62 Romantic Valentine SMS For Lovers

Valentine SMS

Valentine SMS

Valentine SMS is simply an SMS you send to someone you extremely love on Valentine’s Day. Also, Valentine SMS tend to express the deepest way your heart yearns for the one you love. Consequently, Valentine SMS is not only restricted to boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife but your loved ones are included to benefit from this special SMS on this unique lovers day. Valentine SMS works best where you lack words to express to your lover on phone. Also, Valentine SMS is the most silent and romantic SMS you can send to your lover since that day is basically designed for lovers only.

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Valentine SMS For Your Girlfriend

Sending your girlfriend these cute valentine SMS makes her feel loved and might want to spend the rest of her life with just you.

You are my bright and morning star, I need you to lighten up my path now and forever. Happy Valentine’s Day, my Jewel.

Most at times, we make love with our eyes, ears, lips, hands, hearts but today I want to make sweet love with you till the morning light, happy valentine’s day my sugar.

Today is Valentine’s Day; I want to make you my valentine forever and always. I love you my pearl.

You are my jewel; I will make the whole world stand at ovation for you this Valentine’s Day because you are my unending love. Happy Valentine’s Day baby!

They say love is blind but on meeting you my eyes open and I discover you are the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld with my eyes. Thank you for being my special valentine honey.

I am on a flight now going back to Los Angelos from Paris. I couldn’t help but bring out my phone to send you a sweet Valentine SMS; how I wished am there because you always find a way of creeping into my heart and it makes me madly in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day my pretty rose. 

I would love to hold you close in my arms, feel your warm embrace because it’s the safest place I would love to stay for the rest of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day my amity.

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My angel, I love the way you talk, I love the way you walk, I love the way you care for me, I love your juicy curves, and above all, I love you just the way you are. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

On this special Valentine’s Day, may almighty God protect you and grant you your heart desire, Amen. I love you my strawberry. Happy Valentine’s Day.

My heart yearns for you each day but my baby never you leave me because I was lucky to have you in my life last year on this special valentine day. Happy Valentine’s Day my precious gem.

God binds us together, your love keeps me breathing and I pray your love for me should never wax cool. I love you my heartbeat. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Do you really want to know how much I really love you on this special Valentine’s Day? I would not mind to let go anything just to be with you my joy. Happy Valentine’s Day my joy.

I can live365 days a year but a second without you is like a bird without wings trying to fly. You are my life unending. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You were that special gift sent to me on this special day to wipe away my tears of loneliness. I love you my soul mate. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie.

I woke up to see this bright and beautiful day and I wished each day is a valentine’s day. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

The taste of your lips is as sweet as the pure honey and I would love to grow old with those pink lips. Happy Valentine’s Day my pride.

Valentine SMS For Your Boyfriend

Below is the valentine SMS for your boyfriend, check this out:

Everything in this world would be meaningless without you in my life, thank you for being my king. Happy Valentine’s Day.

My handsome angel, we were destined to be together that’s why I would like to spend this romantic day with you and you alone. Happy Valentine’s Day my Boo.

I promise to be a good gentleman not only on this special day but forever, treat you like a queen and buy my baby anything she wants. Today’s Valentine’s Day is just meant for us, let’s have fun.

Baby, one thing I’ll appreciate you do for me now since am not there with you is to take very good care of yourself for me. I promise to take care of my own self. I love and miss you honey, happy Valentine’s Day.  

Although, the sun might rise in the east and sets in the west my love for you will continually flow like the ocean. I love you sweetie pie. Have a blissful Valentine’s Day celebration.

I love the way you thrust me from behind and I can’t wait to have you inside me on this special day. Please hurry up my baby so we can kick-start our valentine and enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Valentine’s Day my naughty love.

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My heart knows just three things, your sweet love, you and our evergreen love. Thank you for being my heartbeat and have a cozy Valentine’s Day.

If you are asking what I cherished most, it’s you

If you are asking if I would leave you, never will I try that

If you are asking if I really need you, yes I need you for a lifetime

If you are asking if I truly love you, yes I do and will always do.

Happy Valentine’s Day my treasure.

My hubby, you have been a loving, caring, and my complete happiness; I celebrate you on this special Valentine’s Day. I promise to always love you with all my heart and soul.

Although, love entails missing someone so dare to your heart you are always remembered inside my heart. I love you my cupcake and enjoy a glamouring valentine’s Day.

Hey baby, you are all right! Guess; lying on my bed thinking should I send you a valentine SMS or not? I don’t even know where to start from. Just know that I love you on this special Valentine’s Day and I doubt if anyone can beat that.

Your love is very nourishing and fragile that’s why I can never toil nor soil with your love. Thank you for showing me loves in a sweet perspective. Happy Valentine’s Day my chocolate.

My baby I love you, you are the sweetest, the coolest, the freshest, the best, and whatever -est that is good, those are your special qualities I can’t allow to slip off from my hands. Happy Valentine’s Day my man. 

Our love knows neither night nor day

Our love knows neither hot nor cold

Our love knows neither rainy nor dry seasons

But our love knows just you and me

you will always remain my valentine today and always.

They say to love is one thing, to be loved is another, but to be loved by you is the greatest gift that I have ever gotten. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day my pride.

We are just freaky little boys falling in love with freaky little girls. Happy Valentine’s Day my boo.

