25 Tips To Know That Your Girlfriend Really Loves You

your girlfriend really loves you

Love could be very intriguing but knowing if your girlfriend really loves you is always a hard nut to crack. You always hear most men ask this question, how do I know that my girlfriend really loves me? Most new relationships are victims of these because you can’t detect if your girlfriend really loves you immensely.

How To Know That Your Girlfriend Really Loves You

Below are the tips on how to know that your girlfriend really loves you:

She is supportive

When you discover that your girlfriend is always curious to know how she could be of help to support your dreams and make it a reality, then be rest assured she truly loves you. The actualization of your dream is her top priority.

She always wants to be around you

She will always want to make out time even if it is to inconvenience her just to be with you. When you notice such a thing, never panic because she has shown you she truly loves you.

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Always boast about you

Most girls who truly love their guy will always boast about their guy to her friends and family members. She will tell them how you have a pointed nose, handsome, loving, and a caring man. All these are signs that your girlfriend really loves you.

She loves touching you

When you see a girl loves touching you while talking and might want to wrap her hands around your waist and on your shoulders. This is definitely a sign that she really loves you and wants you to be her true love.

She surprises you with a gift

Most guys feel humiliated when a lady buys them a surprise gift and might look as if they can’t afford those gifts. When a person doesn’t love you, he or she can’t get a gift for you. If you are a privilege to see such girl who likes surprising you with gifts, rejoice that you have gotten a rare gem who truly loves you.

She likes calling you sweet names

A girl that sincerely loves you will like calling you sweet and lovely names like honey, baby, my jewel, and my joy whenever you pick up her calls or when you are in public places. All these are indications that your girlfriend really loves you. Also, not all the times this particular tips show that she truly loves you, so be smart.

She likes discussing the future

She will always tell you how you two could make a great partner together in future and how many kids she would love to bore for you. Finally, she will tell you why she wants the future kids to have her man pointed nose and look. Never become scared that she is going too far and be happy that your girlfriend really loves you well.

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Always remember your special and memorable events

She never forgets your birthday date; she knows all your phone numbers without consulting her phone and the date of your first appointment letter. This is beyond doubt that your girlfriend really loves you.

She likes going out on a date with you

When you discover she is always very excited to go on a date with you to the cinemas or beach without hesitating then know that she truly loves you.

She steps up in her appearance

You will definitely see that she add spicy to her dresses, always appears neat, plait new hairstyle always, and wears attractive jewelry to impress and capture your heart towards her. This is a clear signal that your girlfriend really loves you.

Sacrifices for you

This is one of the major tips you should watch out for. She might even go an extra mile just to make you happy and feel loved. Also, she doesn’t mind to use her last money to prepare a delicious meal for you or give you her last penny when you are not financially buoyant. Rejoice and merry that you have gotten a girlfriend who truly cares and love you.

She is sometimes jealous

She does feel jealous when you always praise a particular girl how the girl is nice and caring or when you hold a lady hand while walking on the road. This act of jealousy is a trait that your girlfriend really loves you.

She is respectful

She accords you all the respect and doesn’t yell at you unnecessarily then know that she is really the one for you. You should not look further or become panic that your girl doesn’t love you.

She reveals her social media password to you

A girl that truly loves you will give you a password to her social media account and password to unlock her phone. She wants to show you that she has only you in her life and knows no one but you.

She is not a demanding type

She is never too demanding in terms of money and always understands with you when you are not financially stable. Then have it at the back of your mind that your girlfriend really loves you.

She always runs to you for advice

When you see your girlfriend likes coming to you for advice and solutions on how she could solve her pressing problem, then know that she is all yours completely.

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She loves using your picture

A girl that loves using her boyfriend’s pictures as her profile pictures, post it online and do enjoy taking pictures with him is a clear sign that she really loves her boyfriend.

She wants you to know her residential abode/friends/family members

When you see she always wants you to come to her place, introduces you to her friends and family members then you are good to go.

She calls and SMS always

She can never stay a day without hearing the sound of your voice and always like sending a goodnight text messages to show you she cares about you. Consequently, she might tend to be inquisitive while your phone was switched off for a day and she couldn’t reach you. If she does not care she won’t bother asking to know what the problem was.  All these are sure indications that your girlfriend really loves you.

She does unanticipated things

You see how she gave you a surprised kiss in public when she has never done that before. She helps you out with house chores, cook a delicious meal for you, and also drop by at your workplace to offer you lunch. These are all signs that she actually loves you.

She tends to focus on you

You are her first point of call when she wakes up in the morning she calls you to wish you a stress-free day. She is never moved by any other guys except you. This particular tip shows that your girlfriend really loves you.

Always wanting to be in your arms

She loves being in your arms and enjoys your soft masculine body is a clear indication that you are her solace abode.

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Being interested in you always

She wants to know you very well, your hobbies, friends, and family background. She always tells you how she loves your siblings and your parents. All these signs are to show you she loves you immensely.

your girlfriend really loves you

She doesn’t busy calls unnecessarily in front of you

When you see a girl who busies calls unnecessarily especially from a male counterpart when you are with her, then know that she does not love you. She might be harboring those guys as side boyfriends.

Never pressurize you to marry her

She wants you to make your decision on when to take her to the altar than forcing you to get married to her then know that your girlfriend really loves you. When your girlfriend pressurizes you to go and see her parents for marriage, please run far away because she does not love you.


You know it’s not that easy to see through the heart of your girlfriend to know she truly loves you, others can still practice most of these great tips and never love you in the long run. So be diligent and watch out if the tips mentioned above could be seen in your girlfriend to know if your girlfriend really loves you.

Finally, if you see a girl that sincerely loves you, love her in return because it’s not easy to see a very honest and caring girl in this 21st century.

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    • Yes you are right, that’s why you should be even more careful when she is using your photo as her profile picture and never be carried away.

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