20 Signs A Man Is Ready For Marriage And 13 Signs He’s Not

How to know he is ready to tie the knot at ease

A man is ready for marriage when you see him things like always being honest with you, committed to you, he doesn’t doubt you, he wants you to meet his family/friends, and he gets really excited when his friends get married are a few of the signs he is ready to walk you down the aisle.

Most guy will be like oh no! I don’t think I will be able to let go my bachelor life and put up with marriage vows as going out with their friends will be limited and they won’t have to stay longer late at night, enjoy a cool drink and party with their friends anymore.

Also, you discover your buddy prefers spending quality time with his baby to his friends as that is a clear sign that he must have been putting things together to propose to his girlfriend and let go bachelor life.

On the other hand, if you’re a lady who wants to speed up your boyfriend into proposing to you, you might be flogging a dead horse but that doesn’t mean you it can’t work. Men fall in love and get married virtually every day as they have their own appropriate time to make that ideal commitment.

Proven signs a man is ready for marriage

You might be thinking it’s not that easy to differentiate between a man who is ready for marriage and the one who isn’t ready. We’ve carefully outlined below the major signs to look out for in your man to see if he is really committed to spending the rest of his life with you.

He doesn’t find happiness in his usual hangouts

If a man is ready for marriage, he usually hangs out like partying in the clubs, bars, and pool halls no longer interest him as his mind is about his wife to be. What if she happens to see me in the club or partying will she be happy with me? A lot of things run through his mind and that makes him feel reluctant in going to those places any more.

Consequently, the book titled “Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others” by John Malloy illustrated how singles scene no longer appeals to men who are ready to marry by taking a survey of 2,500 men. Men between ages 17 to 70 who were about to tie the knot; all admitted they felt increasingly out of place in their favorite hangouts like dance clubs and bars.

He loves being called daddy

A man is ready for marriage if he looks longingly at kids and suggests you would have beautiful children according to Carol Morgan. If your man loves being called daddy then he must have been having affections for kids and isn’t far from making you his jewel for life.

Also, if your guy is a cunning type learn from John Malloy who deduced that most men want to be young enough to teach their sons to play games and do the male-bonding thing.

He deduced that age can have a great effect on a man’s attitude toward marriage as most college-educated men don’t take marriage seriously until they attain 26 years. They can be highly committed between 28-33 years but men who have graduated into becoming lawyers and doctors attain their commitment peak phase as from 30-36 years.

Furthermore, Malloy concluded that once a single man clock 37, the probability of him getting married tends to fade away and after attaining 43 years, he will likely remain a bachelor for life. This doesn’t mean a man won’t feel marriage or fatherhood fever later in life.

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He is always available for you

A man who is ready for marriage will definitely do his best to be there for you consistently. He doesn’t delay in answering your calls or replying your text as you’re his top priority. Other men may even offer to include you in most of their hobbies and activities as you’re his significant other.

He talks to you about everything

This is one of those signs that a man is ready for marriage as he has plans in place and isn’t afraid to share them with you. He will definitely want to share those plans with his friends and family that he is ready to tie the knot. Being able to voice out his intention to the public shows he’s really committed to get married to you. If he doesn’t include you in his life plans then know that he isn’t ready for marriage yet.

He is open and honest to you

When you discover he can’t wait to walk you down the aisle and discussing some important stuff on the table, he is definitely ready for marriage look no further. He seems to absorb everything about you and no topic is off limits to him.

Always making you feel secured, loved, and supported

A man is ready for marriage if he makes you feel secured, loved, and supports you in achieving your dreams. You tend to see your man accord you that respect, stand with you, and have your back whenever things go wrong. He tends to be interested in your priorities and put in his best to help you out.

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He doesn’t shy away when people talk about marriage

If you and your guy go out to a dinner party having most engaged/married couples and the topic of marriage is accidentally brought up. Your man doesn’t shy away from but pay rapt attention to what they are discussing, ask some questions, and also share his significant thoughts about it too is a clear sign that your man is ready for marriage.

Consequently, if he doesn’t believe in marriage and see it as a burden then he is never ready to settle down with you. Move on with your life and let go of him.

He gives you the key to his place

If your man gives you the key to his place to come anything you like as your clothes, toothbrush, and most of your belongings are in his place then he is definitely ready for marriage. He trusts you and has strong feelings for you that you can never defraud him. This is a green light as the next step might be to ask your hand in marriage so that he could spend the rest of his life with you. He is happy to share everything with you and also make his home your home.

He is never infuriated when you use his things

A man who doesn’t allow you to use his things like shirts, toothpaste, or anything of his without taking permission from you, then he’s committed about you. If your man accepts to get you what you need and tells you to feel free to use anything you want. His things are yours and he prefers to say our things then his actions show that he is ready to make you his significant other for life.

