26 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

things women find attractive in men

What Women Find Attractive in Men?

The things women find attractive in men are diverse and these make men be very curious to detect those things. Women are actually complex naturally but you could tend to enjoy them if you are diligent in knowing things women find attractive in men most. Although some of these characteristics women find attractive in men changes with time and it is not static, so we will be updating any of the changes to meet the current demand when the need arises.

What is an Attraction?

Attraction is simply a feeling which makes one romantically or sexually interested in another individual. These attractions could be interesting things people might want to see and follow immensely.

 Here are the distinct things women find attractive in men both scientifically and psychologically proven:

  • Risk Takers and Heroics Men

This is one of the major qualities women find attractive in men. Men who take risks like firefighters to save lives and a young policeman who did very well in apprehending criminals from wasting lives in a social gathering. Also, women love heroic men who are courageous in doing what other men find difficult to do.

  • Men with Beards and Mustache

Women find attractive in men clean and lined beards as this depicts your masculine look. Possession of clean and shaved mustache makes you stand out among other men and women love this. This is scientifically been proven.

26 things women find attractive in men with beards and mustache
  • Men with Strong Leadership and Promise Keepers

Try to lead the way diligently but don’t be too stern on your followers. Women find attractive in men with great leadership skills. Always keep to your promises and never promise things you know you can’t do by so doing you can have the girl of your dream.

  • Being Non-Judgmental and Attentive

A man who is not quick to judging someone, mindful-present and very attentive tends to give goosebumps to women and he really sorts after.

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  • A Funny or Amusing Man

Women tend to have soft spot for men who tell them funny jokes, stories, and even make fun about himself. They will always want to be around you but also don’t act too funny because they might think you are not a responsible type. Also, to be candid with you, this is one of the things women find attractive in men because they tend to laugh away their sorrows and feel happy.

  • Men with Grey Hairs

This particular hair color is romantic and it captivates the attention of women very well. Never have you had the mindset that grey hairs are only attributed to old and feeble people. It works pretty well.

  • Get a Dog as Your Pet

I know this will be sounding absurd to you but believe me, it works as fast as the speed of light. Women admire men who own dogs as a pet because they have the believed that you will be able to treat them with care and love them just as the way you care for your dog. This does not mean you should look unkempt because it will scare them away from you.

  • Men with a Luxurious Lifestyle

Women are attracted to men who wear expensive jewelry, clothes, have sweet cars, and own great mansions. Being with such men tends to show they are also expensive women and they are proud of those men. Also, one has to be careful because not all things that glitter are gold.

26 Things Women Find Attractive in Men luxurious lifestyle
  • Having a Happy Trail

You can flaunt your sexy hairs under your abdomen by neatly lining it to your glorious land. I bet you, a lady that beholds that will melt like an ice and you can now dance to spice her up.

  • Men with a Listening Ear

Giving a woman a listening ear and not being harsh on her makes her feel happy, secure, respected, and valued.

  • Playing Difficult or Hard to Get

Women find attractive hard to get men because they think you are special and most sort after. Mind you, never play too hard to get because you might end up kicking a hard rock. You can also be nice to the lady and at the same time use your brain well in playing difficult to get.

  • Good and Sweet Looking Men

No woman who does not like her guy to look attractive, but most ladies here flirt with sweet looking men and are not devoted to them for a long-term relationship. Only a few women would want to go into a serious relationship with a good looking man. Avoid having an offensive smell is it a choking perfume smell or bad body odor as it turns women off.

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  • Men with Freckles or Small Spots

Most women find attractive in men marked with small spots or few freckles. This is extremely romantic and sexy to ladies.  

  • Older Men

Women find older men attractive than younger men because they tend to be caring, understanding, and giving. Older men accord them love like the way he takes good care of his wife.

  • A Confident and Modest Man

Being confident and not boastful of oneself is one of the things women find attractive in men. A lady can love you for being confident and modest in anything you do. Avoid bragging too much about your previous glory because it turns them off and you won’t be valued in their sight.

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  • Being Unselfish

Scientists have made us understand that an unselfish man who likes giving to help people in their present situations tend to be loved generally by all and not just women alone. This is also one of the things women find attractive in men, so think and act fast.

  • Strong and Smooth Hands

Most women don’t like guys with extremely soft palms because you are being attributed to a baby, unlike a real man whose hands should be strong and not too rough. They believed you can handle them well on bed and out of bed, isn’t that great?

  • Men on Red Apparels

Studies have shown that women are most attracted to men who wear red clothing and they look bright in them. Why not go get red clothing from a boutique to have your dream woman?

  • Do You Have Glasses?

Women love men with cute eyeglasses as it makes them appear sharp and smart. You can wear it on a sweet jean and look hot to your dream woman.

26 Things Women Find Attractive in Men do you have glasses
  • Good Passion and Ambition

Men who tend to work tirelessly until they achieve their dreams are always being loved by women. You must not be a multi-billionaire before she can have that soft spot for you, just stick to your dream and actualize it.

  • How You Treat Your Mum, Housemaid, and a Waitress

Women look with rapt attention how you treat your mother, her housemaid, and waitress in a restaurant to see if you would belittle them. When you nag at them and you are not submissive, they know that is the same way you will treat them if they happen to be in a relationship with you.

  • Hairs on Your Chest

This is one of the romantic things women find attractive in men. A lady will love to play with the hairs on the guy chest and even rest her head on it. Don’t make your hairs on the chest appear scattered and unkempt, and then you are good to go.

  • Being Intelligent

No woman would love to date a man who is not intellectually wise upstairs. Women find attractive in men with a sharp and great memory. At the same time never claim you know too much because of such lifestyle disgust ladies very well.

  • Masculine Muscles

Women find attractive in men with good sets of six-packs and this makes them want to be wrapped in your arms. Try to hit the gym as a young man to make your muscles and some of your body parts stay fit and be admirable.

  • Not Too Demanding for Sex

When a man is a sex addict he tends to make ladies flew away from him. Also, not all woman love having sex every day and if you are a type that doesn’t disturb about sex daily then you would be cherished by any girl of your choice. You guys can decide on watching film on the laptop to avert the mindset of having sex together in the room.

26 Things Women Find Attractive in Men not too demanding for sex

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  • Do Some Simple Gestures

A man can do simple gestures like admitting to prepare a delicious meal for his girlfriend, offering to carry her handbag in public, and can decide to show his girl that she is the miss universe by opening the door of the car for her to enter the car. Simple gestures like these make ladies long to spend the rest of their life with such a man.


You have seen the various things women find attractive in men, apply discretion and give it a trial to see if you won’t get the dream girl of your choice. Always remember a lady wants to be loved, given an attention, and cared at all times and by doing that you tend to be a hot cake to virtually all the women.     


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