Quitting Smoking In A Month: 8 Best Proven Methods Ever


What Is Smoking?

Smoking is the act of inhaling or exhaling the fumes of burning plant material and especially tobacco. The smoke could be sucked from a cigar, cigarette, or pipe into your mouth and lungs which will finally be exhaled. A lot of people who smoke know that smoking is not good for their health and to the people around them. Most people who smoke tend to ask this question, how can I stop smoking? Yes, you can stop smoking but it won’t just be in a jiffy as you might be curious to quit the habit.


Ways To Quitting Smoking

We have carefully deduced the best and proven ways you could follow to enable you to stop the habit of smoking. They are different ways to stop smoking and you can choose the one that works best for you to achieve your desired goal. Here are the best ways:

Have a precise reason for quitting smoking

When you know the precise answer on why you want to quit smoking is a great step towards quitting smoking and can help you stay in line when you are faced with some challenges in the course of stopping the habit.

Map out a suitable plan

Try to stick with the plan that works best for you and avoid alternating the plan. Check out which of these plans might work best for you:

  • Individual determination to quit

Although 90 percent of the people prefer quitting smoking without any external help, therapy, or medicine but only about 5 to 7 percent of them end up quitting this habit completely.

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  • Behavioral therapy

This plan involves you working hand in hand with your counselor to devise means on how you could stop smoking. Also, this helps you know what stirs you like the emotions or situations that make you want to keep smoking and map out a suitable plan to help you get over such feelings/situations.

  • Use of medication

Medications like varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion are the best-proven medications that could help avert your emotions and withdrawal symptoms very easily. Also, never take the medication without first consulting your medical doctor for advice. 

  • Use of nicotine replacement therapy

We have different types of nicotine replacement therapy like inhalers, nicotine gum, lozenges, patches, and sprays that could help you get over the habit of smoking. This plan works best when you inculcate it with behavioral therapy and adequate support from loved ones /friends. You will be given nicotine without the use of tobacco which will help you quit the addiction to nicotine.

  • Combination of different treatments

Combining different methods like the use of nicotine gum with sprays might go a long way in making you quit smoking rapidly. You can either decide to use nicotine replacement therapy and behavioral therapy or nicotine replacement therapy patch with prescription medication as they are also very good to help you quit smoking for good.

Irrespective of the plan you choose, trying building on that particular plan for an optimal way in quitting smoking. Write down the particular date you would like to quit smoking completely and work towards achieving that desired goal. You can decide to tell your loved ones and friends that you are quitting so they can help you in remembering you of your goal in case you are tempted to smoke for just a minute.

Discard and put away any cigarette and ashtrays from your residence, office, and car. Try identifying what triggers you into smoking and try to work on them to enable you to quit the habit rapidly.  

Try understanding what to expect

Trying to quit this habit isn’t a stone throw but with diligence and trying to know what to expect could help you greatly in quitting the habit.

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How To Stay In Line

You will definitely be faced with cravings thought, never yield to such desire as quitting will be the best decision you never regret taking. Always stick to your plan if you are to achieve this goal.

  • Know what triggers you

Try putting down all the things you know might want you to go back smoking and how you could get over each situation. Have in mind that the first 3 months are always very difficult for a newbie who wants to quit the addiction and never go to places or visit your friends who love smoking so as to avoid smoking again.

  • Having in mind that the first few weeks are the hardest

You will definitely feel depressed, tired, irritable, and sluggish especially when quitting without the help of any external person. Try having a quit-smoking support group like a quitline you can always call for help or a good friend. After getting over the first few weeks, you’ll begin to feel normal but you might still be having some cigarette cravings which are normal for everyone striving to quit the habit.

  • Never give in to your cravings feelings

Your chances of quitting tend to increase whenever you refuse smoking while having some cravings feelings. Try replacing the urge to have a cigarette in your hand or mouth with things like playing a computer game on your phone or chewing bubble gum.

  • Inculcate a new hobby with people who don’t smoke

Never stay idle as you might have the urge to begin smoking. Always occupy yourself with things like either engaging in some sports or walk your dog down the road will definitely make you get over the habit of smoking.

  • Always gift yourself present

You can always buy yourself a gift or hang out with loved ones who help you combat the addiction. By so doing you will have the curiosity to achieve more milestones and enjoy a life without smoking.

How To Stop Smoking

You might feel sad or miss smoking especially when you no longer do it. Not smoking any longer will definitely change the way you see yourself and don’t allow such feelings to drive you into doing it again.

How Difficult Will It Be To Stop?

How hard it will be for you to stop the habit depends on yourself as all humans have their own challenges. Here are a few of how difficult to quit smoking might depend on:

  • Why do you smoke?
  • How many cigarettes do you smoke daily?
  • Do your friends or loved ones smoke?

Stopping the act of smoking has a lot of health benefits as you avert the chance of having liver cirrhosis. Your heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature which increases any time you smoke tend to return to its healthy stage. You will definitely look healthy as smoking makes one develop wrinkles at an early age and you won’t spend your money recklessly on buying cigarettes to smoke.

Also, your body will then begin to recover from nicotine effects and additive after few hours of quitting cigarettes. Always consume vegetables, fruits, and fatty fishes to help boost your immune system after quitting this habit. This will enable you to breathe at ease and reduces the level of poisonous carbon monoxide in your blood so more oxygen could be transported in your blood.

Is It Possible To Start Smoking Again?

Yes, it is possible as most people do go through this stage before they completely quit the habit for good. This is usually referred to as relapse and it is common amongst strong addictions like smoking. If it happens you find yourself in this situation, try taking a small quantity until you’re ready to stop the habit completely.   


Although, it is difficult to stop smoking and it involves a gradual process but quitting it permanently has a lot of health benefits to your body. When you desist from this habit your body stands a better chance of not falling sick so easily coupled with healthy diets.

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