40 Signs Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Signs Your Girlfriend Doesnt' Love You

How to know she no longer has that strong feeling for you

Signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore are the little things you have to look out for to know if the relationship is still hot, spicy, and moving smoothly. Your girlfriend suddenly doesn’t give you a listening ear, she tends to be cold and eventually distant herself lately. You are afraid that she might be losing interest completely in you?

As you worry about losing your girl to another guy…you then reflect on the good times and sweet memories you both once shared. All the sweet romantic messages she does send to your phone and the “I love you, my king” she usually calls you. The bonds and memories you built together with her.

You don’t just want to hear it’s all over as you can’t withstand the chance of losing your precious jewel to another guy. Words aren’t enough to describe how a person feels especially when his girlfriend or wife doesn’t love him anymore. Have it deep within you that your girlfriend or wife can’t just stop loving you for no reason as they might be somethings you do that drives her insane into giving you a red card.

Furthermore, love isn’t the only thing a person needs to enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship or marriage as proven by many relationship therapists; other things can mar the love between significant others if they are not present in the relationship. Some of these things include sacrifice, commitment, hard work, and money. The presence of these things coupled with love makes the relationship or marriage enjoyable.

Why can’t I notice that my girlfriend is going from hot to cold?

Complete guide on the signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore

Most guys aren’t lucky to notice when their girlfriend suddenly drift from hot to cold but others who are lucky to know these tend to throw away the towel. When your girlfriend or wife suddenly loves you, life becomes unbearable, haphazard, and you look helpless.  

How does this occur?

First, have in mind that attraction can’t be “set in a stone”

It is very easy for your girlfriend to be all over you in a month and eventually acts cold and distant herself from you the next month. This is to say anything can happen in a blinking of an eye.

Secondly, you have it all in affecting your girlfriend’s attraction level with your behavior

We are all humans and as such your behavior can make a girl become intensely attracted to you or lose attraction for you completely.

You have a second chance to turn a new leaf:

If you have a precise guide of exactly how to behave towards her and what mistakes to avoid, you can make her attraction level accelerate faster for you.

Expensive mistakes that bring about breakups

If you want to really re-ignite your girlfriend’s attraction, then you have to do away with your recent mistakes to help strengthen you both bonds together. Failure to eliminate your mistakes will impede the great chemistry you both once shared from manifesting, and she’ll eventually turn her back on you.

You discovered in the early stage of the relationship, she got attracted to you and the relationship was booming…

All of a sudden, you did some things that made her lose attraction…

You never knew you have made some mistakes, so you kept doing it, and her attraction towards you tend to depreciate even more…

If you continue to do these mistakes, she’ll let go of you completely for another lucky guy.

Check out these common mistakes in a relationship

And warning signs your relationship is in danger

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Signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore (or isn’t attracted to you anymore)

It is unfortunate that some men still ignore these signs or assume what they’re doing isn’t that bad until the breakup hits them hard and they regret ever taking her for granted or never looking for solutions. You may assume that she can no longer love you again but if you quickly spot out these signs and act fast into making your girlfriend or wife happy, she may have a second thought and love you again. Here are the signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and may be done with you:

She is no longer caring

This is one of those signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore when she no longer care for you. When a woman is in love, she will neglect her own needs just to look after that of her significant other. She makes sure her hubby is okay. But if your girlfriend isn’t interested in you anymore, she withheld the care and no longer feels concerned about what becomes of you. Even if you think to stay away from home for a year will make her inquire about your whereabouts but she still isn’t moved with that is a clear sign she has lost complete interest in you.

She stops seeing you regularly

You tend to discover that your girlfriend makes less time for you like she frowns and never feels excited whenever you propose going out on a date with her or meeting up with her. If a girl is no longer interested in the relationship, she will never want to see the guy regularly unlike before.

She gives you excuses for not seeing you or fake an appointment so as not to see you. The girl that always calls you to come around and play with you now becomes a scarce commodity in a nutshell. That is usually a tricky way being employed by others to let go people who they no longer have feelings for without having them know.

Why not check out these signs in your girlfriend and quickly amend your ways where necessary to make her love you again.

