20 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cucumber To Your Body

health benefits of cucumber

Amazing Health Benefits Of cucumber Fruit

Health benefits of cucumber are simply the beneficial aspect of this fruit to your body health wise. Improving your brain health and lowering your risks of having breast, ovarian, uterine, and prostate cancers are some of the health benefits of cucumber to your body.

Some people refer to cucumber as a vegetable but it is actually a delicious fruit you must consume. Pumpkin, squash, and watermelon belong to the same plant family with cucumber called Cucurbitaceae family.

Also, cucumber is rich in beneficial nutrients, some plant compounds, and antioxidants that may be used to treat and prevent some medical conditions.  They are made up of mostly 95 percent of water just like watermelon which helps you stay hydrated when consumed on hot summer days.

Furthermore, cucumbers are low in calories which promote weight loss and also have unique polyphenols/other compounds that may help lower your chance of having chronic diseases. During ancient times, this fruit has been used as traditional, herbal medications in most part of India.

Cucumber contains some anti-diabetic and lipid-lowering properties that prevent your body from overheating thereby providing a more natural cooling effect to your entire body.

Nutritional chart of cucumber fruit

Amount per serving                                                                 %DV

Calcium                                                                                       1%

Cholesterol 0mg                                                                        0%

Dietary Fiber 0g                                                                         0%

Iron                                                                                              1%

Protein 0mg                                                                               0%

Sodium 1mg                                                                               2%

Sugars 0g                                                                                    0%

Total Carbohydrate 2g                                                             1%

Total Fat 0g                                                                                0%

Vitamin A                                                                                   1%

Vitamin C                                                                                    2%

Health benefits of cucumber

The following are the surprising health benefits of cucumber to your body:

Rich in nutrients

This is one of the health benefits of cucumber as being low in calories, it also has enough essential minerals and vitamins needed by your body. A 300 gram of an unpeeled, fresh cucumber has the following nutrients:

  • Calories- 45
  • Carbs- 0 grams
  • Fiber- 2 grams
  • Magnesium- 10 percent of the RDI
  • Manganese- 12 percent of the RDI
  • Potassium- 13 percent of the RDI
  • Protein- 2 grams
  • Total Fat- 0 gram
  • Vitamin C- 14 percent of the RDI
  • Vitamin K- 62 percent of the RDI

Consuming a standard serving size of cucumber will provide your body with about 1/3 of the above nutrients. It is advisable to eat an unpeeled cucumber than a peeled one which usually reduces the amount of some vitamins, minerals, and fiber nutrients in your body.

Also, this fruit is rich in water content which makes up about 96 percent of the water that is suitable for your body. Why not consume unpeeled cucumber to enjoy its optimal nutrients?

Improves your brain health

Since it contains anti-inflammatory flavonol known as fisetin helps improve your brain health effectively. This anti-inflammatory flavonol has been known to prevent learning impairments and progressive memory loss in mice with Alzheimer’s disease. It also helps protect your nerve cells from aging rapidly which is one of the health benefits of cucumber to your body.

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Aids detoxification

Detoxification which is the removal of harmful impurities, waste and accumulated toxins from your gut and bloodstream is one of the health benefits of cucumber to your body. More urine is being excreted from your body to help remove toxins. Consuming cucumber fruit as a beverage helps to increase the detoxification process in the body.

Having enough antioxidants properties

This is one of the health benefits of cucumber that can’t be left out as it contains enough antioxidants that block oxidation, a chemical reaction that brings about highly reactive atoms with unpaired electrons giving rise to free radicals. When these harmful free radicals are being deposited in your body, it can expose you to several chronic illnesses.

It is also found that oxidative stress caused by free radicals has been attributed to cancer and lung, heart and some autoimmune diseases.

Cucumber contains adequate antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin C and antioxidant flavonoids like luteolin, quercetin, kaempferol, and apigenin which are added benefits.

Research supplemented 30 older adults with cucumber powder to ascertain its antioxidant power. They deduced at the end of the 30-day research that the cucumber powder caused an important increase in various markers of antioxidant activity and improved its antioxidant status effectively.

