How To Seduce A Guy: 23 Best Tips Ever To Attract Him?

seduce a guy

How to keep a man interested in you?

How to seduce a guy is simply the way or method to follow to make your man fall for you? Most women find seducing a man as a difficult task to achieve. But if you know how to seduce a guy, then your chances of achieving your desired goal is certain. Although it’s not that easy to know how to seduce a guy at first, with diligence and practice you can achieve it.

Consequently, we’re not talking about how to lure your man into making love with you but if you want something more than a fling then read on. Seduction here is simply pulling a guy in and keeping him interested in you. I am not saying you should throw yourself at him but I’ll show you how to seduce him and keep him interested in you even to the extent of walking you down the aisle.

Furthermore, in our society today, we hear them talk about hooking up and no-strings-attached relationships; which rarely results in a long-lasting healthy relationship. So, looking for someone to make love to isn’t difficult. But finding someone who will want more than that is where the problem lies. And this is why you need to know how to seduce someone, so you can achieve your desired goals. Will you think that you’re manipulating him? No, you’re not.

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Seduction entails making him want you, not necessarily letting him have you to himself. You can seduce a guy you’ve never kissed… And you can also seduce a man you’ve been with for years. Either way, these tips on how to seduce a guy will help you immensely.

23 Best tips on how to seduce a guy

You’ve just set the ball rolling by accepting to know further on how to seduce a man. And you’ll hit your desired goal by putting these tips into practice.

Try being yourself

Seduction doesn’t entail hiding under someone else’s cover and having a guy fall for you. You need to be yourself during the entire process if you really want to seduce him. The inability to possess this trait will make him fall for a different you. Eventually, if he discovers the real you, he will dislike you and things will then appear beyond repair.

If you’re sexy and confident, you will show him that you’re real and not fake. This will make him want you, mind, body, and soul as he sees that you know who you are and including him.

Be balanced in your life

Focus on yourself if you really want to know how to seduce a guy. Make your self-care a top priority. You can’t fake being balanced in life if you want to seduce someone. Lay emphasis on solving your problems and dive into your negative emotions, discovering the root cause. When you free yourself of mental drama, you will be able to live in the moment.

Give him sweet eye contact

Giving him a sweet eye contact tells him everything about how you feel. This is absolutely your biggest bait if you really want to seduce him. I know you might get nervous and move your eyes around especially when you’re talking to a man you are attracted to.

But you’re better off looking him directly in the eyes (with nice smile!) while discussing or listening to him. You can mix up your expression depending on what he’s saying. And you can also wink at him or raise an eyebrow to show that you don’t believe him in a playful manner. Here are many ways you can express yourself with your eyes, so put it into practice and see what gets a reaction.

You can also stare at him in a crowded room until he notices, then you look away. He would be curious to know why you were looking at him that long and may draw close to you. You’ve finally hooked him at last.

Inculcate body language

This particular tip helps a lot if you really want to seduce a guy and make him want you badly. It is really good to be aware of your body positioning especially when you’re on a date or just talking to a guy you want to seduce. Use your body language to your advantage when seducing your dream man and leave no trace for him to know that you’re into him.

In addition, you can lean towards him just a little and if he’s into you too, he may begin to visualize your body language and draw close to you in the same way.

Furthermore, never look down on the power of a good hair flip. Most men develop soft spots for long hair that’s loose. So remind him how lucky he will be to touch those hairs than just beholding them.

Give him space

It won’t be nice of you if you don’t give him that space to enjoy the companies of his friends. Everyone likes attention but to some extent. To be candid with you, the people we tend to have feelings for don’t always give us too much attention. If you really want to seduce him, avoid being clingy as this lifestyle makes a guy pull away from you even further.

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Send him romantic text messages

Know deep within you that the secret to knowing how to seduce a man is realizing that not all seduction occurs in person. You can surprise him by sending him sweet romantic text messages such as I dreamt about you last night and you were…

Had it been you were here, I would have…

All these empty spaces you left will make him feel awe and might want to be sexting, but this isn’t your goal. You want him to be interested in you immensely. If you have each other’s numbers, you can do snap chatting as this makes it easier to seduce a guy. You’re advised to avoid sending exclusive dirty text messages so as not to get yourself turned on in the process.

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Avoid keeping a tab on just a guy

You may be interested in a particular guy, but that doesn’t mean you should dedicate all your time and effort for him. Peradventure, if you can’t get him interested in you, it’ll make you look down on your self-esteem and you may have wished you never had seduced him at first. But, if you have other guys you’re interested in, you won’t feel the blow of being rejected by that particular guy. Instead, you will get over it at ease by shifting your attention to other desirable options you had earlier.

Make your moves on the floor

Women who dance well catches the attention of most men easily. So, why not show your attraction by giving him that sweet dance floor moves but avoid twerking? You may be gazing at him in a place and you think he’s interested but he’s yet to make a move. Why not go close to him, hold his hands and pull him out on the dance floor to show him what you got? Try loosening your hips, give him sweet smile, and throw your hands over his shoulders to show him you’re having a good time.

If you have not yet danced with him, get out on the dance floor and dance while watching him. This sends signals to him that you wish he was there with you on the dance floor.

Seduction is far more than appearance

Everyone assumes seduction entails appearing hot and sexy. If you really want to know how to seduce a guy, then you need to remember that attractiveness is subjective, and that’s why confidence is so vital. But seduction also involves the vibe you give to other people. What kind of individual are you? Weird? Fun? Mysterious? Try knowing what your vibes are and use them to your advantage.

