Important Qualities Women Look For In A Guy: 25 Traits Ever

important qualities women look for in a guy

Important traits women look out for in men

Important qualities women look for in a guy are those special traits women love in a guy and want their dream man to possess such qualities. You might think you have all it takes to impress any woman, but you will be amazed that they are more to it than what you think. Girls also have their own preferences in the type of a guy they want, just as guys have their own sexual preferences in women.

Best proven tips on the important qualities women look for in a guy

Here are the proven tips on the important qualities women look for in a guy and be that Mr. Right all girls want.

Have a good chemistry

If the chemistry isn’t there, you might just turn someone down and that does not mean you should feel bad with yourself. According to McMahan, women are initially drawn to men based on attraction. You might be thinking deep within you if you could carry on a conversation with such a person? Does the person make you feel energized while talking? These are qualities that help propel a foundation, to form a deeper connection and a relationship with such a person.

Being stable

This is one of those important qualities women look for in a guy and it has three parts such as economically stable, emotionally stable, and also relationally stable. Being relationally stable means you can count on him to be predictable, reliable, and that he is essentially someone you could have confidence in. Be it you guys have a kid together or own a property together.

Furthermore, having a good job and earning a nice salary makes the woman feel secure that you can take good care of her. Money spices a relationship immensely and no woman loves a broke guy who is always saying “I shall” instead of “I have” money. This is an added advantage, but it is not sufficient.


It is advisable for you not to try and change (influence) your partner. Research by John M. Gottman after studying what makes happy couples happy deduced that relationships are more successful when men allow themselves to be influenced by their significant others. It was shown that the majority of women has already put this into practice, but men don’t take this into consideration. A man who is always open to being influenced means the man shows awareness of his significant other’s needs and emotions and responds to them.

Be curious about her

Partners are advised to diverse their attention from quickly drawing the conclusion to curiosity. It is essential that you feel like your significant other is interested in you. Judging a person by their actions and what they do isn’t the best, instead be curious about it. Ladies dislike guys who keep interrogating them in conversation as it really sucks.  

Have confidence

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and certain on your life path will be clear physically, which is what will attract ladies above all. A study from the International Journal of Cosmetic Science deduced that when men felt more confident their body language physically changed and this boost women’s attraction greatly.

Being confident makes one appear more trustworthy. It’s an inner strength that has seen and envied by anyone you meet.  In terms of what actually comes out of your mouth, confident individuals are natural salespeople. A confident man is more attractive to women because he believes in himself and his abilities, and he doesn’t shy away when he knows he is right.

Good sense of humor

Most girls can easily spot a guy who has a good sense of humor while having a conversation with him. This is one of those important qualities women look for in a guy and that’s all you need to impress her.

Seeing a particular guy always makes you laugh on a date and on phone calls makes you happy and you admire his lifestyle wishing he’s all yours. Laughing improves mood, stress levels, overall health, and immensely makes you a happier, more stabilized person. You can increase your chances of hooking her with the more laughter you induced.

important qualities women look for in a guy

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Being intelligent

There is no woman that doesn’t like an intelligent guy as the guy can help broaden her knowledge about things she might not have had an idea about. Research carried out by the University of Mexico deduced that there’s a strong connection between sperm and intelligence. Also, research conducted by Lovehoney (a sex toy company) discovered a direct connection with high IQ and libido.

However, learning from your significant other is a unique way to moist the relationship and keep it alive. I came across some couples who were discussing with me the secret about their long-lasting relationship as the wife says that if she wants to know more about the history of influential people in the U.S., she can easily reach out for her husband “Jack” who would tell her detailed history about those people. And this makes her love him more despite he is a medical doctor, not a historian. You could see the important quality her husband possesses that makes her love him immensely.

Attentiveness nails it

A study published in the Journal of Family Psychology in 2012 discovered that relationship satisfaction has to do with the way partners are able to read and empathize with each other’s emotions.

If you are able to listen to her and also recognizes when she wants you to some problems, she will definitely develop a soft spot for you. Imbibing this quality is a very vital distinction you’ll need to be able to make.

Be that grooming guy

However, they’re a lot of women who like a good old grizzly and rugged man but this doesn’t mean you should appear unkempt as it affects the bedroom stamina essential for a healthy relationship. Never look down on self-maintenance as men prefer high tastes: overkill suggests vanity and will be deemed detesting.

Having a charming personality

Most men are lacking these important qualities as women yearn for guys with such qualities to be called their significant other. In fact, getting to meet a man who knows how to charm a girl is a difficult task for any woman. Try exhibiting good manners and improve your body language while being around them.

Avoid being a pushover guy

Women don’t like guys who are a pushover as they find them irritating. A pushover guy is a guy who loves to accept defeat just to avoid conflict from escalating with the person who is dominating him. Never allow anybody to take you for granted, be it your close friends or family members. If you know you’ve been wronged, air out your opinion instead of keeping mute. Learn to stand on your principles and never allow anybody to make you change your principles in life.


This is one of those important qualities women look for in a guy and they love associating with a guy who is respected by others. If you know you don’t deserve the necessary respect and it isn’t your fault, let go of them and move on with your life. But if it’s your fault, try to change for good and claim the respect you deserve from them.

All women admired a well mannered and kind man who doesn’t treat others badly just because it detests him. Avoid being rude to waiters or your subordinates unless you have a good reason to. Women see kind men as potential caring husbands. Have good etiquette and treat women chivalrously, and you will see them flocking around you like ants on sugar.   

