Love, Sex, & Money; Which Is Most Important In Relationship?

love, sex and money

Love, Sex, And Money

Many relationships crash today because they are lacking any of this; love, sex, and money which are a necessity for a long-standing relationship. You hear couples say after about 5-10years their relationship that was once glittering and enjoyable, tend to deteriorate drastically and it could be that love, sex, and money might be insufficient in that relationship. I will illustrate how amongst love, sex, and money which is the most vital in a relationship.

What Is Love?

Love could be defined as having that strong feeling and constant affection for a person or persons. Love can also be to have unselfish interest and benevolent attitude towards one another. It also involves someone having sexual urges or feeling romantic love for a particular person.

Love is the bedrock on which all relationships are built upon. It is an important ingredient in every relationship irrespective of the type of relationship you might be involved in. New partners intending to tie the knot should be able to define their relationship in the earlier stage.

Types Of Relationship

We have basically three types of relationship mostly practiced in any relationship. They include:

  1. Casual relationship
  2. Sexual relationship
  3. Serious relationship

Casual Relationship

This is a type of relationship in which partners don’t have the ulterior motive of engaging in sexual intercourse between them. They tend to be normal friends who inquire about the well-being of one another without any strings attached. Partners in a casual relationship may tend to be close friends who might decide to hang out most of the time together and may also share things in common. A casual relationship doesn’t always lead to marriage because partners just take it that they are just friends and they are few others who might end up walking down the aisle.

Sexual Relationship

In this type of relationship, partners tend to engage in sexual intercourse with each other or with multiple partners. Here, indulging in lovemaking is of paramount importance to both parties. Partners in a sexual relationship just indulge in the act for fun and nothing more, but they are others who could tie the knot with their partners if the partner gives him or her great sex.

Serious Relationship

I will say this is the best relationship to indulge in; partners tend to love and respect each other because they want to make a great future together. In a serious relationship, partners may decide whether to have sex or not, so it is advisable you know your partner very well what he or she loves and hate and do just that to avert having incessant issues. Also, not all serious relationships tend to end up in marriage but a greater percentage do.

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Why Love Is Important Amongst Love, Sex, And Money?

  • Love is one of the most important things that spice up the relationship with happiness and joy.
  • Love is just like water; you drinking it initially to quench your thirst does not mean you should beat your chest that you won’t need it again, you will definitely feel thirsty and you will come looking for the same water.
  • Most studies have confirmed that relationships built on love tend to stand the test of times and it is indispensable.
  • Love makes one feel cherished and valued in a relationship.
  • Love tends to bind partners intimately, thereby strengthening the bonds between them.
  • It also makes one be emotionally and mentally healthy if imbibed properly in the relationship.
  • Love can never lie because you can’t fake it and if you try faking it, it will definitely show in the later stage whether you truly love that person.
  • Love also makes partners to trust, care and be loyal to each other.
love, sex and money

What Happens When Love Is Not Found In Relationship?

When love is not found in a relationship the following will definitely surface:

  • They will be lack of trust, loyalty, and care in the relationship.
  • Also, a relationship without love won’t be able to last long.
  • Partners would feel intimately unsecured and their bonds won’t be strong.
  • Finally, it will make partners lose respect for each other and they will be incessant domestic violence in most relationships.

What Is Sex?

Sex could be defined as the physical activities in which partners kiss and touch each other often resulting in mating. It could be very interesting and also boring if not properly used in a relationship. All humans like love, sex, and money and they are inevitable in this 21st century. We hear most couples complain that their partners cheat on them because they are not sexually active, some of their partners are too demanding for sex which they can no longer put up with it. Most divorce cases single out infidelity as the major issue which is why we must look at this aspect of sex very critically.

Ways To Having Great Sex In Relationship

Couples can indulge in great lovemaking by doing any of the following:

  • Couples may prefer to engage in lovemaking at least twice a week, before leaving for work to spice up their entire day with joy and happiness.
  • Always imbibe the use of some toys to enhance your lovemaking life.
  • Avoid engaging in everyday sex because it could mar couples sexual life in the latter stage.
  • Couples should do the cooking and other house chores together to enhance their romantic life.
  • Partners should always indulge in foreplay before engaging in lovemaking to enable them to enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Couples should always praise each other for having a great time together by so doing strengthens the relationship.
love, sex and money
  • Trying new things like engaging in lovemaking on the cushion, bathroom or inside the car and not just in the bedroom only.
  • Learn to always tell your partner what turns you on and how he or she could make you enjoy a great time.
  • Engaging in exercises like kegel exercise could make a lady reach her climax well as blood circulates from her genital area prompting her to be active.
  • Couples should avoid contracting Sexually Transmitted Diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes virus which could mar them from having a great time together. When a partner discovers he or she has STD’s he or she should visit the medical doctor for treatment.
  • Partners should always use condoms or suitable birth control method if they are worried about having a great time together.

