How Do You Know You Love Someone? 19 Proven Signs


It might seem very easy to love someone but how do you know he or she truly loves you? We see most people do insane things for love while others tend to mistake lust and attraction to love. You see yourself smiling and laughing with someone you just met some minutes ago and you profess you love that person, after 2 or 3 weeks you tend to have doubts if actually, you are in love.

Amazing Signs You’re In Love

We have diligently outlined the major signs to know if you are actually in love. Here are the proven signs:

You are scared of losing them

When you are in love, you will be scared of losing him or her to another person as you know deep within you that they possess distinct character from others. If your fear of losing that person is centered on material things then you are not in love as you’re exhibiting lust. 

You love giving

When you see yourself always yearning to give than to receive, then you’re definitely in love. You discover you place someone’s needs before considering yours then true love has definitely come into play.

Also, when you are faced with only receiving from your partner than reciprocating likewise is a clear sign that you don’t love that person.

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You are not obsessed with physical appearance

Most people tend to focus on the facial appearance of an individual instead of their character which won’t give a clear picture that you truly love that person.

Being curious to know more deeply about a person character deduced that you are actually in love. Physical looks tend to diminish with time but a person kind attitude and behavior stays forever in his or her life.

Any relationship built on physical looks won’t stand the test of time and as such, it is better to lay emphasis on your partner character so as to enjoy the relationship when a storm arises.

Always being real

We tend to see that even if a relationship is enjoyable, the possibility of experiencing a little problem is inevitable so try being real with yourself. If the idea of being realistic is far away from your relationship then know that it might just be an infatuation or just love.

Love being realistic is far better than love being idealistic as you could really know if you truly cherish that person.

Try inculcating distance

Distance plays a major role in the relationship as to see if actually you love that person or you just miss their absence as they help relieve boredom. You hear most partners complain that ever since their partner relocated to a new place he or she hardly calls the other and the relationship isn’t booming as it were before. This is a clear sign that you are not being loved that distance is only there to strengthen the bond in your relationship not to mar it.

If your partner resides in an area which isn’t a stone throw and the relationship is still booming greatly then it might be a clear picture that you are being loved.

You love admiring your partner

You tend to see yourself always looking at your partner’s pictures every minute and you can’t get your eyes off them is one of those signs that you love that person.

Always wanting to listen to the way your partner talks which give you goosebumps and you wouldn’t mind to stay all night staring at your partner with makes you feel good. All these are ways to know you love someone immensely.


Always thinking about him or her

Irrespective of whether you are near or far away from your partner, you always want to be with him or her every day of your life. You can’t stop thinking about all the good times and sweet memories you had with your partner and you just wished he or she is there with you.

Seeing yourself being overwhelmed with good thoughts about your partner and whether he or she is in good condition is no doubt a true love.

Feeling of stress about the pressure of the relationship

You have different feelings running through your heart and head on why you’re being attracted to your partner that much and how you could manage those great feelings. All these are immense signs that you truly love that person.

Thoughts about what the future would look like being with your partner clouds your mind and how you will cope is also a clear sign you’re in love.

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You are never scared of trying new things

Love could make you never think about the outcome of your risk and you’re very happy taking more risks is a clear indication that you’re in love.

You might decide to embark on a trip you never wanted going, just because you don’t want to be out of reach of your partner and you want to always behold his or her face.  This is actually love driving you insane and it also makes you do amazing things too.

You are never in haste

If your partner promised to be with you in few years in a long-distance relationship and you are willing to wait for him or her to be back so as to enjoy those great moments together again then you are in love. True love isn’t rushing but entails patience and hard work to start enjoying its great results.

Also, seeing you guys trying to figure out ways to make the relationship continue glowing is convincing enough that you guys are truly in love.

You have actually taken your time

Although, it is easy to meet someone now and claim to love him or her, true love actually takes time to surface. Many fall victims of heartbreak quickly after being into a week or month into their new relationship as they didn’t take their time in knowing their partner very well.

You have taken your time in knowing more about your partner and you both continue slowly and finally, you could see yourself loving him or her more which actually depicts true love.

Finding true love isn’t that easy as you might think but with patience and being kind hearted you could find your missing rib in a blinking of an eye.

You acknowledge their flaws

No individual is 100 percent perfect, we all have our little flaws and weakness but we only need people who can acknowledge our flaws and still love you the way you are. Try to also see how you could help your imperfect partner to be perfect by showing him or her love immensely.

It is advisable to love your partner for what he or she is and not for what you want him or her to be will go a long way to be loved in return. Also, it might look awkward after seeing your partner bad traits but you tend to cherish him or her more is a clear picture you’re in love.

You never allow your emotions rule you

It is unhealthy to allow your emotions overwhelm you in doing irrational things towards your partner but try controlling your emotions so as to be able to make rational decisions.

Although, it is not easy to control your emotions; always remember to apply your head along with your heart before making any decision.

You are not too possessive

Love could be interesting when you allow your partner to be free and not being too possessive. It is normal to feel a little bit of jealousy and protectiveness but never allow it to be in excess as it might mar your partner’s feelings in loving you.

Learn to trust your partner as with that you guys will definitely enjoy each other very well.

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Always being committed

Most love without commitment is like pouring water into an empty basket as you earn up achieving no good result.

There will certainly be a time you feel you can’t continue with the relationship anymore but commitment makes you keep going stronger and happier. Such feelings are normal so don’t panic as it is not all the time things will glitter but showing strong commitment depicts you love that person and care for the relationship.

Having feelings like you are flying

Love could make you feel you are over the moon and you feel butterflies within. If you could find someone who makes you feel like that know that you’re absolutely over the moon.

You will certainly not allow such feelings to fade away immediately as you would like it to last every day of your life. 

Your partner happiness is your top priority

You see yourself always doing those things to make your partner happy or even if it’s not with you at least you’ve succeeded in making your partner derive happiness. This is a clear sign you’re in love and pay close attention to this sign.

Not allowing the feeling of pains to stop you

There is no way a relationship won’t experience one challenge or the other but you still stand tall just to make the relationship enjoyable irrespective of the pains you felt is a clear indication you are in love.

No pain is permanent but it’s just for the main time, so try to endure it as you’ll have the last laugh. If you know you’ve endured immensely but yet no improvement, never panic as he or she wasn’t meant for you.

You don’t feel turned off by their habits

You don’t easily get upset about the person’s habit be it his or her smells, speech, sights as you are thankful that you’ve seen someone that makes you feel happy always.

Love actually goes beyond all the gross stuff that is being embedded in humans. When you see all these then know that you’re actually in love.

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All humans want to be loved as it is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a person irrespective of your gender or age. It is worth knowing that love is built on commitment whereas infatuation is built on mere feelings.

Love is not meant to be only felt but to be exercised practically. Never feel dejected when you see other people loving and enjoying intimate moments as their love is actually worth the stress. If you actually do experience the above signs then you are good to go. You can drop your question here if you’re experiencing some challenges in your relationship as we will be very happy to counsel you and make you enjoy your relationship to the fullest.

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