How To Give Him Space And Make Him Miss You & Be Back

give him space

How can I give my man space?

How to give him space is simply the way of giving your man that opportunity to be alone and by so doing he will miss you and come back for you. Men are complex beings and they need incessant attention, a lot of love, and they like chasing the women they are interested in. Although it is good to give a man what he wants: the chance to chase you but not always.

When is the right time to give your man space?

We will be showing and giving you the best tips on how and when to give space to the man you’re interested in and make him miss you. Be it a long-term relationship or an ex that you want to come back to you, adhering to these 15 best tips on how to give him space will make him miss you and come running after you.

Should I give him space?

Yes, you can give him space without breaking up with him. It is not always that easy to achieve the desired balance between contacting and space, to make the relationship function immensely but be rest-assured we got your back. When it comes to the absence of chemistry, it’s not a good thing to give up than to strive to get back the spark that was at the beginning. This is because the relationship between you two is something you incessantly need to invest in.

Consequently, if you are in a relationship and discovered your spark has started declining, do not feel despair immediately but try to figure a way out. Most at times, this happens to most couples if they do not strike a balance in their relationship. You tend to discover he hasn’t been responding to your texts lately. Or hanging up the phone on you quicker than before.

Maybe it feels like something unhealthy has occurred in the relationship, and that he’s not as present. Or emotionally open to you. He may also be playing you and it’s weighing you down. Or maybe he’s been upfront with you and has aired it out that he needs space from the relationship.

This could be weighing you down emotionally as you may be thinking about what to do or that you could lose him to another girl at any second. I will be telling you exactly what not to do so that you can learn how to give him space and not lose him completely. Adhere to these best tips on how to give him space so you don’t push him away even further, or lose your hard-fought healthy relationship to a breakup.

How to give him space and make him miss you badly

Never call him every second, if you want to give him space

Give him space by not calling him or sending him SMS every minute, but show him that you have your own life, your own space, and you have other things that are not related to him. Why not make it clear within yourself, between calling him once or twice during the day to hear his voice or to arrange a date?

Avoid being that girl who’s always calling or texting her guy every little second she is free as this is one of those traits that makes your partner pulls away from you. However, it’s nice to talk frequently to your significant other, having long and seductive conversations, especially when the relationship is new with spicy romance. Still, avoid dedicating all your free time on the phone talking to him.

Also, if you discover there are incessant quarrels in your relationship, and you feel that your partner needs space, this is the best thing you can do to save the bond without breaking up.

Give Him Space

Give him space by ignoring him

Most at times, it is good to behave the same way as your partner if you feel something is wrong seeing your partner is distant and somewhat cold, no matter how difficult it’s for you. By so doing it will show him how it’s wrong what he is doing and how much it can be a waste of time when you’re not in his territory.

Why not play the same game with your partner if he acts cold as it will be a waste of time discussing the issue with him? If a particular thing appears detesting, behave the same and stay indifferent. This will definitely wake up his interest as he was expecting you to act otherwise. He may return back to you and ask for your attention.

Sometimes your significant other needs to be given space in the relationship as these make him miss you badly and come back to you.

Give him unforgettable intimate moments despite giving him space

This doesn’t mean you should neglect some casual tenderness like not giving him some hugs and kisses because you’re giving him space. Through this medium, he’ll feel loved and may begin missing you when you are not with him. Avoid giving him that tenderness incessantly or overdo it as sometimes you can opt to give him some space. I don’t think you’ll enjoy being hugged or kissed on a daily basis as it will appear boring or detesting to you.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, try giving your man some intimate moments as this will make him miss you even, more, when you’re not around. Your man will be extremely happy if you surprise him with a spicy hot romance as this will make him want you more. Why not do your best, use your discretion and give him unforgettable intimate moments that he’ll always come looking for you?

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Avoid being too available

Give him space by not being there always for him. We all know that when you’re deeply in love especially for the ladies, they can cancel their appointments just to be with the man they care about. Going by this, most women show their weakness and dependence on their man which isn’t nice. Never make this mistake as you may be taken for granted by your partner.

You can also make your man miss you and come back to you by showing him that you have your own life, irrespective of your relationship. This will make you attractive as men are hunters and they admire invisible women. So why want to stop enjoying the things you loved before you met him or stop caring about your career because of your partner? Keep enjoying or doing what you like.

This shows that you know your self-worth and can’t be easily bent by his decision or wishes. So you will not dedicate all your time to him, and you will give him a chance to miss you and come back to you. Furthermore, in this way, you’ll give him space for the same things in his life.

