24 Natural Foods That Increase Your Sex Drive And Stamina

Foods That Increase Your Sex Drive and Stamina

Foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina are commonly found around us and consuming these foods make one last longer in bed.

Most of the foods we eat might either mar or make our sex life worthwhile. No human would be happy to reach for the climax in just a minute which is really embarrassing.

A study by the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that the average time partners spend bumping into each other is usually between three (3) to thirteen (13) minutes.

Also, another study shows that most women prefer making out time to basically range from fifteen (15) to twenty-five (25) minutes not necessarily for hours like some people might assume. Although going at it a bit longer isn’t bad as well.

We have diligently researched the natural foods that can help boost your sex drive and provide a lasting solution to your low sex drive.

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Below are the 24 surprising foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina:


This fruit has about 92 percent of water content and it contains L-citrulline which is an amino acid that helps one have a significant erection and can be converted into L-arginine once it enters the human body.

Production of nitric oxide is being stimulated by L-arginine and it makes blood vessels feel relaxed just like the way the Viagra medicine does in the human body.


Apples are one of those foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina because of the antioxidant quercetin that help improves abidance.

Quercetin helps produce new mitochondria in the human body’s cells and might improve an individual oxidative capacity, which shows the maximum amount of oxygen your muscles can make use of.

Consequently, quercetin aids in the prevention of the release of cortisone, which does lead to muscle breakdowns so as to make one last longer without experiencing fatigue too quickly.

This fruit is very delicious and should be eaten at all times.


Oatmeal makes one last longer in bed. Its a common food for breakfast. They are also used to find a lasting solution to erectile dysfunction with the help of its amino acid known as L-arginine and also help reduce your cholesterol levels effectively.

Why not consume oats to help better your erection and lower your cholesterol level as well.

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Nuts like walnuts, peanuts, and almonds are amazing foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina effectively because they contain L-arginine which is an amino acid that helps maintain a good erection in man.

Also, these nuts are rich in magnesium which helps improves energy/endurance and healthy fat that aids the reduction of cholesterol level effectively.

You can enjoy this treat with your yogurt, add it to your salad or consume it as snacks.


Beets tend to contain nitrates which aid the rapid flow of blood to all parts of the human body and it’s also important for the human mind immensely.

The more blood flows in your body, the more likely you are to last longer in bed.

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It contains both folate and vitamin B6 which are important in boosting libido. The folate in avocado helps provide the body with energy while regulation of the hormones is being carried out by the vitamin B6.

Avocado fruits have a lot of health benefits ranging from preventing aging, good foods for hair growth and are used in preventing adult acne.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds provide your body with energy since it contains healthy fats, proteins, and fiber.

You can last all day when you consume this seed with yogurt. It also helps improve sperm production in the body.


Dark chocolates especially help combat stress and make couples last long in bed. A study shows that cacao tends to increase the levels of the mood-boosting a hormone that is known as serotonin.

Another research by the Journal of Sex Medicine shows how women who consume dark chocolate tend to have increased libido and that makes them happy.


Eggs are one of the foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina since it contains an amino acid known as L-arginine.

It is a portion of good food for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne peppers provide the human body with heat and increase the circulation of blood around the entire body which also aids a significant erection. Most red cayenne peppers are one of the essential foods that increase your sex drive and stamina efficiently.

You can enjoy this pepper by adding a handful of it into your eggs and to see if you both won’t be smiling after making out.


Coffee is mainly a stimulant and can help boost libido and energy. It is really a delicious beverage.


Banana is an important fruit that contains fiber and potassium which provides your body with the needed energy to last longer in bed.

It contains a mineral that helps relax your muscles and avoid the chance of experiencing cramps/sudden uncontrolled tightening of your muscles that might mar you from having a great time.

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Berries like strawberries and raspberries contain zinc which increases libido in both men and women.

Men ought to consume enough zinc because their zinc level diminishes during mating. In women, zinc makes them easily prepared for making out.


Peaches contain vitamin C which helps improve sperm production and the quality of the sperm effectively. Consuming this fruit tends to avert erectile dysfunction and improves fertility. we can’t do without these foods that increase your sex drive and stamina in a jiffy, so eat enough peaches.


It is one of those green vegetables that improves libido effectively because of the presence of arginine. When this amino acid enters your body system, it is being converted into nitric oxide for optimal erections.

Spinach also helps your muscles grow rapidly and also makes you recover fully after mating.

Red wine

Red wine is high in quercetin which helps prepare women to get in the mood.

Research by the Journal of Sexual Medicine shows that drinking a glass or two glasses of red wine lubricates women immensely. Men can also enjoy it as it has adequate health benefits.

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice contains antioxidants which improve the flow of blood and prevent erectile dysfunction according to research by the International Journal of Impotence Research.

Also, pomegranate juices are essential foods that increase your sex drive and stamina.


Although the smell of onions might not be friendly, it is one of those foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina effectively. Onions are suitable for both couples to have a great time together.


Asparagus contains folate which regulates the flow of blood in your body and produces healthy cells immensely.

It also makes one focus, be alert, and have adequate energy to perform adequately.

Fatty fish

Eating fatty fishes like salmon, oysters, and mackerels do provide your body with omega-3 fatty acids helps one stay hard as a result of the production of nitric oxide.

The research discovered that reducing the intake of calories and consuming mainly Mediterranean-style diet that is rich in produce, whole grains, fish, and healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids tend to improve erectile function in men who have metabolic syndrome.

Researches have shown that zinc in oyster doesn’t only help boost sperm count but also increases the flow of blood to both the male and female sex organs not excluding the maintenance of the hormone known as testosterone.


Ginger has a lot of medicinal importance and it’s one of those foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina in the blinking of an eye.

This root-like plant helps flush out harmful substances from the body and improves heart health effectively.

You can consume ginger by adding it as a spice into your food or drink it as a tea.


Steak is one of those foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina efficiently because it contains vitamin B, protein, zinc, and iron. It is both suitable for men and women to have a great time together.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are known to contain essential minerals like magnesium and zinc which improves your testosterone levels effectively when combined.

The magnesium mainly reduces inflammation in blood vessels which in turn increases blood flow to all other parts of the body.


Garlic is one of those aphrodisiac foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina and improves your heart health as well. Although garlic could have an annoying smell but never take it if you are going on a date.

It is also used in preventing increased cholesterol levels and high blood pressure in the human body.

You can enjoy garlic when you introduce them into your diet or you take them as ginger-garlic tea as a treat for breakfast.

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We have looked at the surprising foods that increase your sex drive and sexual stamina in a jiffy without feeling worried about how you could last long in bed any longer.

Also be guided, if you know you are allergic to some of these foods you can consult your medical doctor immediately for optimal alternatives and significant solutions. They are other foods like beef which is known to contain vitamin B3 which helps boost libido.

Saffron is one of those foods that increase your sex drive and stamina performance efficiently. Avoid bad lifestyles like excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking which might mar your performance in bed greatly.

You can share this great article to help friends and family members to experience a lasting solution to their low libido drive.

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