She no longer likes complimenting you

A woman no longer complimenting her man with lovely words like you’re the most handsome man on earth, my hubby is one of those signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and may be done with you. Your girlfriend or wife finds any effort you make to impress her like a filthy rag because you no longer interest her. She no longer says you’re brilliant or hardworking unlike when you both started dating. This is because love is no longer there.

Signs Your Girlfriend Doesnt' Love You

She isn’t making efforts to make things work out smoothly

This is one of those signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you any longer as she isn’t concerned that things aren’t moving on well just because she is fed up with the relationship. Gone are those days where she will pick up her mobile phone to settle any difference between you both. That was because she loves you. Now, she is unfazed when things are not moving on smoothly in the relationship.

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She no longer shows gratitude for your good gestures

You discovered that your girlfriend always tells you “thank you” be it small or big things you do for her. That girl that always kiss you on your neck or hug you to show you that you mean the whole world to her now doesn’t care about those things. If you like to go to the thickest forest and get her a lion tail as a present for her won’t even move her instead she might even accuse you of playing pranks on her.

You’re no longer her precious jewel

The girl that once show you courtesies and prioritizes you no longer does that because she no longer loves you anymore. You will definitely feel hurt deep within you wondering if you’re no longer the same person she fell in love with from the beginning. Your girlfriend that usually calls you by your pet name to come dine with her no longer does that, instead, she tells you if you’re hungry you can check the kitchen. If you’re lucky enough she can only remember you a little after she must have been satisfied and perhaps, there is a leftover.

She no longer sees you as a precious asset and as such you don’t deserve her sacrifice anymore. Won’t you feel bad seeing your same girlfriend that once shower you with love now treats you as a stranger?

She no longer gives you attention nor needs yours in return

One of the things that lubricate relationship is when both partners give each other rapt attention and the absence of this makes the relationship sour. Where your girlfriend or wife is unfazed about you giving her attention and never give your attention too is one of those signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore. But if she is done with you, it will be useless trying to give her all the attention in this earth as she no longer needs your attention.

Sometimes you may be speaking with her, instead of her giving you rapt attention she’s engrossed with her phone or tablet or she gives you a bad look. When you see this sign, have in mind that she no longer loves you but may not be completely done with you in some cases.

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She is easily upset with little things you do

Although it’s normal to get angry especially when you’ve been deeply hurt or lightly taken for granted. Humans express their anger as a sign of displeasure on things they don’t like or disappointments that befall them. But if little things you do set her on the edge with you is a clear sign she doesn’t love you anymore and may be done with you completely.

This is usually the little tricks most girls employed when they no longer have feelings for you and are fed up with the relationship.

She enjoys the company of her friends over you

If your girl is still in love with you, she will do everything possible to always be with you no matter what. Where she has stopped loving you, her girlfriend becomes her priority and she gives you excuses for not having dinner with you that she has a date or party with her friend. This is a clear sign that your girlfriend is beginning to lose interest in you or is completely done with you.

Signs Your Girlfriend Doesnt' Love You

She finds lovemaking boring

This particular sign is common as the absence of lovemaking in a relationship is a clear sign that the other partner no longer finds the other compatible. Where your girlfriend or wife always gives you excuses for not being able to indulge in lovemaking is a clear sign she no longer loves you and maybe done with you.

It is known that most women engage in lovemaking as a route of giving and receiving love to and from their significant others respectively. A girl or woman who loves her hubby will never deprive him of lovemaking whenever he comes knocking as it also helps strengthens bonds between couples.

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You discovered she starts replying you with monosyllabic words

Your girlfriend doesn’t love you any more if she begins giving you short responses while communicating with her. For instance, you ask her honey how was work today? She just replies “Fine” and nothing more. You should be concerned that something is wrong somewhere. However, women can have mood swings but knowing her she responds to questions like this before compared to know can help you in detecting if she doesn’t love you anymore.

