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Living and Studying in one of Italy’s most beautiful, and celebrated cities, Verona, Italy

  • Live in one of Italy’s most beautiful, elegant, and celebrated cities, honored as a UNESCO site in 2000.
  • Practice Italian and interact with local students on campus and around the city every day.
  • Enjoy the glamor and history of the ‘city of love’, home to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.
  • Join excursions to local companies, international fashion companies, and culinary sites to improve classroom work, build cultural knowledge, and take advantage of local expertise.
  • The USAC Resident Director and staff are on hand full time to welcome and support you during your stay abroad.

Why study in Verona and Italy?

Study and live in Verona, a modern, medium-sized city with a larger than life history, located near Venice, Lake Garda, the Dolomites, and the borders of Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Located on the beautiful Adige River in the Veneto region of Italy, the city is home to historic palaces, bridges, squares, and churches. Three Shakespearean plays are set in Verona: Romeo and Juliet, the two lords of Verona, and the taming of the shrew. While visitors come year-round to experience the literary and artistic heritage, annual fairs, shows, operas, and historical sites, the city retains its elegant, authentic atmosphere. As a student here, you have plenty of school and entertainment activities, local and international dishes, and multiple transportation options.

Choose from courses in international management, business administration, Italian studies, and more. All students must take an intensive Italian course in the first six weeks of the semester to help them integrate into their environment. The Verona program combines academic courses with practical learning, tours, and excursions to create an integrated cultural experience.

Your studies will extend beyond the classroom to business visits, excursions, optional tours, local festivals and traditions, and other activities in the city.

Walkthrough the old arena every day on your way to school or with your friends
Walkthrough the old arena every day on your way to …

The Arena, an ancient amphitheater built by the Romans in the first century, is still actively in use, with concerts, operas, and theater performances. The quality and preservation of Roman sites in Verona are second only to Rome itself. The city is home to three professional football teams and regularly hosts stages of the annual Giro d’Italia cycling race. The city has regular public bus lines, an airport, and is located on both high-speed and commuter rail lines.