25 Best Health and Fitness Apps You Must Have in 2019

health and fitness apps

Health and Fitness Apps

Health and fitness apps are a must-have if you want to stay in good shape and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. A study by the National Institute of Health shows that people who used health and fitness apps were more likely to lose weight, increase their consumption of veggies and fruits, and dedicate themselves to physical activity daily. They all met health recommendations for physical activities compared to individuals without a health and fitness app.

Also, it is now easier to download health and fitness apps than paying a huge amount of money on hiring human help. These health and fitness apps are designed in a way that it can be compatible with your Android and iOS phones.

Consequently, health and fitness apps are very useful in reminding you of the need to indulge in your fitness goal for optimal results. Most tools like a video-based work out session and a calorie calculator are all embedded in these fitness apps to enable you to achieve the maximum result.

Although, health and fitness apps are very entertaining in the very one or two weeks; when you enter into the third week or upward, you might be feeling tedious and might not want to keep to your fitness schedule again. This is why these health and fitness apps need daily habits and changes in your lifestyles, and consistency in using your mobile phone at the right time/direction to achieve your desired results.

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We have taken our time to research on the various health and fitness apps that will give you the best-known result irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a professional athlete. Have it in mind that most of these fitness apps focus on music for workouts or nutrition while others may inculcate an all-in-one approach. Some might be simple to carry out while others you will need to go the extra mile to achieve your desired goals.

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25 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Healthy Look 

1.            Runtastic Pro: this particular app enables you to measure and track your walks, runs, and other exercises. It also acts as a coaching app to impel you to continuously work to achieve your fitness goals and prepare you for races. Also, Runtastic does offer a free version of this app, but upgrading to the Pro version entails all the features you need to keep you fit.

These health and fitness apps enable you to keep an accurate record of your bicycling and walking effectively. Furthermore, the app is available on Android, iOS, and Web but it is most compatible with Apple Watch so you can begin tracking your activity from your wrist and get informed for your pace and distanced covered.

best health and fitness apps

2.            Jefit Workout: Jefit Workout is a fitness app suitable for weight training, as you can be able to keep accurate records in the amount you lifted for each set, together with the number of repetitions performed. It has both a free plan and Elite plan but I will suggest you opt for the Elite Plan and enjoy your desired workouts. These health and fitness apps could be found on Android, iOS, and Web and have more than 1,300 exercises in its database.

best health and fitness apps

3.            MyFitnessPal: This is one of the most proven health and fitness apps that have received various recommendations from the New York Times, Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, and several other publications for their optimal goal in making you stay fit. It helps detect how many calories expended to achieve your fitness goals effectively.

MyFitnessPal has very rich features ranging from social community to recipe recommendations, a library of over 350 cardio and strength sessions if you prefer jumping-off point. It has numerous food databases of at least six million foods, and you can also add your food lists and easily look-out for the quantity you consumed as well. You can upgrade to the premium subscription for full access to all features.

best health and fitness apps

4.            Fooducate: This app was first launched in 2010 and used a barcode scanner to know if the item scanned belongs to the shelf or your cart. It’s useful for people who want to know complete details of their health on the food consumed. Also, if your diet is missing with carbohydrate Fooducate will immediately tell you for you to return back on track looking fit and healthy.

best health and fitness apps

5.            Pear Personal Fitness Coach: It is one of those health and fitness apps that inculcate both countings of calories with other health apps like My Fitness Coach and retrieves information from your smartwatch and smartphone to create a customized using your benchmark details. It has yoga routines, high intense exercising sessions, and programs to guide you through basic run adequately.

This app is also designed for you to listen to proven Olympians, Professional Athletes, and titleholders from around the globe to propel you in achieving your fitness goals. Visit Pear Personal Fitness Coach.

best health and fitness apps

6.            Endomondo: Endomondo is an app specifically designed for tracking your fitness activities. You can either track how fast and far you ran or the précised minutes you stretched. It has a free and premium plan in which you can reach out to your friends and its community members globally.

best health and fitness apps

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7.            Keelo: This is one of health and fitness apps that enable you to connect a heart rate monitor using high-intensity interval (HIIT) workout and could also offer substitutes to some of the exercises, perhaps you don’t have the necessary equipment in place. Keelo apps give you a preview of the exercise/workout functional map to have an idea of what you are to expect in the gym. It is available on both Android and iOS.

