Make A Girl Fall In Love With You: 46 Best Proven Tips Ever

make a girl fall in love with you

Best tricks to make her fall for you

How to make a girl fall in love with you is not a stone throw as most guys strive by all means to know the secret so they can get their dream girl. Other guys assume there’s a love medicine to help them in the race to have any girl of their choice but the truth is they are all flogging a dead horse. Trying to follow your instincts won’t always work with girls. Also, why can’t you increase your odds and see if you won’t get your dream girl?

You might be thinking of how you could get that particular girl to be called your lover or are crushing on one on social media. Be rest-assured and just follow these experts and practically proven tips on how to make a girl fall in love with you.

Proven tips to make a girl fall in love with you

Learn to love yourself

You might be thinking this particular tip is out of place but I can assure you that you can’t convince any girl or the entire world if you cannot love yourself. When you love yourself and respect yourself, the world will also see you the same way you do. Having this trait will make a girl fall in love with you because she knows you will also love her immensely.

Give her sweet compliments

This doesn’t mean you should give her a fake compliment just to win her heart as you will end up regretting your act. Let your compliments toward her be genuine and it will make her fall in love with you. Never overdo it as it gets most girls irritated. So why not flatter her a little and see if she won’t reciprocate handsomely?

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Never be afraid to play the chivalry card

Most guys get it wrong here as they tend to forget their manners and expect a girl to fall in love with them. When you handle a lady properly, she will always come looking for you. Assist her in holding her handbag, help her out with some groceries, open the door of the car for her, and offer your coat to her when she is feeling cold. After seeing she is being treated specially, you will be winning her out gradually until she completely falls for you.

Make it known that you’re dating around

If a girl knows you are always honest with women about the fact that you are dating others, she might even love you to the moon. As most girls view guys who are active socially to be more likely to meet multiple women that catch their attention. Refraining from being a man who takes any woman he meets on the road depicts you are a man patiently waiting for the right woman to enter your life.

Whisper to her how much you love being around her

You can tell a girl how much you really enjoyed being with her through text or you tell her face to face. This sends a clear picture to her that you enjoyed her company. As this is one of those romantic ways to make a girl fall in love with you.

Try to be a man of action

This is one of those ways to make a girl fall in love with you as you should be a man of action and decision that a girl wants. You have to go after what you want, approaching her with plans for dates, moving the relationship to the next level, and eventually walking her down the aisle. Although some men find it difficult to be decisive in their action, if you can imbibe it, it’s a powerful weapon to make a girl fall in love with you.

Always appear neat

I have to be candid with you because no woman would love to fall for a guy who is dirty both within and outside. You tend to leave your already worn shorts on the floor, your bedroom is untidy, and the sink is filled with dirty dishes. All these sucks romance and repel most women into falling in love with you.

If you are lucky enough to have her tell you that you should step up in your appearance and cleanliness, embrace it and quickly turn a new leaf. Have it in mind that ladies might say one thing and mean another more often than not.

make a girl fall in love with you

Just take it cool with her

If it’s one of the things women dislike most is the inability of a man to play it cool with her. Ladies find men who can’t accommodate spicy situations and wave off little things irritating. Why not make her fall in love with you by being accommodating and shrugging off small things.

Never say negative things

This is one of the ways most guys fail to make a girl fall in love with them. They tend to say negative things about the people whom she loves to be it her friends or love ones. So if you really want to make a girl fall in love with you avoid saying negative things about people she is connected with.

Try taking it slow and steady

Most guys always want to rush during the first stage of meeting a girl to make her theirs so as not to lose her to any guy. Take things little by little with her and never rush her. Be romantic to her by dancing to the sound of the music she loves most and you’ll hit your goal. This will make her draw close to you and may eventually fall for you in the long run.

You can also take your time, play it safe and easy, and help her see how appealing you are. And even before you know it, when you finally whisper to her your intention, she will quickly give you the answer you would love to hear.

