90 Sweet Good Night Text Messages For Him And Her

good night

Good Night Texts For Lovers

Sweet good night text messages are special text messages sent to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and to your loved ones mainly at night to show them how special they are to you. This special text messages show how you are feeling towards them and you tend to dream about them while you fall asleep.

Here is a sweet night text message for your lover that will make them feel loved and happy that you think about them before going to bed.

Sweet Good Night Text Messages For Girlfriend/Wife

Why not send your girlfriend or wife these sweet good night text messages to make her feel secure and loved by so doing will make you both enjoy a longlasting relationship.

good night

The sweet fragrance of your perfume makes me lie quietly on my bed thinking of my pretty jewel. Have a lovely night sleep and sweet dreams.

Words can explain how much I need you so badly tonight as you are my comforter and the captain of my sweet dreams. Good night, my lady.

I am always happy being with you as I miss your night plays as you keep jumping on my body and throwing the pillows at me. Have a blissful night my baby. 

My heart tends to beat faster at night because I need you by my side to make my night complete. Good night my love.

I would love you to be the only star that will shine on me tonight so I can sleep like a newborn baby. Have a blissful night my joy.

Thoughts of you enveloped my mind and I miss the smell of your body scent. Good night my world.

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I just want to be awake all day and watch you sleep on my chest as you are my heartbeat unending. Sweet dreams my pretty jewel.

As you have gone to bed, may the moon make you feel the warmth and the glittering stars make your dreams come true? Sweet dreams my sugar.

I can see a million stars in the sky, but the only star I would love to feel and touch is you. Have a lovely night rest my love.

All the times I do go to bed, I always visualize you in my dream singing and dancing for me that’s why I can’t wait for the night to come so I can see you in my dream. Sweet dreams baby and have a lovely good night.

I don’t mind to sail across oceans just to come and behold your face before you go to bed and whisper to your ears, sweet dreams my treasure.

If I’m being asked to forfeit all my riches just to be with you tonight, I will gladly do so because you’re a rare gem. Have a lovely sweet dream my amity.

My night can’t be complete without me hearing your sweet voice and saying good night my queen.

I am sending you this message to remind you that you’ll always be my miss universe and I am proud of you my heartbeat. Have a blissful rest.

Every night my heart beats very fast as you are not here sleeping by my side. I need you my jewel by my side to restore the rhythm of my heart. Sweet dreams my joy.

I can’t wait for the night to come because you are my solace divine after a hectic day. Good night my pearl.

After being diagnosed with insomnia, the doctor deduced that you are the only cure for my sleepless night. Please, I need you tonight, my only healer.

Funny Good Night Text Messages For Girlfriend/Wife

Here is amazing funny night text you can send to your girlfriend or wife and make her love you to the moon unending:

It will be of no importance for me to wish you good night as am not there with you tonight, so take your shower and enjoy sweet dreams.

Even if you won’t be able to read my text message at least a message each night shows I miss you. Sweet dreams my pride.

The color of your nightgown makes me remember the color of your teddy bear and I would love to behold them every day before going to bed. Good night my strawberry.

Your sweet curves and distinct moves keep coming back afresh into my brain that’s why I do want you to sleep near me each night. Thank you for always been there for me and have a lovely sleep.

The most beautiful person in this universe is sleeping and all the angels are taking watch over this jewel. Sweet dreams my jewel.

Never panic tonight as am here to protect you. Sweet kisses and goodnight my world.

The prettiest girl on this planet is lying on the bed and going through this message, I hope it makes you have a remarkable sleep.

Every night you look more beautiful that’s why a night without you is like a luxurious car with a faulty engine. Wish you sweet dreams, goodnight.

Although most humans can stay for 7 days without drinking water and 3 days without sleeping, I can’t go to bed without me sending you this sweet goodnight text message to show you I love you. Sweet dreams my baby.

I’m sending you sweet kisses and a warm hug to make you sleep happily along with this cute message. Have a lovely night my glittering rose.

Though I’m not Spartacus, I will be there to always protect you and watch you sleep peacefully. Sweet dreams, my lady.

As you journey, today in the realm of your dreams may it be interesting and pleasant to you. Sweet dreams honey.

I always go through your lovely cute messages until the morning; I can’t wait for the night to come so I can receive another sweet SMS from you. I love you my diamond.

Why can’t I create a paradise here on earth with you to fulfill all your dreams? I give you all my life. Have a joyous night, my honey.    

