Health Benefits Of Kissing To Your Body

health benefits of kissing

What Is Kissing?

The health benefits of kissing are irresistible and must be adhering by all romantic partners for a healthy relationship. Kissing is simply an act of touching someone with your lips as a sign of greeting or a sign of showing love/sexual attraction. The science of kissing is known as philematology.

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Types Of Kissing

Here are the several types of kissing:

Eskimo Kiss: Here partner noses touch each other moving front and backward. An Eskimo kiss is usually sexy.

Lingering Kiss: It involves more of kissing of the lips continuously for a prolonged time to show the deep affection towards your partner. Lingering kissing is suitable in a new and fresh relationship.

A Jaw Kiss: A jaw kiss is usually performed on the jaw of a partner and it makes both partners enjoy great romance through kissing.

French Kiss: This is an emotional and passionate form of kisses which deals with mostly with the use of tongues. It is always romantic and captivating to partners.

Earlobe Kiss: This is simply kissing your partner gently and slowly on her earlobe. Earlobe kissing is mainly for intimate romantic lovers.

Cheek Kiss: As the name implies, you only kiss your partner slowly on his cheek with your hands wrapped around him. This shows you actually love and admire each other body.

Single Lip Kiss: A couple might tend to suck the other partner lips and draw it closer to his completely. It is a form of passionate kissing that makes your partner believed you actually do love them.

Forehead Kiss: This type of kiss is usually performed gently on the forehead of the other partner. It is mostly a friendship kiss.

Butterfly Kiss: Couples tend to communicate with each other using their eyelashes as they are closely held together while kissing. It is an intimate type of kissing.

Lizard Kiss: Partners kiss with their tongues going in and out of their mouth rapidly. It is suitable for intense romantic couples.

Seductive Kiss: You can bite your partner lips with his or her mouth open. You do this slowly and gently to turn them on into the irresistible mood.

Big Tease Kiss: Big tease kiss is more like foreplay because you tend to kiss your partner at virtually all part of her body to show her that she is irresistible to you and you admire her sweet curves.

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Bite and Nibble Kiss: This type of kiss is performed on the facial features of your partner. It could be done on the cheek, neck, nose, and even the chin of your partner. Bite and Nibble kiss is an intimate form of kissing.

Air Kiss: Here, one kisses the other quickly on one or either sides of the cheek. This type of kissing is practiced by the French people of old and is not usually romantic in nature.

Angel Kiss: This involves kissing your partner on his or her eyelids to show how passionate and deeply in love you are with them.

Health Benefits Of Kissing To Your Body

The health benefits of kissing to your body is just more than the pleasure of lovemaking. Kissing is inevitable in a romantic relationship and it binds intimacy and makes a couple develop a strong passion for each other. Research in the US shows that women are more prone to kissing than men. The health benefits of kissing make an individual be physically and emotionally healthy. Most women tend to be turned on in the case of engaging in a romantic kiss with their partner, while a few populations find kissing not interesting.  Try to figure out if your partner loves kissing and sail in the same boat with her to make the relationship enjoyable.

Below are the health benefits of kissing to your body:

  • Burning Of Calories

This is one of the main health benefits of kissing and kissing passionately makes you burn 2-26 calories per minute. Why not indulge in a passionate kiss to make your body remove sweat and makes you feel whole. Note that kissing cannot help you to lose weight completely.

  • Reduction In The Risk Of Heart Diseases

When couples kiss, their cholesterol level is being improved thereby reducing your risk of contracting heart diseases and stroke effectively.

  • Lowers Stress And Increases Happy Hormone

This health benefits of kissing stimulate your brain thereby releasing hormones like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine that induces happiness/strong bonds in romantic partners. Why not inculcate passionate kissing into your relationship to boost your happiness.

  • Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety and stress are efficiently managed during kissing. The hormone oxytocin helps relax your mind and body very well.

  • Boosting The Human Immune System

When partners exchange kisses during love making their saliva tend to have the same microorganisms which boost the human system and prevent the chance of falling sick easily. Boosting the human immune system is one of the health benefits of kissing that makes us love kissing.

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  • To Know A Compatible Partner

You here most women say if he is not a good kisser then he should check next door. This is one of the health benefits of kissing that makes partner know if they are suitable with each other or not.

  • Strengthen Your Facial Muscles

This health benefits of kissing makes the muscles in your face and neck straightened when partners engage in romantic kissing. This also makes an individual have good glowing skin.  Kissing usually involves 2 to 34 facial muscles. This is a suitable workout to keep your face or neck in sweet shape.

  • Lower Allergic Reactions

Studies have shown that kissing helps prevent an area of your skin from being red and itchy. Also, lowering allergic reaction is one of the health benefits of kissing to your body. Allergic reactions from household dust mites and pollen tend to be reduced in the course of kissing.

  • To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Kissing tends to boost your self-confidence by reducing the level of cortisol in your body. If you want to stimulate your self-confidence why don’t you indulge in a passionate romantic kiss with your partner?

  • Increases Sexual Urge

This is one of the main health benefits of kissing in virtually all relationships.  When couples indulge in kissing, their sexual urge tends to be increased and this makes sex enjoyable. Your saliva tends to contain a sex hormone known as testosterone that boosts sexual drive immensely. More testosterone is released as partners indulge in a longer and more passionate kiss.

  • Relieve A Headache

Kissing help averts a headache by reducing stress which is a known headache trigger. A headache is being relieved when the widening of the blood vessels help lowers the blood pressure.

health benefits of kissing relieve a headache
  • Prevents Tooth Decay

Prevention of tooth decay and dental caries is also the health benefits of kissing to your body. Kissing helps induce the production of saliva adequately so as moistening your mouth and prevent leftover food debris from attaching firmly to your teeth.  

  • Reduces Cramps

These health benefits of kissing are an antidote in relieving menstrual cramps in ladies that also soothe their mood and makes them happy. All these are possible when the blood vessel is widened and it increases the rate of flow of blood in the body.

  • Lowering Of Blood Pressure

Kissing tends to lower your blood pressure when your blood vessels become larger and this makes the blood flow rapidly to all part of the body. Can you now see we need kissing to avert several heart diseases?

  • Strengthen Bonds In Partners

These particular health benefits of kissing are the main backbone behind any successful romantic relationships. Kissing makes partners emotionally attracted to each other. Partners bond tends to be strengthened more as they indulge in a prolonged and increased passionate kissing.


Kissing definitely moist a romantic relationship and couples tend to feel happy in their compatibility. Try to practice some of these types of kissing and enjoy the health benefits of kissing greatly. You can decide to express you are sorry to your partner through kissing making it look very romantic and healthy. Expressing the way you feel for your partner could still be done through kissing when you are short of words.

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  1. Most folks consider kissing as an act of affection and keenness between companions. They are proper, however kissing, if you get to the fundamentals is an act of rubbing faces in opposition to one another and exchanging saliva. And this has many health benefits. Kisses serve many functions other than essentially the most obvious one of how it makes you feel. It reveals who you might be, the way you see your self, who you need your associate to be; it may possibly heal you, boost your immunity, hold your enamel wholesome; and it may possibly even enable you to burn (a couple of) further energy.

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