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Show her off to your family and friends

All girls would be excited when you introduce her to your friends and family members as your close friend. She will feel she is special to you after seeing how you introduce her to your family and how you treat your family members/friends with love and respect. And when you finally open your mouth to tell her that you’re having feelings for her, she will happily open her arms wide to embrace you.

Avoid being an asshole

This is one of those things most women detest in guys who tend to be an asshole towards her. She tends to call you and you never return her calls or available for her. All these attitudes turn girls off while wooing them. Try to avoid treating her badly or disrespectfully, be charming and polite around her and see if she won’t fall in love with you at last.

Maintain your personal hygiene

Guys themselves dislike girls who are not neatly shaved, showered, and put on some cologne. And you think a girl will accommodate you while appearing unshaved and having offensive body odor. So if you really want to make a girl fall in love with you, shave properly and apply cologne to compliment you.

Avoid being clingy

All ladies want space, especially when you are striving to woo her. Avoid staring at her each time she is having some conservations with other guys, bumping into her deliberately, and stop calling her late at night. Accord her some respect by giving her little space so she can also miss you and realize how bored she is without you by her side. Doing this can make a girl who wasn’t having feelings for you; fall for you to the core.

Learn to connect with her friends

This is one of those tips to make a girl fall in love with you by being close to her friend. You will get to know her more through her friend and also know your chances of having her. It’s unfortunate as girls love guys who are handsome and are not rude. If you are ugly and still do creepy things/appear impolite then your chances of having a girl fall for you is zero. So try to connect with her friends as they always protect her from any guy they believe is unfit for her. With this, you can stand a better chance of having your dream girl.

make a girl fall in love with you

Make her run towards you

Don’t always want to be chasing women, but you need to start getting used to women chasing you. For example, you always call and text her but all of a sudden you limit it or stop calling her. After she must have stayed for a day and the next day without seeing your calls, she will call you but don’t be in haste to pick her call. This will make her chase you to know what is wrong in the sudden change of mind in not calling her as usual. But never drag it for long so as not to make the girl lose interest in you completely.

Be a dependable guy

Show the girl you have feelings for by assisting her needs. If you are a guy that protects her from the danger she will always have you at heart. This makes her feel safe being with you and she’s convinced that you can handle a tough situation. As this will make any girl fall in love with you because she wouldn’t want to lose a guy like you.

Learn to hit back precisely

This is applicable in terms of calls or texts. When a girl sends you a text or calls you, you have to do your best by replying her immediately and avoid giving excuses for not replying on time. Always watch your timing by paying close attention to any message she sent to you or calls if you really want to win her heart.

Device follow-ups

You really need to set up more dates, if you want to keep the love momentum rolling. Never expect her to become completely comfortable with you or give it up until a minimum of 3rd or 4th date.

Consequently, you have to work for it and when you give her something to look forward to down the road, you are showing her you have got a lot of interest in her and that’s incredible.

Occupy her with things and you’ll definitely be the only one she will always focus on. Why not give it a trial and see the result for yourself?

Learn to be patient with the word “what are we in the relationship?”

Never rush into asking her “what you guys are in the relationship?”She should bring up the question and you reply to her that you’re her boyfriend and you would be happy if you guys take it to the next level. So with this, you can have the last laugh as she will finally fall for you.

Try telling a girl you love her

Most guys are always scared in saying that to a girl especially when they don’t know if the girl truly has feelings for them. Why not walk up to her and tell her you truly love her as you might be shocked to hear her say she loves you too.

In fact, this tip works for me as I can remember my first relationship at age 17; I called a girl I was having crushing on to tell her I love her. But I was astonished that she replied me that she was even waiting for me to approach me and we had a great relationship that lasted for 4 years before she left the state to another state where her dad was transferred to.

Learn to believe in yourself

I know it’s not easy to believe in yourself especially when you think you are nobody. Never feel you’re a failure after failing several attempts in having your dream girl or unable to impress a girl. Learn to believe in yourself and your capabilities, and you’ll enjoy the world.