Romantic Goodnight Text Messages For Your Girlfriend/Wife

Sending your girlfriend or wife a sweet and romantic good night messages makes her melt like candle wax and wish you were here with her to make her night juicy and icy. Also, the night is the time where you can connect emotionally with your girlfriend or wife smoothly especially if your second half is not living close by.

Why not show your girlfriend or pretty wife that you are always romantic by expressing how you feel towards her by sending this cute romantic night messages to reassure her that you cherish her and will never stop loving her?

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Doing just this alone helps strengthen your relationships and marriages immensely as your bonds grow stronger exponentially. Here is a sweet romantic good night message to send to your woman:

Millions of stars might separate us, but we will always be together in our dreams with each other. Sweet dreams my lady.

I am coming right away to kiss your forehead and bid you sweet dreams darling as you are sleeping. I love you my chocolate.

My jewel, the night is a magical moment, when all secret desires come to reality. Tell me anything you desire tonight as am at your service. Sweet dreams baby.

Do you know why I hate the night that much? It always takes you away from me and I can’t wait for the morning to come so I can behold those pretty faces. Have a good night rest, my love.

If you are the giver of life, I won’t mind being your servant all the rest of my life so I can always behold those adorable faces. Sweet dreams, I miss you.

I long for the sweet taste of those moist lips as it quenches my thirst and makes me insanely in love with you this night. Sweet dreams, my diva.

Everything in my world stops as you go to bed and I feel goosebumps on waking up to see the goddess by my side in the morning. I love you my world.

As this cool night breeze is blowing through my hair, I tend to remember your cool kisses/intense touches and I wish you are here with me. I miss you tonight baby.

I pray that the angels guide you who I know they’re doing and may you feel the warmth of my unending love towards you. I miss you tonight my jewel.

Each night I go to bed, my heart keeps whispering your name, I think am drunken in love with you baby. Have a good night rest.

I am sending you something big, warm, and fuzzy tonight which won’t make you feel dizzy. Guess what! A romantic hug for my chocolate. 

Do you know how I’m feeling right now? I just feel like being in your warm arms and have you play with my long hair until I fall asleep. Sweet dreams my love.

I have been overstressed all day and flipping through this our pictures together reminds me of your cute smiles and the smell of your perfume. I would love to be with you tonight. Good night my hero.

Never forget to say your prayers before going to bed as only God is the reason why we live to see each other daily. Have a lovely night my other half.

I am a happy and a fulfilled man because I have finally gotten someone my heart yearns for all night. I miss you tonight my baby.

You know we can’t cheat nature, why can’t we go to bed to calm our brain and prepare for a bright new day. Sweet dreams my pearl.

Sweet Good Night Text Messages For Your Boyfriend/Husband

Do you know sending your boyfriend or husband a sweet goodnight text message will make him go awe and love you more than before? Why not show him that he is your entire world by sending him any of the following cute night messages to lubricate and strengthens your relationship immensely? Here are the amazing sweet night texts for him:

good night

May the blanket of this calm night wrap you in a million sweet dreams, now and forever. Have a blissful night my hero.

You are my shining light at night and I’m always happy for the night to come so I can feel your immense light to illuminate my dreams smoothly.

Your handsomeness glitters most at night as I can just stop thinking of you each night to behold your face before going to bed. Sweet dreams my baby.     

You are a replica of the bright stars as I like the night because, without it, I can’t visualize my one and only astonishing star. Have a sweet night rest hubby.

Dreams look like stars, you can never touch them but if you follow them diligently, it will lead you to your amazing destiny. Wishing you a night filled with lovely dreams, my man. 

Tonight, I wish you blissful sweet dreams and refreshing night in your body, spirit, and soul as rest is sweat after work. Have a blissful sleep my jewel.

How I wished I could be the moon so I can give up everything to watch you sleep. I wish you sweet dreams baby.

I know I’m the biggest nuisance in your life since you can’t sleep without me by your side. Soon we will never be apart, sweet dreams.

Do you know what I’m thinking right now? I just feel like having an ice bath with you and feel your warmth touch around my body.

Can you locate the brightest star in the sky? If yes, then my love for you shines brighter. I miss you baby and enjoy good dreams.

When you go to bed, never feel worried as my love will provide you with sweet memories to make you sleep safe and sound. I love you handsome.

