs that tell you that you’re able and worthy to the task. Why not look for good friends and family members that can boost your self-confidence?


Discovering your meaningful purpose

According to Dr. Roy Baumeister, having a meaningful purpose that is aligned to your values and strengths boosts your confidence and protects you from the mess of emotions. Listening to people’s unhealthy comments about you and difficult situations all eat so deep into you impeding you from realizing your self-worth and self-esteem.

There is no better way to build stable and lasting self-worth and confidence without you discovering your meaningful purpose/imbibing positive emotions.

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Spot your chafe appearance and change it

Most people are always ashamed of their look and this makes them unable to achieve their self-worth. Research by Sonja Lyubomirsky deduced that about 10 percent of our happiness is dependent on the conditions we’re facing in life. If you know your look may impede you from realizing your self-worth and self-esteem try and change it.

Consequently, studies have deduced that undergoing plastic surgery can create lasting increases in our happiness with our appearance. You will be astonished to see how little changes like wearing bright red lipstick, flattering hair cut or color, and a well-fitting blazer can sky rock your self-worth and self-confidence immensely.

Acknowledge your lack of self-worth

I know you might not like this particular point but I can assure you a greater percentage fails to achieve their self-worth and self-confidence just because they are ignorant of not acknowledging their lack of self-worth and self-respect. By acknowledging that you lack self-respect and self-worth will propel you into doing your best to change.

Try following your intuition

Why want to desist from following your intuition which knows your complete self explicitly? This is the precious key given to all humans to use for their survival. You might have that feeling that something isn’t right somewhere, follow that feeling because you are right. But have in mind that not all the times that your intuition may be right, you have to apply discretion so as not to regret your actions later.

Always learn to say “no.”

Avoid saying “yes” always to them as you can learn to say “no” in some decisions you know are not favorable to you by so doing they will realize your self-worth and hold you in high esteem. You might be scared in saying it to someone you know isn’t your equal but having that boldness to tell them makes them know that you have your boundaries that you need to stick to.

This will definitely bring out your self-worth and boost your self-respect. Try to learn how to say “no.”

Discovering your self-worth continued

Learn to set your own moral standard

Never be moved by what your friends do like either drinking or smoking in their leisure time. You need to stand on your moral standards no matter what and soon not only will you start realizing your self-worth but your friends will accord you that respect.

Never settle for less

If you really want to realize your self-worth and dignity, never settle for less. I am not kidding. Never settle for your partner who is either cheating on you or beating you up always. If you do settle for less, you are ruining yourself and your future. Stand on your personal standards and never allow anything to make you deviate from it but this isn’t applicable to materialistic goods.

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Practice forgiveness

It is certain that you’ll definitely come across someone who would hurt you mistakenly or deliberately. But it is not good to conceal that anger as it will only hurt you more, instead learn to forgive and forget.

When you practice forgiveness, your mind is very clear and you’ll be able to think positively and it will boost your self-confidence than harboring anger.

Have a clean body and mind

If you truly know your self-worth, you will take good care of your body than appearing unkempt. You can also take good care of your body by eating healthy foods, exercising your body, and avoiding unhealthy lifestyles like excessive smoking/drinking of alcohol.

There is no way you won’t feel happy and loved as you are living healthy and sound.


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Try changing the way you talk about yourself

Why want to dwell on self-doubt as it will continuously weigh you down and you won’t be able to realize your self-worth? You may come across your friends saying good recommendations about you instead of welcome that good aspect of yours and only think about what you can do.

Why keep toxic people around you?

If you really don’t want anything to impede you from realizing your self-worth and self-respect then do away with any person who can’t contribute positively to your life. Be it your close friends or family relations as they will slowly destroy you, just cut off the link between them.

Learn to forgive yourself

Realizing your self-worth first come with you accepting that you’ve taken the wrong path as no one is above mistakes. Be it big or small mistakes are all mistakes as you just have to let those feelings go so you can have a positive mind/think clearly.

Be honest

Always being honest to yourself and people around you shows you truly love yourself. This will also help you detect what is good for you and what’s not and take charge of your life. Have it in mind that some challenges will set in and you will be left with no option but to renounce your honesty. But the ability for you to still stand tall shows you know your self-worth and self-esteem.

Never compare yourself with others

Comparing yourself with other people around you will only make you hate yourself more and you won’t be able to realize your self-worth. You have to focus on yourself and avoid paying attention to others around you if you really care about your self-respect and self-esteem. Save yourself the stress by admitting that everyone is different as they also do their things in diverse ways.

Discover your right partner

Being with the right person who doesn’t shy away from showing you to the entire world that you’re his or her jewel especially if you’re in a relationship will boost your self-worth and self-confidence greatly. Why want to be with someone who doesn’t value you or know your worth? This will make you feel low-esteem and unhappy.

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Now that you’ve known the best-proven tips on how to realize your self-worth and self-esteem, you can also learn to turn off your thoughts, handle your emotions, avoid replaying negative thoughts in your minds, and live in the now are some great additions to help boost your self-confidence. Never forget that you are beautiful and destined for greatness and never allow anything to make you feel low esteem.