Furthermore, if you respect yourself nobody would disrespect you not to talk of taking you for granted. So stand up and be that guy all his friends and loved ones respect immensely.

important qualities women look for in a guy

Be a good conversationalist

This involves knowing how to speak to a woman in a tone that is appreciable and also shows genuine interest in the lady while speaking to her. Try creating unique conversations around her and make her enjoy being with you.

Important qualities women look for in a guy continued

Make her feel awe

There is no woman who won’t like a man who makes her feel at ease within the first few minutes of their conversation. Why not be that guy who can make her feel butterflies within or take away the air of nervousness in a first conversation while talking to her? She will definitely love you for it. Make your conversation with her look appealing as she will feel excited talking to you.

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Being vulnerable

Won’t you love to build a committed relationship with a man who is opened and not a concealing type? A man who is vulnerable has a different attitude to step away from the power position all men are raised to feel comfortable being in. For the relationship to occur, a man has to be willing to be vulnerable and open up his heart for that to happen. The same thing is applicable for ladies too.


Equity is one of those important qualities women look for in a guy as it shows you will treat her as your equal. Learn to treat a woman with equity and let her know that you can’t exercise supremacy over her all the time as she will love you for it. It’s pathetic that even in our localities, women are not recognized to assume the same role designed for men; be it socially, politically, and economically. This mentality should change and women should be given equal opportunities like the men. A guy who doesn’t belittle women would be loved and admired by other women.

Being emotionally present

You have to stay focused on her; rather than playing with your mobile phones or being absent-minded. She would also cherish you for being responsive. For instance, she asked you a question either on phone or text and you were able to reply to her quickly or you let her know when you’ll reply back. Women love guys with this unique quality and it’s an added advantage to a guy.

Try being protective

All women want to be with a guy who would make them feel safe and protected. She can beat her chest and tell her friends that her safety is guaranteed whenever she goes out or is in the company of her guy. Try to make her feel okay while being with you or on a date and also prioritized her safety.

Learn to be assertive

Learn to tell the woman you’re dating that you would need a chilled drink or ask for a little help from her than refusing to ask for anything when you know you’re in need. Healthy partners tell each other what they need and what actions make them feel most cherished and loved. And this makes them enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship. Try to be that man who can put someone else in place when they cross their boundary or misbehave with you.

Be ambitious

Strive to be the best you can be as you’ll be able to drive pretty ladies nuts. Try pursuing your set goals, makes you possess an appealing strength of character which every woman would feel safe depending on such a man. A lady will be convinced that such a man knows what he wants and can make it happen.

Furthermore, research led by Wendy Wood, Professor of Psychology at the University of Southern California, deduced that the main thing women look for in men other than physical attraction is “kinder gentler mates who can cater for their young”.

Have in mind that being ambitious does not necessarily mean you should be financially successful. Avoid having a failure mindset and work to achieve your desired goals to make her smile.

Try being social

Women do appreciate guys who step out of their comfort zone and into a different social arena. They take it that the guy can even laugh at their worst jokes instead of making a mockery of her. A study found in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal, titled “A Dating Mind” discovered that what turn women on are not only social flexibility but social dominance and courageousness in social situations.

Have it in mind that since they said you should be sociable does not warrant you to cross her thin line respect her private life and watch your words and actions so as not to bring up conflict.

Being positive

Being a positive person means that you should be able to exude a brightness of spirit that will encourage people around you feel exhilarated. This is being positive for all people, not just ladies. Women are found to be attracted to men with a positive outlook on life. Even with this, effort must be made and maintained throughout a relationship to enable you to enjoy a healthy relationship.

Sophia, 27, confirms the science: “I couldn’t put up with my last relationship and decided to draw the curtain when I realized John’s world view was so depressed it was eating so deep into me. He had a negative mindset that everyone was out to get him where everyone else was enjoying good lives and better jobs. I made up my mind that I will only date a person who if anyone asks him ‘How is his day going’ he replies ‘perfect!’ Sounds simple but it works wonders in helping me enjoy my recent relationship.

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Having a good physique

Having a good physique is one of those important qualities women look for in a guy as they love guys with good biceps and deltoids on their shoulders. In addition to this, when you work out, you look healthier and agile, and clothes fit you well. Never forget to take your appearances into consideration if you want to attract a girl at first sight. It works a lot.

important qualities women look for in a guy


This is one of those important qualities women look for in a guy as it’s often neglected by most guys because of their male ego. A man who’s trying to change you isn’t the man for you as women find men who constantly assesses them and trying to improve them irritating.

My advice to the pretty ladies out there is that, when you feel judged by your guy for no good reason, show him the exit door or let go of him and move on with your life. When a person criticizes or judges you, they are saying you’re not okay the way you are. But if they approach me in a nice manner and tell me you have to change for better, then I’ll give it a second thought.

Compatible partner

If you really want to know those important qualities women look for in a guy, this is no exception. You may be a nice guy, but at times both of you may not be compatible with each other. She may have soft spots for you, but she may not be willing to accept you for reasons best known to her.

If you really want to avoid this, learn to be pleasant and genuine, and above all, focus on her interests and get acquainted with her likes and dislikes while talking to her so you know the actual things to say at the right time. Where she thinks you’ll be a perfect match for her, and also get along with her friends and family members, she will definitely wish to be your significant other or be called your girlfriend.


You have now known the important qualities women look for in a guy, what then are you waiting for! Carefully apply these proven tips to win her heart and be loved by women. Liked what you just read? Like our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and we promise to always spice up your love life immensely.

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