23 Signs He Loves You Truly Insanely And 10 Signs He Doesn’t


How to know a guy truly loves you

Signs he loves you truly insanely are the major signs to watch out for to know if he actually cherishes you deeply. Do most women want to be sure if their boyfriend truly loves them by asking them “do you really love me”? Others tend to ask, what really do you love or see in me that makes you get attracted to me?

Signs he loves you truly

Also, no woman wants to waste her precious time in a relationship that appears bleak or a guy who is doesn’t care in giving everything. I can assure you after reading this article, you’ll wish you had known this earlier to be certain that your guy truly loves you to the moon. Here are the 23 signs he loves you truly deeply:

He tends to distance himself from you

You might be thinking this is absurd but I can assure you it is one of those signs he loves you truly madly to the core. A guy who is confused about his feelings or doesn’t understand what is going deep within his heart may see himself giving you more space than usual. Never panic as he is not drifting away from you but he is just preparing to give you that diamond ring to make you his entire world.

He quickly replies your text

Why panic when you just send your hubby a sweet text like “hey my jewel, are you back from work?” and he tends to reply you he is home in less than 2 seconds? He might even tell you he is even preparing delicious delicacy for you both to enjoy the dinner together and eventually ends the text by telling you he misses you. This is one of those clear signs he loves you to the moon and he can’t afford to delay even for a second without replying his pearl.

The same applies to phone calls, as you just ring him he quickly receives your call as if he was just waiting for your call to come in. if you are not just after how to know if he truly loves you and you want a long-lasting healthy relationship, spend adequate time in communicating with your partner to lubricates the relationship.

Always wants to please you

He strives to always make you happy no matter what. Also, he might complain to you whenever you ask him to do some little things like helping out with the dirty dishes and keeping the house tidy. Just to return back from office to see that the house is extremely neat and some enticing aroma is coming from the kitchen as he has even prepared a delicious meal for you.

You tend to tell him, my jewel, you are incredible and he gently replies you by saying as long as you are happy, then he is fulfilled and you don’t need to be afraid as you are with your dream man.

Consequently, you might see your man going to places he doesn’t like, partaking in activities he doesn’t really enjoy, and putting up with your friends or family member he doesn’t always enjoy their company just to make you happy. If he is willing to do any of the above things, you need no clearer signs he loves you as you have just gotten your heart desire.

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He loves saying the words

Although you have to be extremely careful with this particular sign as most guys can go the extra mile to tell you they love you just to get you laid. Some may reply to you “I love you too” so as not to hurt your feelings or ruin the good times you guys are enjoying.

So how do you really know if he actually meant those three little words “I Love You”? It doesn’t really matter who says the words first, but you see him expressing those words with sincerity and feeling vulnerable then he is really into you like mad.

You are his best friend

Most of the long-lasting relationship depends on underlying relationships that lead to a much deeper more meaningful love. If you are his best friend, as well as his lover, he will so much love you to the core.

Furthermore, if you are his closest pal, then he may likely to feel the need to make you his jewel.

He prioritized you

If you discover he doesn’t allow his work or family to impede him from being with you, then you need not look further as you have completely won his heart. Also, he tries as much as possible to show you that he cherishes and held you in high esteem. You also discover he puts your needs over his own and he’ll do all he can to make you happy. He likes being there for you when you need him. All these are clear signs he loves you and you shouldn’t take him for granted.

He has plans for your future

You tend to discover he lets it slip that you will do anything together after next week or purchase a new property, there’s a good chance he’s fallen for you and is already in love.

It is very rare for you to see a guy make a lot of plans for the future that he doesn’t conceal it, so if your guy is all about what is happening the next day, next month, or next year; then there’s a very good chance he truly loves you and wants to be with you forever.

You also see him strive to make sure you achieve your desired dream like you wanted to be the best fashion designer in the world or a world-class model and he is always there to assist you.

He wants to be close to you

When you discover your guy always put in more effort to be with you no matter what, and then be rest assured he loves you to the moon. You tend to discover when you guys are out on a date, he always wants to sit on the same side of the table with you; he’ll stare at you; he’ll like to stand closer to you in the car; as all these are clear signs he loves you truly.

Watch out for his body language

This is one of the major signs you have to look out for in other to know if he truly loves you. Body language which is a subconscious form of communication is often neglected by many which make it difficult for them to know if their guy truly loves them.