Spice up the relationship while giving him space

No matter how long you both have been in the relationship, there can come a time when the relationship becomes habitual and a bit more boring than it was in the beginning. To maintain your relationship, it’s important to work on it and dedicate your attention and time to it.

If the misunderstandings are more common in your relationship and your partner wants space, accord him that space without breaking up. If you tend to break up the chances of you coming back to him are slim.  Instead, give him space, but show him that you still have that strong feeling for him.

After a month or two, go on a summer vacation together or to a serene romantic place like the cool beach. Spend time together and enjoy cool fun. Where there’s excitement in that relationship, your partner will love you immensely and you don’t have to panic about your relationship. Try giving him a little space and then spice the reunion with some romantic gestures will save your relationship greatly.

It is advisable to try out new things with your partner and explore different ways. Also, grease the relationship with a dose of excitement and adrenaline. The more exhilarating adventure you both shared together, whether, intellectual, spiritual, physical or emotional level, will make your man miss you and come running to you.

Give him space by making him laugh or smile

You’ll concur with me that you hardly forget your friend who always makes you laugh out your sorrow. The same thing is applicable here as your man can come looking for you because he enjoys your company as you always make him laugh. Why not make your man laugh for a few minutes that will make him go insane for you and miss your absence?

You can try to make contact at least a moment with good emotions and laughter if you’re to give him space without breaking up the relationship. Have in mind that giving your man space won’t work effectively if you’re always frowning and negative. Try to give him that positive emotions, laugh and make him happy. By so doing he will miss you and may want to come back to you.

Constantly being in a bad mood or appearing negative will only worsen the situation and make him pull away from you, and may not want to spend time with you anymore. Try to deduce some ways on how to make your man laugh and how to make yourself laugh as this helps maintain the relationship as well. At least you can now know everything or almost everything about your partner especially when you two are married.

Give Him Space

Give him space to spend time with his friends or loved ones

The inability to adhere to this particular tip always brings about a pause in the relationship in most partners because you two are constantly being together and don’t have space to do other things. Accord your man space and try figuring out how to balance things.

Allow your man to go out with his friends be it his colleagues from work or college days. Avoid being too clingy or pushing yourself when he opts to go out with his friends or someone other than you. This behavior is a great turn off for most guys as they tend to pull away from their partner.

No guy would like to be controlled. For instance, you were with your male friends together discussing and your girl is always there to watch you as if you are a kid. Accord him that space as you may not know whether the inability to give him space makes him pull away from you or tells you he needs space. Why not go have fun with your friends, and let him have his?

Avoid interrogating your man

Where you both have accepted that giving space is the best solution for your relationship, specify what period and how long you’re going to give him space and how you would stay in communication with your man. Be it whether on the phone or going out together, avoid interrogating him by asking him where he was, with whom, when and how, why he came back that late or why he didn’t reply to your text the previous day.

Always try to make your conversation with your man flow naturally and allow him to give you details about himself and how he spent the time without you by his side. Feel relaxed and just tell him how your day was, your challenges and what you did before reaching out to him. By so doing he will tell you his own as interrogating him will make him even get angrier with you or pull away from you. You need to use discretion while communicating with him so as to achieve your desired goal of making him miss you.

Give him space by not replying his messages immediately

You might be in a relationship but you are not certain if your partner has the same feelings you have towards him or her. It will be nice to give him space by making yourself less available for some time. You only need to know how to figure this out.

If your partner sends a message, do not reply to him immediately, unless it requires a prompt reply. But if it is a message that doesn’t require prompt answer, it would be best you desist from replying to him immediately. Give him some time to think deep within him, what’s going on or why haven’t you replied. This will make him even more curious.

Reply to him after an hour or two, as you’re showing him you were not just waiting for his texts or calls, that you have your own time and things doing at hand. This will make him have that feeling more for you and may even miss you like mad.

Although it’s still nice to reply to a message right away, especially if it’s a vital thing, you also have to be aware of your social life, your space and things that are happening around your vicinity.

Give Him Space

Tell your man how good your day was

Actually, you both accepted on giving some space but it’s important to show your man how happy you are without him and that you are not dependent on him. Take advantage of every opportunity you have, be it you two are just hanging out or just talking on the phone, and tell him how nice your day was and how you spent it. This does not mean you should boredom him with too many discussions.

Consequently, you can also give him space to hang out with his friends and enjoy a good day without you by his side. Your partner will definitely miss you if you show him how you’re enjoying yourself without him. By so doing, he will like to be a part of your life and wants to make you happy. Your partner will do his utmost best to get your attention to show you that you can enjoy a good time with only him by your side.