Is Sex Important Amongst Love, Sex, And Money?

The following are the importance of sex in a relationship:

  • Sex helps reduce the level of cheating amongst couples in a relationship.
  • When couples engage in lovemaking, a hormone called Oxytocin is released which aids the maintenance of balance and fertility in the human body.
  • Making love makes a lady looks more beautiful and a hormone estrogen is also released which makes her hair soft and shiny.
  • Studies show that sex could also be a natural antihistamine and could be used to fight against spring allergies/asthma.
  • It helps relieve stress between couples
  • Sex also enhances a strong bond in partners.
  • Love making makes couples feel loved and valued.
  • When partners indulge in sex, the risk of contracting acne, dermatitis, and rashes are averted.
  • Sex aids the human body to burn more calories that have been accumulated.
  • Also, sex relieves pain in the head thereby relaxing the tension in the veins of the human brain according to science.
  • Sex helps pheromones to be released from the body according to science.
  • Also, studies show that most partners settle any differences amicably well when they engage in lovemaking.
  • Lovemaking spark romance, therefore, making partners to be attracted emotionally well to each other.

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What Happens When Sex Is Not Found In Relationship?

From a psychological perspective, when sex is not found in the relationship, the following things will occur:

  • Cheating and infidelity will be rampant in the relationship.
  • Couples will never feel safe and emotionally attracted to each other.
  • The bonds between couples will definitely depreciate.

What is Money?

Money, in this case, would be referred to as any legal tender that is widely accepted in buying and selling of goods and services.

Is Money Important Amongst Love, Sex, And Money?

Below are the reasons why money is needed in a relationship:

  • Money could be used to add spices to a relationship. For instance, you need money to buy your spouse surprising gifts, pay your bills, and buy foodstuffs and to maintain your body.
  • Money tends to lubricate and furnish a relationship well.
  • It tends to make couples live a healthy and stress-free life.
  • Money aids couples to be emotionally and psychologically stable.
  • Money could make partners be submissive, loyal and trustworthy to each other.

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What Happens When Money Is Not Found In Relationship?

The following will occur when money isn’t found in the relationship:

  • Couples will tend to give excuses on why they cheat as a result of their partner not giving them sufficient money.
  • Trust and loyalty would be negligible in such a relationship.
  • Also, couples would be psychologically and emotionally unstable.
  • Couples may be subjected to too many debts which might mar the relationship.

The Relationship Between Love, Sex, And Money

All humans need love, sex, and money in both relationship and their everyday life. Love was bestowed upon humans and we are to exercise it to everyone on earth. All humans want to be loved but the way we expressed our love to others varies; others tend to love unconditionally while others love to get something in return. For a relationship to stand and grow inevitably these three words; love, sex, and money must be present.

To some extent, love can independently stand on its own. For instance, when a relationship is not built on sex and money, even though a partner may not be able to satisfy his spouse during lovemaking well or they are not financially buoyant as they used to before, love would definitely bind and keep the relationship glowing.

Also, a relationship that is centered on sex and money would deteriorate with time when there is no flow of income as usual or the other partner can’t satisfy him or her during lovemaking as before. Money, on the other hand, makes love interesting because couples could go out on a date and have great fun and a partner may use his or her money to buy brand new Lamborghini for his or her partner and this helps lubricate love and sex in the relationship.

love, sex and money

Consequently, you hear couples say they can cancel their appointment just to rush down home to have a great time with their partner while others say no one does it better than her hubby and tell me if those couples won’t enjoy their relationship immensely well. Others their partner could make a wish or wishes and it will be done instantly because they had a great time together.

Love, sex, and money are highly important in relationships but I would concur with Ms. Gregoire’s that although love is very important, it has to be spice with the icy of romance by reading the psychology of loves that last a lifetime

Questions Most Couples Ask 

Below are some of the questions on love, sex, and money we want to look at:

  • Is it good for a man to get money from his wife or girlfriend?

I think it isn’t bad, because the wife or girlfriend giving him the money is as a result of the love she has for him.

  • Is it good for the wife to punish her husband by not indulging in lovemaking when a misunderstanding arises between them?

It is not good because the man could be exposed to dangers outside by either flirting or being unfaithful to her any longer.

  • Is it good for couples to always do the normal if they are to make love?

No, couples should learn to try different styles and positions so as not to make lovemaking looks boring and irritating.

  • Is it good for the husband or boyfriend to assist his wife or girlfriend in cooking?

Yes, it is and it makes the relationship looks healthy and strong.

  • Should a man wash his wife or girlfriend lingerie’s?

Yes, it is definitely romantic and makes her feel valued and cherished.

  • My husband or boyfriend is not giving me money as usual?

Check your self very well because they might be things you are doing that makes him unhappy and might make him not to spend his money on you either. You can also meet him one on one and inquire what you have done to him and apologize immediately to grease the relationship well.

Finally, from the three words love, sex, and money; romantic love is the most important in a relationship.

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