She is unfazed with jealousy

Gone are those days where if you tell your girlfriend that a girl bought you some snacks while you were returning from lectures and she will become mad at you to the extent of not returning your calls nor texts for some weeks. Now that her heart no longer yearns for you, even if she sees a girl romancing you, she is less concerned and may even give you guys more space to enjoy yourselves.

Never take this sign for granted as a girl who is fed up with the relationship or no longer loves you will be unfazed with jealousy. Carefully watch out for this sign and act fast so as not to lose your precious damsel to another guy.

Her interest in what you care for depreciates

If you discover your girlfriend is never concerned about your hobby or career unlike before she’ll be inquisitive to know more about them is one of those signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore. Now, even if you tell her the rapid progress you’re making in your career, she isn’t interested in knowing it. The sudden change in her attitude not paying close attention to your career is a clear signal that she no longer loves you unlike before. She usually asks you how far you have gone in pursuing your dreams becomes of the love she had for you before.

She doesn’t notice changes in you unlike before

When your girlfriend was deeply in love with you, she’ll quickly notice how slim or chubby you’re becoming and how your beards are fast-growing. She might even tell you, hubby, your shirt isn’t well-ironed by the dry cleaner and may even detect when you are stressed out. Now that those strong feelings have faded, she may even ignore such behavior or make it obvious.

Signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and may be done with you continued

She no longer pleases you with her looks

Your girlfriend before does appear good to make you happy. She looks good with the conscious attempt she used to make to enhance her overall appearance so as to make you go insane or wowed you. This does not mean she only looks good for self-esteem but most importantly, because she truly loves you. You can recall that before she will ask you how is her dress like and if she is good to go or what hairstyle should she make to impress you? That is because the driving factor (love) was still there.

So now she no longer asks you all those things because she no longer has that strong feeling for you anymore. And it will be baseless continuing to please you with her looks.

She begins cheating on you

This is one of those signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and is commonly practiced by most girls who become completely fed up with the relationship. It is really annoying seeing your girlfriend or wife cheating on you with your close friend or another guy.

Reasons for her actions is to stir you into breaking up with her as she has completely lost interest in you. If you’re able to detect this in time, better for you because the other love interest can work closely with your girl into cutting ties with you completely so as to have her to himself.

She no longer asks about your family members

A girl that completely loves you will always enquire about the wellbeing of your family members and they all will feel her love too. But, if your girl doesn’t love you any more or is done with you, she’ll stop inquiring about any of your family members or close friends. You are advised to look out for this particular sign if you’re suspecting she is beginning to lose interest in you.

She replies or talks to you in an unhealthy manner

Some men are unlucky to discover that their girlfriend no longer loves them through this medium. They discovered when their girlfriend talks to them or reply to them rudely in front of her friends or their friends. It is really embarrassing to know that your girlfriend doesn’t love you when she acts like this in front of your friends and you just wished the ground should open so you can just hide your face.

Before, she will be the first person to defend you in public if and when issues that can mar your personality are raised. But now she is even the first person to outline her disgusting you are in public just because love is no longer there.

There are more fighting and drama in your relationship

When your girl was still in love with you, she strives never to instigate a fight and may even apologize for any wrong done so as not to bring up fight between you two. You’re now the one who tries to avoid fighting so as to have her back and any little things you do upsets her too. This is one of those clear signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and is done with you.

She stops communicating important issues to you

Here, communication appears flawed when your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore. She no longer sees any reason to stay awake late at night just to “discuss a problem with you” neither does she even wants to be talked to. Instead of your voice making her feel relieved, it now appears like her condition becomes deteriorated each time you try to reach to her.

You know fully well that a relationship lacking communication can never grow. Also, apart from your girl not loving you anymore, other factors too can make her talk less with you like she can be emotionally weighed down. The absence of communication in the relationship coupled with other signs here is a confirmation she is losing interest in you.

She makes decisions on her own without consulting you

You tend to discover that your girlfriend that always check everything she wants to do with you, no longer consult you of recent is a clear picture she’s beginning to lose complete interest in you. She doesn’t care anymore if you’re okay with her choices or not. Once she feels comfortable with her choices, she goes ahead with her decisions without seeking your advice. All these are clear signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and is apparently done with you.

