45 Sweet Love and Romantic SMS for Lovers

Love And Romantic SMS

You know being in love is intriguing but finding the right combination of words to send as SMS to your loved ones, boyfriends, girlfriends and couples make them feel the warmth and happiness that you really care and love them. Below are some of the love messages to make your lover feel special and also spice up your relationship.


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Sweet Love and Romantic SMS

  1. You are my joy unending because whenever I feel sad, you reach for the skies just to make me happy.
  2. When the light goes out, I cry to reach you, but you are always there to shine the light at the end of the tunnel to make me smile and be happy for life. Thank you for being my Amity.
  3. You brighten my world with your incessant smile and beauty, every time am with you, I feel totally complete and thoughts of you envelopes my heart. I will always love you my Jewel.
  4. Baby, you look spicy in your icy lingerie’s, please put them on every night and day for me to behold those immense figure 8. Thank you for being my role model.
  5. Things have never been the same again since you left me; I can hardly breathe at ease. Please, my pearl; come back into my life to make me whole again.
  6. I would love to lay my head on your hairy chest because it gives me goosebumps anytime my body touches it and I feel butterflies within.
  7. Thoughts of you cloud my mind, whenever I stare at the clock as it tics, I just wished you were here so we can stick together and have the entire time for ourselves, forever and always.
  8. I just can’t stop loving you, because the second being with you is once in a lifetime opportunity that I can never afford to lose a precious gem like you. Baby, you are actually a rare gem.
  9. Even if we have no roof over our heads to living, I would prefer to be drenched in the rain, because your warm embrace around my body makes me feel am swimming in the ocean of love.
  10. Any time you touch me, I feel an electric current that flows through all my nerves making all the hairs on my skin stand erect. I love you, my pretty queen.
  11. Holding you in my arms reminds me of Tony Braxton Spanish guitar, your kiss reminds me of the taste of strawberry and your voice on the phone makes my heart melts like a candy wax.
  12. Though distance exists between us, in my heart you are closer than we seem and my heart yearns for you now and always.


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Sweet Romantic SMS for Girlfriend

  1. Your love is inestimable, immeasurable, unstoppable, palatable and you are my invaluable asset my life depends on. I love you my heart desire.
  2. The first time I met you, I discovered the future is bright being with you, I kissed your lips, I realized it’s the sweetest substance ever on earth and I fell in love with you because your love is the brightest light my eyes have ever beheld. Thank you, my angel.
  3. The birds whisper your name on sighting you, the rose shed their leaves on hearing your voice, my heart longs for you every day and night but I have the strong feelings that you will always be there for me my love.
  4. Baby, you are my compass, I can’t do without you, if I ever try leaving you, I will lose my bearing and direction. I love you, honey.
  5. In my whole life, I have been able to sing only these 3 words “I Love You” and always will I do my amity.
  6. That lovely and faithful day we first met, I was willing to be knocked down by the vehicle on crossing the road to meet you, knowing full well that my soul would be merry that I lost my life for a gem like you. Thank you for being my pride.
  7. Baby, I am always happy for the night to come because you are the only light that illuminates my life. You are amazing a trillion time.
  8. Even though the storm rages, my love for you can never be altered because my heart knows just you and you only.
  9. Baby, you’re Spanish and curvy shape makes me speak English despite being an Italian but I must confess I enjoy your French kisses, my angel.
  10. I admire the way you walk, talk because of your charming shape and the smell of your perfume could make all the people on earth stand at attention and gaze at such a goddess.


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Sweet Love SMS for Boyfriend

  1. You gave me joy, love, happiness, and care but the best gift you have ever given me is your precious heart which I promise never to break. I cherish you my heartbeat.
  2. Do you know why I love you? None could be compared to you because you are the only one that has existed in my world.
  3. Baby the chemistry behind your love is very intriguing and exciting and I long to be called not only your girlfriend but your wife in the future. I cherish you so much.
  4. Honey, I like the way you give listening ears to me, you respect me, you support me, you are always forgiving, you cuddle me and kiss me. I would like to dine on those lips, my baby.
  5. You are my sugar banana, the best I have ever tasted; please do not leave me, my love.
  6. I would prefer to walk a thousand miles to be with you then die in the loneliness of not seeing your cute face. I love you.
  7. I lack words to express how your handsomeness has made me go insane. You are my pride.
  8. You are my nightmares at night because your love is superb and I would like you to be my Joseph for life.
  9. Your love is the surest thing anyone could ever argue about. Thank you for removing fear from my heart. I love you my priceless jewel.

Sweet Love SMS for Wife


  1. I can never forget that lovely day on the altar, you said yes, I do to me and it’s as if I was poured ice water and my heart was at ease. Thank you for being my soul mate.
  2. Whenever I behold our pretty kids, I see your eyes, charming smile, succulent lips and above all your unending love in them then I say to myself I am the luckiest person on earth to have beheld this pretty damsel.
  3. I enjoyed that very day you danced extremely well on your sparkling wedding dress and I vowed to always make you happy my sugar.
  4. You were the most beautiful lady on earth that was why my heart yearns for you and I have to follow my heart by taking you down the aisle to be called my Miss Universe.
  5. I was always thinking when will my girlfriend becomes the mother of my unborn kids until when you accepted to wear that diamond ring in your fingers to be called my wife. Thanks for being my jewel.
  6. I promise to never make you cry, always make you smile, comfort you when you are sorrowful and love you every day as I keep breathing my pearl.
  7. My joy, you made life meaningful to me since the day you became my wife. I am madly in love with you, honey.

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Sweet Romantic SMS for Husband

  1. Your masculine physique makes me feel safe and cherished when am in your arms. I adore you, my guidance angel.
  2. I can never forget that night after our wedding, you whispered into my ears telling me that you would be the best hubby I could ever think of and you cuddle me and I was like you are the best thing that I have ever gotten in this life.
  3. Baby you made me enjoy every minute of our bonds together, I love our union, my diamond.
  4. When I look at our pictures together, I felt overwhelmed with your love and I’m always happy with having spent the rest of my life with you my world.
  5. My king, I know you are not just my husband, you are my second half, my role model, my companion and to crown it all, you are my life. Thank you for accepting to be called my husband.
  6. I am happy you are mine now and forever and I promise to season our new home with milk, honey, joy and take good care of our lovely kids.
  7. If your love could be Hennessey, I’m ready to become drunk in your love my pride.


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