Give him sweet smiles

There are different types of smiles but not all you should use as a fake smile. But you can still mix it up for the optimal result. Try a sly smile that says I know something you don’t know, together with a quiet chuckle, to leave him curious about what you are thinking. Learn to smile genuinely when he walks up to you or says something intriguing.

Let him enjoy a smirk if he uses a cheesy pickup line. You don’t want to pull him away, but to make him know you’re onto him. Spice up your own smiles and make him chase you.

seduce a guy

Know you have the power

As someone who is trying to seduce another person, know that the power is in your hands to make it happen. You’re in control of your mood, of your emotions, of your vibe. You decide how you want to walk into a place, and how you want people to see you. To be effective in using your power, work on getting rid of your bad habits or negativity.

Ways to seduce a guy and make him crazy for you

Avoid thinking about the future

When you begin thinking about the future, that’s when trouble sets in. Avoid visualizing a future with him as it makes you lose balance. Try to be present at the moment, focus on your discussions with him and avoid any future thoughts.

Make him feel like a man

The best way to follow if you want to seduce a man is by making him feel like a man. His experience with you is absolutely mental. The way he feels around you will detect his next moves. He will want more of you if he feels good being with you. And this is when you begin to seduce him.

seduce a guy

Give him warm touches

Have in mind that touching him often goes hand in hand with body language. This does not mean touching him by caressing him with the motive of getting laid. You can seduce a guy with sweet touches like focusing on resting your fingers on his chest, carefully playing with the hairs on his chest (oh my! What six packs you have!), or laying your hand on his shoulder or back. Try doing this and see if he reciprocates within a few minutes.

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Build on your confidence

Confidence is the best trait a woman or man can have. This does not mean you should compete against other women, but just loving each and every little thing about yourself and making everyone know about it. There is nothing more seductive than being a confident woman and men love this special trait.

A woman who is confident knows she is attractive, funny, and smart. She doesn’t need any man to tell her that. And if there’s a thing that makes a man desire a woman more is when the woman shows that she can do without him but wants him. If he compliments you, give him a cute smile and look straight in his eyes and say thank you. Or better still, I know!

You can also wear dresses that flatter you. And you don’t need to put on extremely skimpy skirts or plunging necklines to appear sexy. But do wear clothes that say I know I look gorgeous.

Engage in conversation

If you really want to seduce a guy, be that person he can engage in conversation with. Try to be curious about what his ideas and thoughts are. We all want to feel appreciated and accepted by someone we like. The absence of this will make us shift our attention to someone else. Be that person he feels comfortable and supported by, that is what men desire.

Prove to him that you’re intellectually sound

Men love women who are intelligent and don’t try playing you’re smarter if you really want to seduce him. Never conflict showing off your intellectual side with just being a know-it-all. You will definitely pull him away from you if you claim you know too much which in real sense you don’t. If you’re to correct a guy, do so in a nice way.

You two can talk about a nice movie you’ve watched and had him say what he loves about the movie as this tip can aid you in seducing him.

Having options is superb

When a man sees that other men are interested in you, he might not want to be left in the dark. He doesn’t want to waste his time playing cool. He either needs to grab the lifetime opportunity or not. If you highly sort after, it’s better for you. So you see who doesn’t want to have options?

However, avoid acting weird since you knew your sort after as this turns men off.

Let it go

Individuals suck at seducing others because they are too uptight. There is no way you could seduce a man effectively if you’re anxious and sweating. Avoid thinking excessively on how you’re going to dress or act. Approach seduction as a way of highlighting the best aspects of yourself. Others you need to let go and relax.

Change your mental state of reasoning

If you really want to seduce a guy, avoid having negative thoughts as this mar seduction. And this is why self-care is essential. We all have negative thoughts but working closely on your emotions and feelings can help you have the last laugh of seducing him. Identifying what and where your negative thoughts emanate from. And most importantly, learn how to let them go and think positively will aid you to seduce him at ease.

Try being a little hot and cold

What most women think on how to seduce a guy is to throw themselves at him at all cost. This mindset is really unhealthy. The woman a man will chase is one that showers all her attention to him but suddenly excuses herself to say hi to a friend or get a drink with an old friend. The woman tends to tap out a bit as soon as the man shows interest in her.

If you’ve been doing a lot of touching or giving him sexy eyes, pull back and let him step up his game to show you that he needs you.

Never degrade him

No one likes being looked down upon by someone else. If you want to make him feel like a man, avoid making jokes that make him feel inferior and unimportant. Always have a second thought especially if he’s someone you want to seduce in the aspect of heated debate. And I’m sure you won’t like to seduce a man who makes you feel angry incessantly.

Engage in some deliberate “accidents”

If you two are sitting on a round table, you can accidentally brush his shoes with your leg and just tell him sorry. You can allow your leg brush his several times and he will be left wondering if it was a deliberate act or an accident.

seduce a guy

Deliberately drop something on the floor like your key or small purse and pick it up so that you show off your cute figure. You can make your hands collide as he also reaches to pick the thing up for you. He will assume these little gestures are accidents, but he will still be seduced and need you more.  


Now that you’ve known the best tips ever on how to seduce a guy, why not put it into practice to have your dream man. Also, know that you may need to practice these tips diligently so that you perform them without mistakes and confidently. Take every date you go on as an avenue to practice. Carefully write down what got the best results (accidentally dropping something on the floor so he could pick it up?) and you can use that tip next time.

Furthermore, while seduction isn’t about getting laid, it’s a great build-up to it if you want to engage in lovemaking with a guy you’re seeing. Do you have other tips to share on how to seduce a guy? We’ll appreciate it if you could share it with us below.

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