You tend to watch out the way he stares at you while talking with him and the way he pays close attention to your gist are all ways to know that he truly cherishes you. Also, you have to be careful as not all the looks he gives you shows he truly loves you as some maybe he’s lusting after you.

If you discover he only has eyes for you and doesn’t get carried away by other women in the room, is a clear sign he truly loves you completely.

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His life

The first question to ask yourself is does he involve you in every aspect of his life? If he does and also talks about everything with you, you have actually met your dream man. Does he also let you know about his schedule and always tells you his plans or arrangement before doing things? This is because he loves you and wants you to be part of his life unless he wouldn’t have revealed anything to you.

Furthermore, he may also want your advice about his life like wanting you to help him out about an important decision that he needs to make. This is because he loves, cares what you think, and trusts your sense.

He knows your favorites

When you discover he dedicates interest in knowing your likes and dislikes as this will make him be careful so as not to do those things which you dislike. He tends to know your favorite color, delicacy, music, and sports are all signs he loves you immensely. You tend to discover he gives listening ears to your likes, needs, and wants shows that he also finds what you find interesting and important to you very interesting to him as well.

Enjoys your warm cuddle

No man who doesn’t like a good cuddle but may prefer to be cuddled by the one he truly loves. You tend to discover he loves holding you in his arms while you sleep are one of those signs he loves you truly. He watches you while you sleep is another sign to look out for but you can only know this if you accidentally wake up to see him staring at you or he tells you.

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He treats you like a lady

This is always the problem being experienced today especially younger men who lack proper manners to treat and handle a lady like an egg. You see your man giving you all the respects you deserved, he always helps you out with house chores, always opening the door of his car for you to enter, offers to pay for your groceries, and always making sure you don’t carry heavy things apart from your purse only.

These are all signs he loves you insanely and wants to be with you forever.

Consequently most relationships today ends woefully because couples or partners don’t show that love and respect to each other. So if you are lucky enough to see your man respects you show him that love and respect in return and see if the relationship won’t be enjoyable/long-lasting.

He is not after getting you laid

Couples engage in significant lovemaking as it is one of the ingredients that strengthen relationships/marriages. He makes sure you attain your climax and wants to make sure you are okay. Unlike other guys who might focus on getting a lady to bed for their own selfish reasons which aren’t good. Lovemaking has to be done with the right partner, at the right time, and at the right place.

He loves spoiling you

You tend to see your guy drive to the nearest eateries and get you some breakfast to take to the office, or he surprises you with precious gifts on your birthday. He loves going shopping with you and is always happy to spend a long vacation with you in serene places like Ibiza beach, Paris, and Dubai.

This does not mean he’s a fool or a servant but he’s doing just that for you because he loves you. You are curious why he pampers you even when it’s not on a special occasion? This is because he has an immeasurable love for you.

He has a good sense of humor

Don’t be surprised when you see your man amused you by doing funny things like dancing for you, singing for you and saying funny jokes just to make you forget about the worst day you had on your way home. When you discover your man is making a real effort to see you smile always especially when things are not going too well with you, it is one of those clear signs he loves you to the moon and learns to reciprocate it.

He loves your natural beauty

You hear him whisper to your ears that honey, you look beautiful on your dress as you are about going to the office or he wakes up by your side and says you look extremely beautiful when you’re awake early in the morning.

They might be days that you are timid that you are not looking appealing maybe you have not made your hair or apply makeup and he steps up and said you look kinky. Seeing him gives you all those compliments is because he admires and respects your personality.

Although passion and desire are feelings that might attract men in the first place, having that true love for you is what keeps the relationship booming. Seeing your guy acts in this manner is one of those signs he loves you and be grateful that it’s very rare to see a guy act like that.

signs he loves you

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He tries to remember the little things

He is always the first to remind you of your appointment or function you planned to do at your leisure time. You don’t see him shy away from some responsibilities and he will always remember when you got together, even if you have forgotten.

He tends to inquire about your parents, siblings, and your friends just to make sure all is well about the people surrounding your happiness. All these are signs he loves you and avoids taking his love for granted.

He misses you

This is one of those clear signs he loves you as missing the person you have feelings for shows you love that person. You tend to observe that he incessantly calls you or texts you to tell you how much he misses your absence and he can’t wait for you to be back are all clear signs he loves you. He jumps on you and hugs you immediately you are back home from the long trip and asks about your trip are all things to look out for.