8.            Zones for Training: Zones for Training Apps work best with an Apple Watch and it makes you stay in the zone especially your heart rate zone by keeping a tab on your pulse. These health and fitness apps show you when you have reached your peak activity level of burning fats and if you can choose to stay in the burning fat phase or stretch yourself further. It is best suitable for someone who is a Pro in working out and not just a novice.

best health and fitness apps

9.            8Fit: This is one of the health and fitness apps that incorporates both your exercise and diet based on the desired results you want to achieve. People who prefer a lot of suggestions, instructions, reminders, and guidance in achieving their fitness goals are good to go with 8Fit Apps.

You can also be more specific in your goal like choosing to decrease your body fat to 25 percent in three (3) months. 8Fit App is an all-in-one fitness app that you can customize to suit your taste. They have a free plan with restricted features and you can upgrade to a Pro plan for full access to all features in stock.

10.          MapMyFitness: These health and fitness apps are available on both Android and iOS and it’s an exercise tracking app usually for walking, running, bicycling, and many more activities. When you launch the app in any of the activities you are to indulge in, it uses your phone’s GPS and other sensors to record the accurate distance and duration you’ve covered.

MapMyFitness App is best suited for people who need guide and motivation to achieve their fitness goals and it works best with Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and Android Wear. Also, all activities performed are stored in your MapMyFitness account and you can refer to them anytime to see if you are making progress in your fitness goals.

best health and fitness apps

11.          Nike+Run Club (NRC): In this App, it’s not easy to beat Nike+Run Club App especially for runners and it keeps the record of your runs using your phone GPS, provides adequate motivation live-support coaching plans and makes it easy for members to interact with other people in their community page.

One interesting aspect of this app is that your strength, endurance, speed will be built, and you also chose to listen to in-ear audio from athletes and coaches for your extra fitness goal. Its membership is free for all.

12.          Sworkit: You can select any of your goals for Sworkit app to customize your workout for you and these goals may include cardio, strength, yoga, or stretching categories and you just input the duration of time you want to allocate for your workout and you are good to enjoy a significant improvement in your fitness level.

This is one of those health and fitness apps that you can find on Google play store and iTunes and a beginner cannot get bored since it doesn’t require any equipment or gym membership. Also, you reach to your App’s trainers privately through SMS on any challenges experienced.

13.          Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer: Most customers love this app because it is easy to carry out but difficult to feel the burn, and it has easy-to-follow video instructions for each session you are, to begin with. Here, you can work out in the comfort of your home and you must not hit the gym if you are timid from people staring at you or if you can’t afford a membership.

These health and fitness apps are suitable for all gender with a minimum of five (5) to thirty (30) minutes of workouts. You can get this app on Apple’s store and Google play store. Visit Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer.

14.          7FIT: It’s one of those health and fitness apps that no matter your busy schedule, you can still afford to be back in shape dedicating at most seven (7) minute workouts. They offer body-part specific to total-body routines to mold you perfectly in shape. This app is available on iOS and Android as HiFit-7 Minute Workout.

15.          RockMyRun: This is basically a music app for running and other workouts. You can either connect the RockMyRun app to a heart rate monitor and your heartbeat would be adjusted to the tempo of the music or you chose a piece of music that matches your footfalls beat as recommended. It has a free membership and an upgradable Rockstar membership for an unlimited feature in the app. So the choice is yours and it is available on Android and iOS.

16.          FITRadio: FITRadio app is suitable for people who love music and needs it to match their tempo as they perform their workout. It’s not just a music-streaming app but also has a video-guided session for abdominal work, stretching, meditative breathing, and any other recovery exercises. Although it requires a paid membership, you can only be restricted to 30 days free trial to check it out when you enroll. These health and fitness apps can be downloadable on Android, iOS, and web.

best health and fitness apps

17.          Headspace: Headspace app is a meditation app that takes control of your mental health into achieving the desired physical health and is globally recognized for this distinctive feature. First, you will be drilled on the Basics package which entails you being able to meditate before proceeding to other packs such as how to manage anxiety, excruciating pain, depression, and special sessions to make you sweat very well and you will be shown on how to cool down too. These health and fitness apps have greatly impacted the lives of her customers immensely and their fitness goals achieved.