Also, taking note that the cucumber powder used in this research contains a greater dose of antioxidants more than your typical serving cucumber consumed.

Furthermore, another study uses a test-tube method in determining the antioxidant properties of cucumbers and discovered that they have tannins and flavonoids, which are the main two compounds responsible for the blockage of harmful free radicals in the body.

Kaempferol helps protect your body against cancer and reduces your chance of developing any heart disease. The antioxidant, quercetin prevents the release of histamine, therefore, making foods rich in quercetin “natural antihistamines”.

Reduces your risk of having cancer

Reducing your chance of developing cancer is one of the health benefits of cucumber. This fruit contains polyphenols known as lignans which comprise of lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol that helps reduce your chance of having uterine, breast, prostate, and ovarian cancers.

Also, scientists have deduced that cucurbitacins can block the JAK-STAT and MAPK pathways needed for their development of cancer cells and its survival. Cucumber also contains fisetin, caffeic acid, lutein, and cucurbitacins which helps reduce the development of cancerous cells in its early stages.

The phytochemicals present in this fruit contains strong anti-cancer properties that help remove free radical cells from your body and also improve your immune system greatly. 

Improves your skin health

Making your skin look smooth and glowing is one of the health benefits of cucumber. This can be achieved by making a thick paste of cucumber and rub it on your face to nourish your skin effectively.

You could experience a cooling and soothing effect when used as a natural face mask. Consuming cucumber helps make your skin stay moisturized and protects the skin from skin irritation, acne, and other skin related disorders.

The presence of vitamin C in cucumbers helps lighten the tone of your skin.

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Improves hydration

Consuming fresh unpeeled cucumber can help stay hydrated as proper hydration can influence everything from physical performance to metabolism. Eating enough cucumbers helps improve hydration and you can achieve your daily fluid needs.

A research work collected the diet records for 442 children to ascertain their hydration status and deduced that increased consumption of vegetable and fruit helps improve their hydration status.

Helps fight inflammation

This is one of those health benefits of cucumber you can’t just avoid as it helps cool the inflammatory response in your body. A research conducted in animal shows how cucumber helps reduce unwanted inflammation by inhibiting the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes not excluding COX-2 and cyclo-oxygenase 2.        

Improves eye health

Since it contains about 95 percent of water, it helps moisturize all the skin around your eyes. Consuming cucumber daily helps improve your vision and prevents your eye from clear of cataracts.  Cucumber helps prevent you against cataracts since it contains several antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Hyperpigmentation which forms dark circles around the skin of your eyes is being prevented from occurring when you eat adequate cucumber.

health benefits of cucumber

Improves weight loss

Improving weight loss is one of the health benefits of a cucumber when it’s being consumed appropriately. Cucumbers are generally low in calories as consuming a cup (usually 104 grams) serving constitutes about 16 calories, while an entire 11-ounce (usually 300 grams) cucumber has approximately 45 calories.

This fruit adds flavor and freshness to salads and sandwiches may serve as a replacement for higher calorie alternatives. Its water content could help weight loss adequately.

A study analyzed 13 studies involving 3628 people and discovered that consuming foods with high water and low-calorie intake leads to a significant reduction in body weight. Cucumber helps slow down digestion as the soluble fiber present in cucumbers dissolves into a gel-like texture in your gut very easily. This makes you feel full for a longer time.

You can lose weight very fast when you consume this fruit as a salad or introduce it into your yogurt for optimal result.

Suitable for fresh breath

Helping get rid of mouth odor from your mouth is one of the health benefits of cucumber. You can place a slice of cucumber on the roof of your mouth to help remove bad-odor causing bacteria and the accumulation of microbes, which can bring about gum diseases/dental caries.

Consuming cucumbers helps to get rid of excessive heat from your stomach, which is known to be the main cause of bad breath according to the principles of Ayurveda.

Reduction of blood sugar levels

The following researches are only carried out on animals and test-tubes but further researches are required to help ascertain the effect of cucumber on blood sugar levels in humans.  

