Is He Flirting With Me For Real? Here Are 13 Best Signs He Is


What is flirting?

Flirting is simply the act of someone behaving in a manner that shows a sexual attraction to his or her opposite sex but isn’t meant to be taken seriously. This can be achieved either through the choice of words or physical playful touches. Also, flirting is actually interesting if you’re convinced he’s not just being friendly with you.

However, it is not always easy to know if a guy is actually flirting or just being friendly with you. It’s really an amazing feeling when someone flirts with you. This makes you feel attractive and desirable. Flirting gives you a warm feeling like you’ve just won a 100-million-dollar lottery. You may feel like you’re high especially when a guy you really crush on is flirting with you.

Best proven signs he’s flirting with me 

Consequently, never become obsessed with the way he’s flirting with you as this might make him distance himself from you. You are not certain if he’s actually flirting with you, here are the 13 best signs to look out for to be sure.

He gives you a cute smile

This is one of those signs to look out for if you really want to be certain he’s flirting with you. Although we all have different smiles as some individuals smile with their teeth slightly opened and others with their mouth closed. And some guys are just naturally timid. But if you see him smiling at you with a gleam in his eyes, there’s a really big chance he is actually interested in you.

To be candid with you, when a guy flirts with you, his smile will definitely change.


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He treats you specially

Although some guys are naturally flirty. If he is into you, his way of flirting with you will be special. You can compare the way he interacts with others to the way he does with you. If you discover the guy treats you nicely with rapt care, then look no further as he’s actually interested in you.

He gives you little touches

Here, if a guy likes a girl, he will advance further to touch her. Light, playful touching can be a great turn on for you and for him. You discover his fingers touching yours while laughing, his arm on your shoulder in a subtle way, one of his hands resting on your knee, picking lint off your shirt, and getting rid of a loose hair from your arm sleeve are some of the signs he’s into you.

Consequently, if you discover he’s either looking for a reason to touch you or can’t keep his hands off you, he is actually flirting with you.


He flustered while being with you

He tends to be cute while talking and rambling on some issues, then turns red. Pretty you, as you can make even the most confident guy appear flustered when he’s flirting with you. This particular sign shows in-depth that he’s likely flirting with you.

He strives to impress you

When a man flirts, he can do anything within his reach to make the girl happy. He might not even know when he starts telling you about his band, his biggest achievements, his sick apartment, or any of his hobbies. It may appear as he’s bragging but instead, be flattered as he is only trying to impress you since he has that feeling for you. Be warned never to take his simplicity for stupidity as he may distance himself from you completely.

He teases you

Most ladies are always flattered by teasing. He tends to tease you in a polite way and not in a harsh manner. You discovered he teases you in a fun, light-hearted, playful manner like mimicking the way you walk, talk, teasing you about your favorite food, movie, jokingly disagreeing about the way you pronounce some words, pointing out little things like the stretch marks on your legs, and even calling you names.

All these things are signs he’s so into you and never feel upset simply because he gives you nickname or points out a mole on your neck.

More signs he’s flirting with you

He makes you feel that familiar flutter

You discover there’s a strange sort of ecstasy hanging in the air when you both are discussing. This is how you know he’s flirting with you if the interaction between you two isn’t like other interactions you have. You tend to feel like they pour ice water on your body and your heart feels at ease.

There’s a certain chemistry that moves within you when you communicate with him and it gives you goosebumps all day.

He never forgets anything you say

If he’s keen on you, he will never forget anything you say be it a story or a joke. The ability for him to always remember what you say is a clear sign he’s flirting with you. “I couldn’t help it; it’s like I was under a spell as I was so keen on everything about my recent girlfriend when I was flirting with her then,” says Tizzy Hanz (a relationship expert).

Also, when we like someone, we’re always keen to know every detail about them and pay close attention to anything they say.


He is curious about your relationship status

This particular sign is one of the easiest to look out for if you’re unsure he’s actually flirting with you. He wants to know if you’re free so he can come in. If you discover he asks you, how come a pretty girl like you isn’t taken? Look no further as his actually flirting with you so as to have you to himself.

Likely words to watch out for from a guy to know if he’s into you and flirting with you:

“You can’t tell me you’re single!”

“Your boyfriend must be lucky to have you.”

“Are you here with your friends or your boyfriend?”

“Your face looks familiar; I think we’ve met before.”

“I hope I’m not occupying your boyfriend’s seat.”

He inculcates some body language

This is one of those clear signs that he’s into you. You tend to see him lean towards you while you both are talking is a clear sign he’s flirting with you. Other body language cues to look out for include his eye contact with you, protruding his body toward you and seeing him keep his feet faced towards you while talking.


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He fidgets when you’re around him

If you discover a guy fidgeting when he’s with you like rubbing his ears, playing with his hair, or even feeling uncomfortable in his seat are signs that he’s flirting with you. He fidgets because he’s interested in you but doesn’t know how to come out plain.

Also, have in mind that him fidgeting doesn’t always imply he’s vying to flirt. He might just be a gawky guy. If you discover he’s a pretty confident guy in general, and only does that when you are around him then it’s a clear sign he’s keen on you for flirting.

He exhibits a good sense of humor

Most guys who are trying to flirt with a girl always do everything possible to make her laugh. They don’t mind to tell the girl their best jokes, punchiest anecdotes, funniest stories, and may even dance funny steps to make her laugh. It’s one of those sweet routes to flirt with a girl and feel more comfortable around her.

He compliments you

This particular sign can help you know if he’s actually flirting with you. If you hear him say words like you’re sumptuous, pretty jewel, lovely, and gorgeous is an obvious sign he’s into you. A guy can never compliment a girl if she isn’t attractive. If you discover a guy compliments you, then he’s actually flirting with you.


Although flirting is sweet, but know deep within you that it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to date you. Others might only find you attractive and fun to be with and nothing more. He may flirt with you and you confirm from all the above signs. But if he doesn’t woo you then he isn’t interested in making you his significant other.

Now that you’re lucky to sail through the flirting stage into the relationship stage, they are things you need to do to make the relationship a long-lasting one. If you also discover he suddenly acts cold towards you or you suspect he’s pulling away from you, you can read our article on why men pull away from you.

However, you can tell if he’s completely committed to you and wants to build a successful home with you.

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