She never wants to initiate a conversation except you do

In recent relationships, girls are often the initiator of conversation. However, while wooing her, the guy will do more of the talking, but as soon as you both start blending, you’ll discover you are no match for her in initiating conversations. Your instincts may be right if you’re the one initiating most of the conversations lately and she is unfazed about initiating one. If this behavior continues for a long period of time like more than 6 months, probably she must have lost interest in you and finds you detesting.

Furthermore, if it’s just a personal difference, it should be resolved amicably within 2-3 weeks and she will be willing to tell you what the problem is. So anything outside that is a clear sign she doesn’t love you anymore as you may be flogging a dead horse doing more of the talking in the relationship.

You discovered a decline in physical intimacy

Physical intimacy coupled with love in any relationship goes hand in hand while keeping other factors constant. Love becomes intense in the relationship with an increased physical intimacy between couples. You discovered she no longer holds your hands while walking in public and she no longer gives you hugs to show you how indispensable you are to her are clear signs she has fallen out of love with you. If your lovemaking life is not as it used to be before, maybe it has depreciated then think no further as she has lost interest in you completely.

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She always disagrees with you on things

When your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore, you find disagreement becoming an incessant thing in the relationship. Although disagreement is bound to occur in a relationship, if it’s a daily routine then you have to check where you have erred her. Absence of love amongst couples often stirs them into becoming hypersensitive to each other’s mistakes.

So pay close attention to this sign to know if your girlfriend has completely lost interest in you. But if you both always have scores to settle, it may be that there’s no love lost between you both as you can still have her back.

Signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and is done with you

She compares you to other partners

There’s no individual that enjoys being compared to another person or their exes especially if such comparison is for negative things. An individual cannot be perfect and love entails accepting that person for who he or she is. Where your girlfriend or woman have soft spots for another man’s exploits is to show you that she doesn’t love you anymore. And she compliments them to make you feel bad that you are not at their level.

She also attributes every challenge you faced to be associated with your ineptitude. This is to say that she will always blame you for being responsible for any challenges that befall you because she no longer loves you.

She dedicates more time to her career or hobbies than you

A girl that loves you will always want to be around you. But if she finds you detesting, she can develop a soft spot for her career or hobbies to shade you away. If you are not married, you may find it more difficult in curbing with this well. Her career can sometimes require a lot of commitment from us that if care isn’t taken, we may lose contact with our significant others while striving to meet her goals or expectations.

However, even in a tight schedule, a girl or wife that truly loves you will even let go of other things to be with her man than concentrating immensely with only her careers or hobbies. Where she finds her career or hobbies more important than you then you’re miles away from her heart and she may be done with you.

Lack of romance in the relationship

Proven relationship experts have shown how love, romance, and money are essential ingredients in establishing a long-lasting healthy relationship. Where your partner doesn’t dedicate her time to give you sweet romance like giving you a warm hug or hot cuddling is one of those signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and may be done with you.

You’re advised never to jump into a conclusion just because she isn’t doing any of these romantic things in public or private does not necessarily show she has lost interest in you. The idea here is to compare her actions to all these things before now to know if there’s a big difference. And where there’s a big difference, you can conclude she no longer loves you.

She hardly returns your calls or text messages

A girl that loves you will not even wait for a minute without returning your calls or text messages except she is busy. But if she has lost interest in you completely, the rate at which she calls you declines and she may even delay for some hours or never return your calls or text messages. Failure to arrest this situation will result in you both breaking up which will even make her happier and you feel heartbroken.

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She no longer remembers your important dates or events

This is one of those clear signs that your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and may be done with you when she deliberately decides against remembering your special dates like birthday days, anniversaries, and your special likes. A girl that loves you immensely will even be the first person to call and wish you a happy birthday and even remind you of the unique anniversary. Learn to treat your girl or woman nicely so as not to make her forget your special dates or events deliberately.

Signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you and is done with you

She comes back home any time she likes

If you discover your girl does come home late at night or may decide against coming at all is a sign that she no longer finds you interesting as you have erred her feelings. She’ll tend to ask herself what is she coming home to do? after all, she no longer finds you interesting. But a girl that completely loves you will be eager to see her hubby and would do everything to arrive home early enough.