A study using animals examined the effects of some plants on blood sugar and deduced that cucumbers were effective in lowering and controlling blood sugar levels at ease.

Another study using animals introduced diabetes in mice and they were given a supplement of cucumber peel extract. The cucumber peel extract alters diabetes in the mice and caused a reduction in blood sugar.

Furthermore, a study using test-tube deduced that cucumbers were very effective at reducing oxidative stress and preventing other diabetes-related disorders.

A hormone found in cucumber helps the pancreas use the insulin that breaks down carbohydrates into energy.

Helps curb stress

This is one of the health benefits of cucumber since it contains vitamin B1, B5, and B7 (biotin). These B vitamins help ease your feelings of stress and anxiety. Why not consume cucumber fruit to improve your mood and relieve stress?

Maintains your body pH level

Maintaining a healthy body pH level helps remove free radical cells, which are mainly acidic in nature and may result in cancer? Consuming cucumber juice daily helps alkalizes your blood.

Improves regular bowel movements

Consuming adequate cucumbers help improve regular bowel movement at ease. Being dehydrated can cause constipation, therefore altering your water balance and making passage of feces difficult. Since cucumber contains enough water, these aids hydration and improves your feces consistency and maintain regularity of bowel movements.

Also, a particular soluble fiber known as pectin helps improve the frequency of bowel movement in your body. Why not consume cucumber to ease regularity and also prevent constipation?

Aids digestive health

Cucumbers are rich in fiber and water, which makes them suitable for healthy digestion in the body. If you are experiencing acid reflux, you can eat a cucumber to alleviate this medical condition. Eating enough cucumber enables food to pass through your digestive tract quickly, thereby maintaining your digestive health.

This is one of the health benefits of cucumber to your body as the fruit contains an enzyme called “erepsin”, which aids digestion and helps your body efficiently take up protein.

Enhance strong bones, teeth, and nails

This is one of the health benefits of cucumber as it contains caffeic acid and ascorbic acid which helps build strong bones and teeth. Weakened bones can also be strengthened since it contains silica, which boosts the formation of strong connective tissues.

The presence of folic acid, magnesium, protein, silicon, vitamin A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, and K in cucumber helps stimulate strong bones and nails.

Makes a good addition to your diet

Cucumbers are very delicious and could be eaten fresh or sprinkled as salads or sandwiches. Adding cucumber with salt, olive oil or a salad helps make it tasty. You can add cucumber into your diet to make the following recipes:

  • Cucumber goat cheese grilled cheese
  • Thai cucumber salad
  • Baked cucumber chips
  • Strawberry, cucumber, lime, and mint-infused water
health benefits of cucumber

Improves your heart health

Improving your heart health is one of the health benefits of cucumber as it contains potassium, which helps reduce its blood pressure levels. Since potassium is an electrolyte, it associates with sodium thereby stabilizing the transmission of nerve impulse, proper functioning of your heart, and muscle contraction.

Boost broken hair

You can prepare a cucumber paste and mix it with water. Carefully apply it to your hair and gently massage it as it helps to alleviate dry and rough hair which is one of the health benefits of cucumber. It is also suitable for your scalp and hair health.


We have seen the various health benefits of cucumber and it is also suitable for your overall physical and mental health since it contains powerful nutrients and vitamins. Cucumber could also be enjoyed as juice.

Consequently, cucumbers are often waxed to avoid spoilage so they can reach the market while being in its fresh state. The following are the different ways cucumber could be waxed after harvest:

  • Beeswax
  • Petroleum-based waxes
  • Carnauba wax usually from the carnauba palm tree
  • Shellac wax from the lac beetle

Most people prefer consuming all other natural waxes to petroleum-based waxes. The disadvantages of these waxes are it is difficult to remove the wax from the outer surface of the cucumber fruit and in some cases, you’ll need a cleanser to help remove the wax at ease.

Why not consume fresh unpeeled cucumbers to enjoy the above health benefits and enjoy your overall health?

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