Health Benefits Of Garden Egg Leaf: 12 Best Proven Benefits

health benefits of garden egg

Importance of this plant to the body

Health benefits of garden egg leaves are the nutritional and health importance of this vegetable to the body. Garden egg leaves are known to contain important nutrients like calcium, minerals, potassium, and vitamins B, C in a good quantity which plays a significant role in improving human health.

It is advisable to consume garden egg leaf raw or be added to your diets as it helps lower your risk of developing health-related conditions. They are known as curative as well as a nutritious diet because of its nutritional contents that act as medication to some ailment and substitutes for medical supplements. Health benefits of garden egg leaves are unlimited as they help pump blood naturally when eaten raw.

A laboratory analysis deduced that the phenolic compounds found in eggplant has anthocyanins, a type of chlorogenic acid, and flavonoid, a strong free-radical scavenger, it goes to say that garden eggplant is among the healthiest of plants on earth.

What is the origin of garden egg leaf?

This fruit or vegetable is common in Africa and it is found in great quantity especially in Nigeria, West Africa. Garden egg leaf is known as Ganyen Gauta amongst the Hausa people, Akwukwo Anyara by the Igbo people, and Mkpuru Anyara or Efo Igbo by the Yoruba people in Nigeria. Its leaves are specific to the bitter eggplant. Garden egg leaf is usually greenish in color, small roundish nature, and has a bitter-sweet taste.

health benefits of garden egg

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Health benefits of garden egg leaf

Here are the amazing health benefits you can enjoy from consuming garden egg leaf:

Aids good vision

When you consume the cream-color flesh of garden egg, you discover it tastes bitter because it contains small amounts of nicotinoid alkaloids. The spongy consistency of garden egg leaf helps improve good vision and prevent the development of glaucoma.

Improves the proper functioning of the kidney

Consuming enough garden egg in the raw form helps prevent dialysis by complete cleansing of the kidney naturally. Its leaves help detoxifies harmful substances from the kidney and is more effective when eaten raw or changed into juice by boiling for a few seconds and then filtering the juice into a container. You can take the juice thrice daily or more for effective result.

Garden egg leaf contains potassium which helps the proper functioning of the kidney in filtering blood effectively. It is one of those health benefits of garden egg that are not widely known.

Boost fertility

Mainly amongst African cultures, garden egg/leaf is used in the treatment of infertility and libido problems. They also believe that it helps improve sexual health for both men and women. But this fact isn’t scientifically proven.

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Improves weight loss

Garden egg leaves help lower the level of cholesterol in the blood because it contains some micronutrients. It improves weight loss in a situation where the level of cholesterol in the body is minimal. Why struggle with weight loss when you have garden egg leaf at your disposal for consumption?

Boost skin health

Consuming garden egg leaf helps improve your skin health by making it look fresh and toned. It also prevents the skin from developing wrinkles and rapid aging.  

 Helps regulate heart beat

Garden egg contains potassium which has an essential salt that aids the regulation of blood pressure and stabilization of heart condition. This is why it is highly recommended for heart health. When you have too much potassium known as hyperkalemia or low potassium called hypokalemia can alter your heart rhythm which is very harmful to health.

Improves digestion

This is another health benefits of garden egg leaf as the presence of fiber in it helps boost digestive processes in the body. Fiber also aids easy bowel movements from the body since they don’t get digested in the body/slow down digestion. Constipation reduction is one of those health benefits of garden egg leaf that can’t be left out, so try consuming it to achieve this result.  

Treatment of ulcer

Consuming enough garden egg can help alleviate ulcer which is caused by the inflammation of the stomach linings which causes soreness. Eating foods high in acidic content can worsen ulcer condition.

Suitable for pregnant women

It is one of those health benefits of garden egg leaf as it contains important minerals and vitamins which improve the health condition of a pregnant woman. When a pregnant woman consumes garden egg leaf, it helps provide good development, healthy weight, and prevention of any birth defects for the fetus.

Knowing that babies usually consumes most of the nutrients this makes the pregnant woman deficient in individual components. But consuming this plant can help boost important nutrients in the body of the woman.

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Helps prevent cancer

Garden egg leaves have an anti-inflammatory property that helps in the reduction of swellings and prevents the development of cancer. The presence of phytochemicals in garden egg leaf helps fight free radicals that may cause inflammation resulting in cancerous diseases.

Also, studies have deduced that polyphenols present in eggplant have anti-cancer effects. Cells could be protected from damage caused by free radicals because the garden egg contains chlorogenic acid and anthocyanins. It also helps prevent the growth of the tumor and the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body.

Also, the anticancer action of anthocyanins was found to include preventing new blood vessels from developing in the tumor, reducing inflammation rate, and inhibiting the enzymes that may aid the spread of cancer cells to all other parts of the body.

Used as a blood tonic

This is also another great health benefits of garden egg leaf as consuming this vegetable helps Increase the blood levels especially amongst anemic patients. Its health benefits could be achieved by simply getting fresh leaves from the garden, wash it in clean cold water, slice and consume it raw. It can also be prepared with fermented oil bean seeds called Ukpaka, salt, crayfish, and oil to serve as a side dish or squeezed to get the juice.

Either you consume the garden egg leaf as raw or as a juice as both perform the same function.

Reducing the level of sugar in the body

This is one of those health benefits of garden egg leaf as its increase in magnesium and fiber helps lower your sugar levels in the blood. Garden egg leaf is also suitable for diabetic patients because they are low in carbohydrate.

It is known that foods rich in fiber help slow digestion processes, stabilize blood sugar levels, and doing away with the fear of a spike in pressure. Do you really want to reduce your sugar level? For optimal result, consume garden egg in its raw form or take it as juice.

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What are the side effects of consuming garden egg leaf?

Consumption of this plant causes no recognizable side effect except for a person who may be allergic to it.

What are the uses of garden egg leaves?

Garden egg leaves could be used as culinary or for medicinal purposes. It can be used in preparing different foods like vegetable yam/stew, garden egg leaf soup, and sauce. In terms of medicinal aspects, garden egg leaves are used traditionally in the treatment of infertility, indigestion, and anemia.

How to prepare garden egg leaf juice

The following are the methods involved in preparing a tasty garden egg leaf juice:

  • Collect your garden egg leaves from the garden and wash thoroughly to remove sand and dirt.
  • Cut the garden egg into tiny pieces or slices so as to be able to squeeze the juice easily.
  • You can also decide to pound the sliced garden egg leaves and finally squeeze carefully to extract the juice.
  • Your garden egg juice is ready to be served and you can drink it thrice daily for optimal result.

Now that you’ve known the amazing health benefits of garden egg leaves to your entire body, it is also highly recommended for pregnant women as it has lots of health benefits to the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. Your contributions are highly welcomed to add to the above health benefits of garden egg leaf we have not written down.

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