She now brings out your differences

Differences are those things you don’t share in common. All couples or partners have some special traits or principles that they have in common and those that separate them. A long-lasting healthy relationship will center on enough things that bring both partners together than the things that separate them.

Love makes couples never to remember any of their differences but when the love is no longer there, your partner (your girl or wife) will start pointing your attention to some of your differences like you snore too much or look at other things that weren’t there before. All these are to make you feel unhappy so you both can break up.

She begins flirting with other men

Flirting here entails any exciting and lovemaking stimulating act. A girl that loves you immensely won’t like to flirt with other guys so as not to hurt your feelings. Where she is done with you and no longer loves you, she’ll be very happy to flirt with other men so as to fast forward a breakup.

She tends to conceal things from you

Do you think a girl that is still in love with you would want to conceal secrets from you? The answer is obvious. You tend to remember those days that she will even tell you the password to unlock her mobile phone and laptop. That was because she immensely loves you but now if she knows you have access to her password, she’ll quickly change it to restrict your access to her private life unlike before. She does all these things because she no longer finds you interesting and may be done with you.

She requests for the asset to be shared

A girl that always loves you will strive to see the asset or shares you both owned to grow rapidly. But now that she no longer loves you, she will demand the asset to be shared or she cancels all the plans for the future. This particular sign is common among married couples.

She finds your gifts disgusting

Can you give or receive gifts from someone you don’t love? The answer is obvious. Ladies love their men surprising them with special gifts but where she finds you detesting, your gifts no longer make her jump and hug you while giving you a nice smile. Sometimes she might even reject your gifts openly just because she doesn’t love you anymore.

She wants to be alone

If your girl doesn’t love you any more or is done with you, she would rather be alone than being with you. However, loneliness is something most females hate, they will prefer it to be with a guy they no longer have feelings for.

Signs Your Girlfriend Doesnt' Love You

She no longer needs your assistance

A girl that loves you will be very happy if you offer to help her with the house chores or she asks you to help her know that with this she’s winning your commitment to her. Where she continuously turns down your offer to assist her with any house chores, you are not far from being dumped by her.

She doesn’t see a future with you as she did before

When your girl stops visualizing about her future with you or stops seeing you as the “precious jewel” in her future life then you’re miles away from her heart. She’ll begin to respond in a way so as to break all that connection. Here is an illustration:

  • She comments that the relationship is boring and no longer interesting
  • She will tell you that you both are not compatible
  • Her future expectations don’t include you
  • She will highlight how you two have diverse long-term goals
  • You’re far older than me and my parents won’t like it
  • She never makes any holiday trips with you. A girl who loves you will be excited about going on a summer or holiday trips with her significant other. All these are warning signs your girlfriend is drifting away from you and if you don’t act fast to win her heart back, you may end up losing her to another lucky guy.

She abandons her roles in the house

Women have special roles to play in the relationship. They are industrious housemakers. This crucial role of theirs is only effective if love is present. Where she no longer loves you or is done with you, she will give you excuses or let several things lie unfixed in your home, and your instincts will tell you.

She always comes to you when she needs you

If you discover that your girl likes coming around you only when she can’t afford to purchase a particular thing be careful as she does not truly love you as she might be exploiting, you, because you may have hurt your girls’ feelings immensely. Unlike before that she will crave to be with you and is never demanding. This is one of those signs she is done with you and may just be using you to satisfy her financial needs.


Now that you have known all the signs your girlfriend doesn’t love you anymore and may be done with you, why don’t you adhere to them diligently to avoid these from occurring or re-attract your girlfriend back to you? Some signs may be associated with her being emotional or psychological traumatized.

Notwithstanding, if the problem isn’t about you, you would know, and you can take important steps to assist her. But where she refused to speak about the issue with you after making several attempts, is a clear sign that she has completely lost interest in you.

Furthermore, if after approaching her several times and she still doesn’t want to continue with you, better let her be, as there’s nothing you can do. She has finally shut the door against you and you have to move on with your life.

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