The prettiest lady in the universe wishes her joy a blissful night rest. I can’t stop loving you, my joy.

I would prefer to say goodnight to my baby than goodbye to assure him that I’m always there for him even though we’re apart. I miss you tonight.

You are my world, the one that makes me experience no pains, the first and last thought in my world. I am proud of you my hero, do have a lovely sleep.

I’m sending this cute text message to my lollipop to make him have a sound and peaceful sleep. Sleep tight hubby.

Wishing you a peaceful night and fantastic dreams to crown your sleep. Have a good night rest, my jewel.

Do you know why I love pillows so much? It is because they are the sweetest things the world can ever have as you relax on it when you are tired as when you are angry you punch it, you tend to drop tears on it when you are sorrowful, and you hug it when you’re excited.

Why not reach for those cute pillows and lay your head to enjoy a lovely sleep, my mentor?

Hey baby! Why not stop chatting on your facebook and meme so we can have a great night together in our dreams. I miss you my desire.

Why not go to bed as having a good night rest is the best bridge between despair and hope? Sweet dreams my diamond.

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Good night my world best and May tomorrow bring you much love and happiness unending.

I come with nothing and go with something as I was able to achieve watching you sleep tight and protect you. Can I come again tonight baby?

Receiving this cute text message from you makes me believe that my night will be greased with good dreams and sweet memories of us. I miss you tonight, my love.

Cute Romantic Good Night Messages For Your Boyfriend/Husband 

Do you know sending your hubby a romantic sweet message can make him feel over the moon and makes him have a relaxing and comforting night? The following are the best romantic good night messages you can always send to your boyfriend or husband:

good night

You are my light at night and I would love to give you a flight to my dream world where you can sleep peacefully. Sweet dreams, my jewel.

I tend to think about you each morning, the conclusion to my day, and I can’t stop visualizing you in all that I do. You are my all; please do have a lovely rest.

The moon has colored your sweet dreams, stars to brighten your dreams, and my romantic SMS to illuminate/interpret your dreams. Have a lovely sleep, baby.

Baby, whenever you experience a sweet dream inside your heart, never forget it because dreams are the minute seeds from which a blissful tomorrow emanates. I miss you tonight, my love.

Its night and others are sleeping but I can’t sleep as I can’t stop thinking about those great moments we had together. How I wished you are here with me. Sweet dreams my pride.

I don’t care if the sky is blue or black and if there is star or moon but as long as my heart yearns for you, I will always love you to the moon with this cute SMS of mine. Have a lovely rest, my dear.

Each time I tend to dream about you makes my night worthwhile, thinking of you makes me happy, having you is the best thing ever, and loving you gives me goosebumps forever. Have a blissful sleep, my amity.

Sending you this SMS late this time of the night doesn’t mean that I’m interrupting your sleep. It’s a clear sign that I can’t sleep tonight as I so much miss you by my side. Sweet dreams my sugar.

My night can never be sweet, beautiful, and complete without me wishing my baby a blissful night. Sweet dreams my king. 

I’m sending you my bed to keep you warm and my SMS to make you have a fulfilled night rich with sweet dreams.

Please, baby, take it lightly, don’t miss me much but slightly while having great fun before going to bed. Sweet dreams, my angel.

Open the door of your heart as I’m sending you my pillow, bed, and blanket to keep you warm as I’ll be there in a jiffy. I’m missing you my jewel.

You may think that I don’t value you; I’ve forgotten you because I no longer call like before. Just want to let you know you’re always in my heart and there will you be forever. Sweet dreams, my amity. 

May your crispy night be seasoned with spicy love, ice with a vanilla flavor, and may all your dreams look yummy. Sweet dreams, my king.

I might be far away from you but you’re always close to my heart. May Almighty God grant you all your heart desires and keep you safe and sound till we get to meet again. I love you my strawberry.

Although the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, my love for you will never grow cold as you’re my hero forever and always. Do have a lovely sleep tonight.

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Music can change the world but no one can ever turn my heart away from you. Go to bed my prince and dream about me.

As long as night never stops coming, my love for you will never end. Have a blissful night.

Here is the full meaning of “SLEEP”

S-Say thank you to God

L-Lie on your bed

E-Eyes closed pokily

E-End the day and

P-Plan for the next day diligently

Have a lovely night my joy.

You are the reason why I have a sleepless night. Please, can you be my doctor just for tonight?


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