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18.          Aaptiv: This is an in-ear personal trainer which will definitely make you enjoy your workout effectively. Aaptiv app has more than 2,500 audio classes coupled with 15 trainers creating virtually 30 classes weekly so you don’t have to be doing one particular workout over and over again. This health and fitness apps are designed to suit your desired goal in the aspect of cycling, running, race training, and weight lifting. Why not upgrade to its paid membership plan to enjoy unlimited features to guide you in achieving your total fitness.

19.          YogaGlo: The interesting part of this health and fitness apps is that you are being taught in a series of classes on how you can manage stress reduction, improved sleep, and general training to attain complete fitness levels. YogaGlo app has excellent customer service and you can download classes into your mobile phone without having to use a WiFi and this makes the app globally sort after. It works best with an Apple Watch so that an accurate record of your workouts could be collected and you can always watch it on your Mac devices.

20.          Playbook: This app is really customizing and it connects you with a trainer, athlete of your choice and social media influencer to enable you to enjoy your workouts effectively. You can also communicate directly with your trainer switch trainers as many times as you wish, and reach out to others in the Playbook member community. It’s available on iOS.

21.          Fitbit Coach: Any person can use the Fitbit Coach app to workouts virtually anywhere irrespective of whether you own a Fitbit tracker or not. It shows you, real humans, performing the workouts in the video and it has sufficient audio signal to guide you in your workouts which you can choose to play your own music or use the background music to spice your workouts. You can opt for a premium package to gain access to all features in the app.

22.          Mindbody: Here, you can search for fitness classes nearby your preferred workout type with available date and time. Although in this app, some locations have more search results than others such as in major cities in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico City where these health and fitness apps are most needed. Mindbody apps do not only focus on finding the right fitness centers for you but also you can search for nutritionists, massage therapists, and beauty treatments to achieve your desired results. It is a health and fitness apps you must have if you are a traveling type and might want to surf for any local fitness classes close to your residency. You can download it into your Android and iOS phones.

23.          Strava: Strava is regarded as a fitness-tracking app suitable for cyclists, runners and some swimmers who want to compete against other people in the Strava member community or against their own personal records. The GPS in your mobile phone will enable Strava track where you bike or run and how fast you go; analyzes it with other members who have followed the same route and you will be drawn against them on a leader board to know who the best is. For optimal features on the Strava app, you can upgrade to several Strava Summit.

24.          Blogilates: This app is designed by Cassey Ho who has adequate workouts on demand, eating well, perfect bodybuilding, and recommendations for stretches. Blogilates app has a workout known as Bikini Blaster and Cocktail Dress Series not just for women but everybody can use it. Also, an interesting thing about these health and fitness apps is that it has a workout recipe, calendar, and a shop that sells fitness wears. You can upgrade to the $0.99 per month workout for optimal features. It is downloadable to your Android phones, iOS, and web.

25.          Nike Training Club (NTC): These health and fitness apps use the information you input during registration and personalized a suitable workout for you. Its workouts are in the form of videos with trainers who explains the type of workouts and enlightens you on the benefits of each activity. The videos have durations ranging from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and they have stores where you can buy your Nike sneakers, gym bags, socks, and sports wears. Nike Training Club app is free for all and you can download it into your Android and iOS phones.


We have looked at the best 25 health and fitness apps that could shape your fitness level and you live happily. Not excluding from the list includes MyPlate apps, Spring-Music for Fitness apps, Charity Miles apps, Runmeter apps, and SunUps apps which can also provide your fitness desired results immensely.

Also, we welcome any new fitness apps addition that could be of help to us despite not listed above. Why not share these health and fitness apps to help your friends and loved ones stay fit?

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