Be elusive

Usually, the guy is the one that begins and ends a conversation. She should be the one reaching out to you and you can get back to her here and there. You can also make her know that she isn’t your all in all. But on the other side, she still needs to feel important.

Try being elusive but never overdo it. Know within you that if you are not ever there for her, the chances of her falling in love with you are slim or zero.

Imbibe addiction

When she discovers you’re addicted to her or obsessed with her, I can assure you she will definitely fall in love with you. Be careful as most girls are good at playing the game so you don’t end up being rejected.

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You can create addiction by dropping off the radar from time to time and mastering the art of slipping back in unannounced.

Give her listening ears

When you’re a type that gives a listening ear to a girl, you are one step up on any other guys wooing her. Girls really love men who are always ready to listen to their problems and offer important solutions. Never drag her into making a decision as you might regret your action in the long run.

Furthermore, if she asks for your advice, you can help her out. Make sure you aren’t pressing too hard with it or she will lose interest in you completely.

Support her dreams

You need to show her you’re always ready to encourage and support her in her daily challenges. But never agree to everything she does and says as she might not hold you in high esteem anymore.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t appreciate and respect her life choices; you have to be submissive and embrace it. You will definitely see her start falling for you immensely as a result of you respecting her life choices.

Give her all the attention she needs

If you’re serious about making a girl fall in love with you, you’ve to dedicate your time towards her and even let go other girls for her only.

You will definitely hit a stumbling block if you can’t give her your full attention. The ball is in your court.

Nurture the love to grow

You have to take care of little things like giving her flowers, taking her out to the serene beach or some sort of a surprise if you really want to have her to yourself. Never wait until a special occasion to show her how you feel towards her.

Avoiding that will make her feel loved and cherished and with this, you own her heart completely even before you whisper to her your intentions.

Have some sense of humor

Girls’ loves being around guys who do make them laugh but avoid crossing your boundary into using things within her closet to make a joke out of it. Showing a girl you can make her laugh out her sorrows makes you a step closer to getting your dream girl. Never make it a daily routine as she might get bored or tired of you and assume you’re a clown.

Can you sing?

If yes, then you are one step into having your dream girl. Girls’ love guys who can sing very well be it a bad boy rock star or an RnB singer.

This doesn’t mean you must be a rocker to get your dream girl as you can also show her that you’re passionate in some other genre. Passion is complete when coupled with love.

Try to associate with her friends and family members

The truth of the matter here is that her friends and family members can influence her decision into falling in love with you. If you can get along with her loved ones, they might even be the one advising her never to lose a guy like you.

This makes her feel butterflies within that her loved ones recommend you to her. It makes things a lot easier for you.

Never reveal your insecurity

It is really bad to reveal your jealous streak to a girl you have feelings for, especially if she’s getting a lot of attention from other guys who are striving to woo her at the same time. If a girl suspects you to be a jealous type, she’ll just think you are a creepy guy and that is the end of the road.

However, it’s nice to be a little bit jealous, but only after she starts exhibiting signs of liking you in return.

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Timing is important

This is one of those ways that make a girl fall in love with you but most guys take this for granted. Never show up late for a date, no matter what because it shows you don’t value her time. I know there are times that you might not be able to catch up with up for one reason or the other. But don’t keep giving her excuses for not turning up on time as she might get fed up and let go of you completely.

Make sure you do whatever it takes to be punctual on your date and you’ll have the final laugh.

Show her you have a life

Occupy yourself with several activities to keep you busy. You can decide to join a few fun clubs, go for hiking during a holiday, or even doing something fascinating with your friends and enjoy the world at your feet. The more interesting you and your conversations are, the more attracted she’ll be towards you.

Avoid unnecessary engagement to keep yourself busy so you don’t end up blowing your cover.

Surprise her with gifts/simple gestures

Girls love it when you surprise them with gifts not necessary for special events. It makes her feel loved and excited that you cherished her. Stop by at her office and give her surprise packages to spice her day at work or send her cute romantic SMS at work to let her know you have her at heart.