Valentine SMS For Your Husband

Looking for the right combination of words to send as valentine SMS for your husband is not that easy but we have compiled a sweet and romantic Valentine SMS to grease your union forever. Here is unique valentine SMS for your loving husband:

Yes, nobody is perfect, we all have our bad sides but you came and built me to your taste. Thank you for molding me to perfection. Happy Valentine’s Day my role model.

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To the handsome man who made my life brand new, give me complete and good love. Happy Valentine’s Day my treasure.

Each day I woke up by your side and perceived your sweet body scent, I feel completely happy that I made the right choice for accepting to be called your wife. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

I tend to be scared that you would be like others when I first met you, but now am the happiest person on earth. Why not I celebrate my lovely husband this Valentine’s Day?

Today is February 14th, 2019 and I am happy to celebrate this unique day with my unique icon. Happy Valentine’s Day my mentor.

I do think I was living a complete life not until I found you and you showed me all that I was missing without a handsome loving husband to live a completely happy life. I will always love you not just on Valentine’s Day only.

When I remember the tough times and path you went through because of me, I tend to be happy that we have completely been one forever. Happy Valentine’s Day my desire.

I am not asking for gold or a brand new Lamborghini, I have you which is the sweetest love ever and I just want to spend this night playing with your hairy chest. Please am I welcomed on this special Valentine’s Day?

Can you reach for the sun? The day you reach for the sun that is when you’ll know how your hot love makes me unable to leave you. Happy Valentine’s Day my boo.  

I would still choose you even if I have to live another life again because your love is the most precious thing no one can afford to throw away. Happy Valentine’s Day my companion.

Whenever I think about this special valentine’s day, I knew you were specifically given to me by God to make me happy for eternity. I love you my soul mate.

The smallest word is “I”, the sweetest word to hear is “Love” and the most amiable person on this earth is “You”. I love you my unending joy and do enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine SMS For Your Wife

Here is the valentine SMS for your wife:

Your beauty is sparkling, your character is as white as snow, you are a goddess in your red gown but your sweet love is blue. I love you my amity, wishing you a delightful Valentine’s Day. 

Loving you has been mysterious because I tend to marvel at your sweet curves and smooth body and I tend to think you are not of this world. Baby, please take me to your hidden valentine’s world. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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I have never fallen sick after the first time I kissed those soft and sweet lips. I think I now have my doctor for life. Happy Valentine’s Day my pretty wife.

Many thought we are not gonna end up together but you proved them all wrong and accepted to be mine till death do us apart. Thank you, my superwoman, and have a lovely valentine’s day.

My sweet tomatoes, what is Valentine? Valentine is love. What is love? Love is lovemaking. What is lovemaking? Come tonight on this special valentine’s day so I can show you what lovemaking is. Can’t wait to see you!

Can you recall on this same February 14th last year you said yes I do to me on the altar? Deep within me, I knew that was the beginning of remarkable things in my life and I quickly kissed those moist lips to seal our vows. Happy Valentine’s Day my love.

Honey, I know you are far away from me but never forget that I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You are my better half, we are partners forever and I will never stop loving you my heart desire. Happy Valentine’s Day my cute baby.

Do you know why I need you this valentine’s day? Your touch is magical, your hands perform wonders, you make me moan your name slowly and I would want you to be my valentine today.

How I wished every day is Valentine’s Day because am missing you badly here. I love you my peppermint.

When I look at a sweet, beautiful rose flower, and I then looked at you, and I can’t just stop looking at you because not even a rose flower could be compared to your exceptional beauty. Happy Valentine’s Day my diamond.

You are the sweetest thing that I have ever tasted, you are the most beautiful thing I have ever beheld, and you are the best thing that has ever occurred in my life. I love you my pretty damsel and do have a spicy Valentine’s Day.

Your love is faster than the speed of light, taller than the Mount Everest, brighter than the morning star, and purer than refined gold. That is why I will love you even with my very last breath in this world and do enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Love you!

It’s really hard for me to stop thinking about you; thinking about me is left for you to decide, never have you stopped thinking about me because am in love with you immensely.  Happy Valentine’s Day my sugar.

Baby, please don’t sing for me on the phone, don’t credit my account this time around, don’t send me flowers or chocolate, I just want to be with you this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine SMS for Your Loved Ones

When you finally get the right combination of Valentine SMS to send to your loved ones, it makes them feel butterfly and cherished by you.  Why not send these valentine SMS to them to show them that they are always being placed in your heart?

As you have seen this beautiful Valentine’s Day, may your day be flowing like honey and may you never experience any sorrows. I love you, my baby.

I always like dancing to the tune of your sweet voice because it makes me feel at home and I never want to leave your presence. Happy Valentine’s Day my angel.

You are always there to wipe away my tears, show me love, and care for me unimaginably. I love you my dear friend and I wish you happy Valentine’s Day.

Your relationship is so strong that even when I try parting ways with you, the more I realized your love is untouchable and undiluted. Happy Valentine’s Day my dear.

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I loved my mother, I loved my father, but the love I had for you is completely beyond my control and I think I have gone insane. Thank you for being my helper and do enjoy a stress-free Valentine’s Day.

You support me physically, you support me spiritually, you support me mentally, you support me financially and this is why my heart knows only you. Thank you for being there for me my sugar banana. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I would love to live in your charming eyes, die in your solace heart, and buried in your everlasting love. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend.

May your day be filled with beautiful loved moments this Valentine’s Day and I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day my sweet friend.

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