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Expat Guide For Living in Italy: Examine the Italy Culture, and Healthcare in Italy

Whether you’re already living in Italy or preparing to move to Italy, our Expat Guide to Living in Italy offers articles and reports submitted by ex-pats about ex-pat life in Italy. For answers to specific questions, visit our Italy Forum to talk with ex-pats in Italy.


If you’re moving to Rome, our Guide to Living in Rome provides answers to the questions most often asked by newcomers. Is living in Rome expensive? Which are the best International Schools in Rome? What if my apartment is a little smaller than the size required for obtaining a Residency Card? Where do ex-pats live in Rome? The list goes on.

Puglia, Italy

Why is Puglia described as the new Tuscany? People are drawn to Puglia’s low cost of living, amazing climate, beautiful beaches hidden away in caves, and, most importantly, the wonderful Pugliese people. If Puglia is on your shortlist, this overview of life in Puglia, Italy is an essential read.

10 Best Places to Live in Puglia

Puglia or Apulia is sometimes referred to as the new Tuscany. With its low cost of living, friendly Pugliese people, beautiful beaches, and villages of whitewashed homes, Puglia is a hidden gem among ex-pats. If you’re thinking about moving to Puglia, our list of the 10 best places to live in Puglia is based upon ex-pat advice and recommendations.

Healthcare in Italy

An overview of the healthcare system in Italy – public and private hospitals, Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), getting your Tessera Sanitaria (healthcare card), vaccinations for Italy, prescription medication availability, and more.

Expat Health Insurance and Healthcare in Arezzo

Moving to Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy
Imagine traveling in Italy, seeing a poster for a concert in a lake, attending the concert, and finding a beautiful town, like Passignano Sul Trasimeno. Dreams do come true!

Moving to Florence, Italy

An ex-pat shares tips for moving to Florence. She wishes she hadn’t brought so many heavy suitcases, because clothing and shoes are less expensive there. The cost of living in Florence is much higher than in her home town.

Culture Shock in Perugia, Italy

An ex-pat talks about living in Perugia, Italy where locals aren’t glued to their cell phones and family values are important. He also talks about the challenges of learning the language, obtaining a driver’s license, and more.

Culture Shock in Florence, Italy

An experienced ex-pat provides amazing insight into life in Florence, and how unpredictable the settling in process can be – even for someone who has lived all over the world! From the beautiful countryside to struggling with the health care system, I read about the experience of moving to Florence, Italy.

Living in Minturno, Italy

An ex-pat who retired in Minturno, Italy says the people there are the most welcoming, friendly, and accepting group she has ever met. She appreciates the low cost of living, beautiful weather, history, and culture of Minturno.

Living in Bologna, Italy

Many people come to study in Bologna, Italy, and end up staying and living in Bologna. People in Bologna are typically well educated and career-oriented. They are generally accepting of people from other cultures and religions, but may not interact with them.

Retirement in Minturno, Italy

An ex-pat who retired in Minturno, Italy talks about health insurance, the cost of living in Italy, residence permits, and much more.