Why not pick her up after office hours and drive straight to the cinema to have great fun together. Open the door of your car for her to go in and see if her heart won’t start melting for you. This shows her that you are a caring guy that deserves her attention.

Be a caring guy

No girl would love a guy who isn’t caring as she sees you as someone who doesn’t value and respect her. Prepare her delicious breakfast to ice her day at work or hold her handbag while strolling with her on the road to show her she is your world. Do whatever you need to make her feel comfortable especially when she is feeling sorrowful.

This is some of those things that make a girl fall in love with you immensely.

Begin talking

We all feel nervous approaching a pretty girl for the first time but you can step up by having the courage to tell her how you feel towards her and how you would treat her like your queen. Don’t approach her in a feeble way as you might end up being rejected. Walk up to her smartly and be straight to the point than beating around the bush.

Quietly sail through the nasty shield

It is known that a beautiful lady appears witchy first when a guy gives them an exceptional compliment. Don’t feel bad but think of it as a defensive shield that can make you have her for yourself. Quietly turn up the charm and show her you’re more interesting than all the other folks. She’ll definitely give you the green light if it’s meant to be.

Playing hard to get

Although this is really a difficult one to master but since there’s life, there’s hope!

Two of you can play hard to get game and also show her you like her. When you balance this game effectively, it will aid you in getting your dream girl.

Do call and text her often

Call her sometimes to check on her but don’t make it a daily routine so as to accord her some space. Send her cute romantic messages that stand out from the rest because girls can naturally analyze text messages to see if you are just sending it to get her attention or you truly loved her.

Make your texts sweet and captivating. Do that and you’ll have your dream girl in a short while?

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Inculcate sweet romance

It’s really not easy to get a girl fall in love with you but if you can take your time and carve out a unique romantic date then she is all yours.

Why not think about what she likes and appreciates and build from there? Make sure you flirting and fun don’t conflict each other and she isn’t feeling bored being with you. Try this tip and I can assure you, you will end up smiling at last.

Give her great lovemaking

Although this might sound vague, it depends on where you are in building your relationship. You need to grab your golden opportunity as you might be lucky she made love to you and you made her enjoyed intense lovemaking. I can assure you if you were good at it; she will come back asking for more.

Be warned and never rush a girl into making love to you especially when the relationship isn’t defined. She will really dislike you and that marks the end of the road for you. Be patient and consistent as you might end up winning the race.

Absorb her imperfections

This is one of those mistakes most guys do and end up not having their dream girl. Everyone has imperfections and please learn to tolerate her.

If she gets a little emotionally insane, just absorb it. When she decides she doesn’t want to wear a particular dress you recommended to her, you better support her than.

Do your best never to flirt with other women, just because you can’t put up with her imperfections. You will completely lose her to another guy.

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Put her on suspense

Don’t try to answer all the questions she asks, just to make her fall for you. You’re getting it all wrong. When you put her on suspense or you are a little vague, you’re going to draw her in for more. A girl who is curious in knowing more about you and why acting mysteriously will find every means possible to uncover you and gain more connection.

You can now be happy that she is beginning to fall for you right?

Don’t shy away from challenging

Have it in mind, as humans, we always want what we don’t have. Use this to boost yourself. We all love a challenge to see if we are able to the task ahead.

Don’t shy away from challenging her and be a challenge. This will pave way for her to fall for you right away.

Never tell a girl you love her in the first stage

Most guys do make this mistake by quickly rushing to tell a girl they love her after you guys have not even known each other for a week or more? It’s really not nice. Why not leave her wondering what is on your mind even if you are flirting with her. The curiosity in her will make her want you already. You can tell her you love her after you two must have gone on a date for at least twice.


I guess you’ve now known the various ways on how you could make a girl fall in love with you at ease. Adhere to the above-proven tips carefully and follow her lead. Play it safe, smooth and avoid making your intentions clear right at the initial stage of wooing her.

Show her you got confidence and create a plan to make her go insane about you. Get up there and make it happen and you will thank me later. Liked what you just read? Like our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and we promise to spice up your love life immensely.

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