24 Ways to Make Your Man Happy in a Relationship

your man happy

You might be thinking, how can I make my man happy? Do you know making your man happy help lubricates the relationship? Most people think it’s just to spice up romance to make him happy, I can assure you, there is more to it.

Love is meant to be shared between two lovers and your behavior towards him might either mar or make his happiness in the relationship. Being an excellent lover is not enough but tries greasing it with a great companion to enjoy the climax of happy romance in the relationship.

Ways To Make Your Man Happy

Below are the tips to inculcate to make your man happy:

  1. Show him compliment

Tell your man how handsome he looks and also intellectually wise. How you would love your kids acquire his handsomeness and his brilliance. No man doesn’t love the compliment, although he might pretend deep within he feels cherished and happy that you noticed it.

your man happy

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  1. Giving him privacy

No man wants you to be bursting into him every minute an hour. Do give him some space to be alone and have things his way. Giving each other space as well makes the relationship grow stronger and enjoyable.

  1. Being a great chef

There is no man that doesn’t love his spouse to cook delicious foods for him. He might tell you he is cool with it since you can’t prepare tasty meals for him but he isn’t. I can assure you this is one of the major things that will make your man glued to you and he won’t look elsewhere.

  1. Do praise him in public

Always praise your man in public places, especially when he is with his friends and that will make him feel on top of the world. This makes your man feel convinced that you love and support him and he might go an extra mile to do anything you request from him.

  1. Always respect him

Everybody wants to be respected but be very careful not to trash talk him in the public or when making love together. By showing him the respect he has the confidence that he is in charge of the relationship. Although if he might offend you in one way or the other, after making love to him to the fullest, you can quietly tell him, honey that thing you did the other time makes me feel hurt and he will definitely get on his knees to apologize to you. Also, note that respect should be reciprocal so as to enjoy the relationship immensely.

  1. Love his hobbies

If he is a type that loves watching football, you can accompany him to the stadium to watch the football match and he would be very happy. Never try to tell him how you disliked his hobbies even though you might not like it so as not to create a storm in a teacup. You can even make your man happy more by telling him how interesting the previous match was and that you would love to go with him some other time.

  1. Feeling secured

You can make your man happy and feels secured by never threatening him in one way or the other. Men are also very fragile and skeptical when it comes to emotional things, do cuddle him and assured him he is safe being with you. This gesture alone will take him over the moon and he would be happy he has you.

  1. Make him feel lucky being with you

This might sound strange to men that she should even be the one to feel lucky being with them. Be the pretty charming and virtuous lady every man wants to take down the aisle. Awe others any place you go to with him and that will make your man completely happy that he has a jewel indeed.

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   9. Be supportive of him

Always support your man when things are not going the way it should; by so doing, he would be grateful having a caring and supporting woman like you. Stand up for your man anything and anywhere to make your man happy. If you tend to neglect him, it will worsen the situation and make him hate you for life.

  1. Never nag at him

Most men hate it when their women nag at them when they do a little mistake or to worsen it at a public place. If there are things or decisions he makes you don’t like, you can quietly walk up to him than yelling at him immediately. Some men will definitely find a way of leaving you in the dark to a better lady who will never nag at them and that will be a big blow to the evergreen relationship.

  1. Love being in his arms

Show your man that you love being in his arms whenever you feel down and sorrowful. Walk up to him and have him cuddle your hair and say sweet things to avert your sorrows by so doing he would be happy that he can always wipe away your tears and sorrows. Never make it an incessant act so that he won’t feel you are always pestering his life.

  1. Inculcate inner child behaviors

Never be too serious in your actions and behavior towards your man. When your man acts childish do make it fun by joining him to have the great fun and laugh it all out. You can pick up the pillow and throw it at him while you run to the parlor and it will be fun seeing him run at you. This does not only make your man happy but also help relieve boredom in the house.

  1. Actualizing his dreams

Never be a gold digger in the relationship, try to help your man actualize his dreams and put in hard work. Give him the encouragement he needs and motivation to make him ignite his dreams. This will definitely make your man happy.

  1. Never hurt him in return for revenge

You hear most women say he cheats on me and I am going to do same or trying to bring up things about his ex-spouse just to make him pay for upsetting you. This might even make him put up a fight with you and you might end up being injured. Two wrongs can’t make things right so avoid taking vengeance to help not just him but the relationship at large.

  1. Ask for his opinion and help

All men feel they are an epitome of knowledge and they can give you advice on anything you might be finding difficult to do. While putting up with his advice and telling him how helpful it was, that will make him feel he’s the only one that can climb the highest mountain in the world. No man wants to be seen or addressed as a basket of failure.

  1. Making too many gestures

Men love taking things for granted so be careful of not being too nice and caring and he would love you. If you tend to make your special gestures a daily routine, he might think you are fake and might never take you seriously any longer.

  1. Inculcating intriguing things always

Try inculcating new things like adding spicy things to your romantic life so as to make your man happy immensely. Continuous repetition of one style over and over makes love making boring. This might make your man wants to go outside and experience better life with another lady which is not good. You are the architect of your man, so take the lead and make him always run to you when he is worn out.

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  1. Gift him with surprised presents

Men find it romantic and mind-blowing when their woman reciprocates that gesture of buying a surprise gift for them. You can offer to pay for the things bought during shopping out together and he would be very pleased with you. This will certainly make him value and respect you.

your man happy

  1. Dress to look beautiful

Actually, most men are attracted by what they see and women by what they hear. So, look good in your sexy lingerie’s at night and this will make your man love you immensely to the moon. To some extent do dress well to cover your body so that he won’t get pissed off.

your man happy

  1. Always appear neat and shaved

One of the things that disgust men most is when their woman is not always neat and shaved. Take care of your body very well and apply nice perfume to your body. Your man will find you appealing and attractive on perceiving the sweet smell of your perfume. Take good care of your fingernails and braid attractive hairstyles to make your man happy.

  1. Love his family members and friends

Your man would be happy when you love and respect his friends and parents. Never talk bad about them especially his parents because it will make him feel bad and might hate you forever.

  1. Assist in washing and ironing of his clothes

This is one of the things men look at for. When a lady washes and irons his man clothes, it makes him feel excited that you care about his neatness and will love you for that.

  1. Call and text him

You can never neglect to call or messaging your man, except you do want the relationship shattered. Calling and sending of romantic SMS to him makes your man happy that you are always there for him.

your man happy

  1. Make out time for your man

Never be so occupied with office works. You can decide to dedicate a special day just to make your man happy and feel loved. Switch off your mobile phones or put it in silence so as not to allow anything to disrupt you for having a great time with your man. If you have an emergency call, you can always iron it out amicably with him to accord him that respect.


You can now see that you and your man are the captains of your ship. You can decide on things to do to make the relationship glitters and never cheat so as to make your man happy. If you really want to make your man happy and spice your relationship then diligently put into practice the above ways mentioned.

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