Give him space and also dress nicely

Never stop looking amazing in your dressing since you both have talked and accepted to give each other space. Look incredibly sweet and your partner will miss you and come looking for you. Your cute dressing will hurt his ego and he will try to see a way to have you back.

Why not apply his favorite perfume to a place where you two can meet, especially if you want to make him miss you immensely? Although it’s not that easy for ladies to make their man miss them, especially if the man demands space in the relationship. But with patience and little effort, anything can happen and your partner can come back looking for you.

Make him jealous by showing him that other men need you

This does not mean you should walk up to him and tell him that most men want you. You can just be with a handsome guy and let your man see that a new guy is a nice person. This will make him feel jealous and miss you like mad as he doesn’t want another man to enjoy his jewel. You can use this tip if you just want to give him space without breaking up with him.

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Give him space by being happy and always looking positive

You agreed to give space in the relationship and this does not mean you should feel disappointed in life. Avoid being pessimistic as this will only make your partner pull away from you. Cheer up and move on with your normal life and never allow that weigh you down.

When you appear sad and disappointed, people will know all isn’t well with you and that will weigh you down. Regardless of your situation, try creating a fulfilling life for yourself and also strengthen your inner self-confidence. These two traits will definitely make your man miss you and come looking for you.

Hang out with your friends while giving him space

Regardless of how long you guys have dated or are just dating, it is advisable for partners to spend some time separately. This also makes you trust each other. Going on a short vacation or trip with your friends will make him miss you and may want to come back.

If your man truly loves you, he can’t wait for you to return back from your short trip to be with you. Also, giving your man space will help strengthen your relationship and give it a new direction with freedom inclusive.

Give him space and also send him a picture of you two

You’ve probably had pictures of you both catching fun together whether it’s a new or long term relationship. Why not send your man cute pictures of you both that he loves seeing to remind him of those sweet and unforgettable moments together?

Never send him a provocative message together with the picture like telling him how he ended your call and started yelling at you before asking you to give him space. This attitude will pull him away from you even further as coupling it with sweet words will make him miss you more. Telling him why you sent the picture of you both laughing together as to remind him of those lovely moments together.

What can I do to keep him by my side?

Have in mind that it’s a normal thing for a guy to demand space, and it’s completely normal to give him space. It is really not nice to try controlling him or make him stick with you as this will pull him away even further from you. A guy will want space if he doesn’t feel in control.

To be candid with you, many guys need space to visualize how and where the relationship is headed. You may be thinking; why does he still need time and space away from you after having an awesome time with you on a date?

This is because, for most men, the space between when he sees you is the time that really rings in his mind and heart how he feels about you. In most men, that time is important in analyzing their emotions. Learn to give your man space to figure out what he wants and in most instances, it can be rewarding.

Being away from you (time apart) is also vital for him to develop the desire to see you again. Your man will start thinking about you more and more, wondering what’s in your mind, and yearning to be with you especially if it has been long he sets his eyes on you. This is possible if only you give him space to love you.

What’s vital to remember here is that most men need time and space in order to begin to feel closer and more connected with a woman. This is why being clingy and trying to draw him close to yourself will always backfire. But when you give him space, it will make him miss you, and may come back to you.

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If your man is looking for some space, let him have it. This does not mean you should either let him go completely or give up on having anything to do with him. Giving your man space to draw his own conclusions without the pressure of disappointing his partner not only strengthens the respect you have for him but also makes you less available (and more desirable). It is not advisable to cancel your plans because he contacts you.

Depending on the type of your relationship with him, you can ask him about how he is feeling or what is in his mind? If you’re that close to him, you can ask him how much time he needs and to know how long you should give him space.

If you do inquire from him, it’s good you allow him to be honest with you. This is to say no matter what his answer is, you have to accept it without getting upset with him. Never feel bad or yell at him if he says something you don’t want to hear.

No one would like to be honest with his or her partner especially if they don’t feel safe being with that person. Where your partner is scared, he might just tell you things you want to hear in order to avoid them hurting you. If you show your man that you’re someone whom he can feel safe with while being honest with you; even if he is telling you things you don’t want to hear; he will be candid with you.

Have in mind that space is important in a relationship and know that you need your own space to show up for the relationship in a constructive and healthy way. Be realistic in your options if you’re not committed to him and date other men if you like until he officially locks you down.

Finally, you should be willing to let go of the relationship if it isn’t what you desire.

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