He wants you to meet his friends and family members

A guy who loves you completely won’t shy away from introducing you to his friends and family members that he has a jewel in the person of you. He is always happy to speak about you to his parents how nice and caring you are and also how lucky he is to have you.

All his friends know you and are always very happy to have you in their midst. You are held in high esteem because he loves and respects you.

He watches out for you

This particular sign might not mean a whole lot to you in the early stages of your relationship, but I can assure you when things start going rough, you will definitely know that he is actually there for you. you see him encouraging you to pursue your dreams and also shows you that he will be now by doing what he said he will do are all great signs he loves you immensely.

Quitting is not in his blood

You may have had a severe misunderstanding in your early stages in your relationship and he isn’t running away from you that you nag at him are all clear signs he loves you no matter what. There is this particular thing he sees in you and never wants to lose you that’s why he didn’t abandon you.

Learn to settle differences amicably especially that day and don’t let it escalate to the next day or months. Accord him that respect as well even though he treats you like his very self.

You find him sneaking at you from the neighboring room

If you catch your man sneaking to gaze at you across the room isn’t weird but he does that because he admires and has a strong affection for you. You tend to discover after spending quality time together, he stills can’t take his eyes off you, and then he completely loves you to the core.

Signs he doesn’t love you

After knowing the above signs that your guy truly loves you, you might be curious to know what the signs that he doesn’t love me are. We have diligently highlighted those signs he doesn’t love you below:

He doesn’t trust you

He always suspects you that you’re a flirt. If your intuition is telling you that he doesn’t trust you, follow it as he may just be using you. On the other hand, you don’t trust him if you suspect he is cheating on you and know that he is not worthy of you and move on with your life.

Always ignores you

A man that truly loves you won’t ignore you repeatedly on several occasions. He will always make out time to see you even if all means prove abortive. It is normal for him to ignore you maybe you made him angry and he doesn’t want to talk to you at that moment but if he persists for long, then he was not meant for you. Quietly let go of him and move on with your life.

He doesn’t plan for the future with you

This is a clear sign he doesn’t see a future with you and if you persist, you might be exposing yourself to a severe heartbreak. If he truly loves you, he would be planning his future around you and also tells you most of his recent plans too.

He desists from surprising you with gifts

This is one of those signs that he doesn’t love you if he continuously refrains away from buying you gifts even if you are financially buoyant. If he truly loves you to the moon, he would surprise you with gifts on your birthday or on special occasions.

He makes you feel like you’re not good enough for him

If he is a type that makes you feel insecure whenever you are around him, then it is a clear sign that he doesn’t love you and move on with your life. Love is a powerful weapon that makes both partners know that they are compatible with each other.

Always complains about every little thing you do

A man that loves you will respect and love you for who you are and know completely well that nobody is above mistake. If he is a type that complains about every little thing you do even on things that don’t warrant it, and then flew from him as he doesn’t have you at heart.

He doesn’t give a listening ear

If he is a type that doesn’t want to hear your part of the story before drawing conclusions or he takes your advice leniently then he doesn’t love and respect you. Cut off all ties with such a man as you are not in his heart.

He is after sex and nothing more

A man that always profess love to you only when you two engage in lovemaking doesn’t love you as he is only using you to satisfy his own selfish reasons. This does not mean he must not demand sex but it should only be when you two are in the mood and you trust your partner.  Lovemaking is also one of those things that spice up marriages and relationships and as such should be handled with great care.

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He shies away from introducing you to his friends and family members

If you discover your guy isn’t proud of you in front of your friends, his friends, and his family members then look no further as he doesn’t love. A man that loves you will always be happy to introduce you to his close friends and family members. This is to show that he values and respects you.

He always bullies you

A guy that bullies ladies is not worthy to be called a man as he doesn’t have respect for a woman. If he beats you in public places recurrently then he wasn’t meant for you and run far away from such a man.

A man that truly loves you will always watch out for you to avoid you going into danger.


Having known all these signs he loves you and signs he doesn’t love you, the choice is yours if you care about enjoying a healthy long-lasting relationship. Please if you love what you just read kindly like our facebook page, twitter handler, Instagram, and also help share this great article.