Your man always makes you feel comfortable at his place, and you never feel restricted from using virtually all his things. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask of his permission sometimes to use his things even though he doesn’t feel infuriated when you touch his things but is a sign that you respect him as well.

He always tells you he loves and misses you

If you discover your man always text or call you each time you’re away or you’re on a vacation with your friends for a few days then he really misses your absence. He tends to jump on you and hug you when you return home as he is really happy to see you. He strives no matter what to give you a call or come visit you to show you that he misses you. You can tell from his looks and appearance that he truly loves you from the way he treats you very nicely. All these are signs that your man is ready for marriage.

He is financially stable

This is one of those signs to look at for if your man is ready for marriage if he is financially buoyant and doesn’t lavish money unnecessarily. Most men nowadays tend to focus on becoming financially independent before settling down with the lady of their life. He might not want to discuss marriage with you if you see him deeply engrossed to pay his accumulated bills as he won’t want to add to the burden of supporting a wife.

A man who is ready for marriage should be mature enough and also be able to commit to his job, friends, and family members. A situation where he is not ready to tie the knot but he’s at least able to discuss the word “commitment” with you to show you that he has you in mind.

He might be your boyfriend in name but your husband in spirit

When a man is ripe to become a husband (your husband), he starts acting like a husband. He’ll definitely want to make plans for the future with you, introduce you to his family, and friends. Also, likes calling you to inform you of his whereabouts and have the curiosity to hear about yours.

Furthermore, Malloy in his book about men and marriage deduced that about 73 percent of the women coming out of marriage-license bureaus with their future husbands told us that they pressurize their man into proposing to them. This pressure doesn’t entail them manipulating their man into settling down with them but simply a result of informing their man what they were feeling.

Consequently, if you are not certain about your guy’s intentions, try paying attention to the way he acts o the way he talks about the future with you. If he is making promises but hasn’t made it up to you and doesn’t want to discuss the future with you then he is probably never ready to settle down. Never jump into the conclusion that he’s not ready.

Be straightforward with him and air out how you feel to him. Then you will definitely know where you’re placed in his heart. If he isn’t ready, he is not ready and there is nothing you can do. Move on with your life and let go of him to meet a man who is ready.

He doesn’t doubt you

Where a man does not continually inform you that he feels things are moving too fast is one of those clear signs your man is ready for marriage. He shows no doubt that you’re the one for him. But if he tends to exercise this continually, that is a bad sign that he is not ready to start a family with you.

He tends to be committed to you

A man who is ready for marriage never shy away from being committed to you like no matter how you wear him down, you don’t need to seek his attention for him to reaffirm he still wants to settle down with you. Be careful as he might just be saying yes to get along with you and doesn’t have plans in settling down with you.

He doesn’t take you for granted

Be it whether you’re with your friends, your man, or alone at home as a man who is ready to walk you down the aisle will always love and respect you to the core. He prioritizes you even though you are with your colleagues or family member. A man who behaves somehow when you’re alone together or with your friends isn’t ready for a committed relationship/marriage.

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Always talk about the future with you and loves the word “when” not “if”

If you discover your man loves using the word “when” for example, you ask him if he’ll ever move out of his apartment. And he replies when we get married, we will definitely move into a three-bedroom flat.

Then be rest assured that he has you at heart. A situation where you ask your guy if he will love to move out of his one bedroom flat? “If we finally tie the knot, “we might move.” This is to imply that he is not certain about walking you down the aisle but he may still love you. Keep away from such a man and wait for the appointed time.

He wants you to move in with him to spend more quality time together

You know your relationship is moving in the right direction if your man asks you to move in with him with a good gesture. This is to tell you he misses your company and wants to spend more quality time with you but asking you to move in with him. Moving in together is just as serious as settling down. It is a step closer to him going down on his one knee and proposing to you. This is also a way for both of you to have an idea what it’ll be like if you two were to tie the knot together.   

He wants you to meet his family

When your man introduces you to his family members and also invites you to his family gatherings and you guys spend time with each other’s family on vacations isn’t a mere formality as he has committed himself in the relationship. He also strives to see your parents and inform them of his intention to settle down with you is one of those signs that he is ready for marriage.

He’s always happy when his friends get married

You discover a lot of his friends are getting married and he is like honey I can’t wait for us to tie the knot like my friends and you two laugh about it. He isn’t joking as he meant what he’s saying because he admires the way his friends are getting married and that helps stir his urge to follow suit.

If he’s a type that doesn’t love marriage, he just can’t wait for the ceremony to be over. To be certain about it, one of his friends happen to ask him when they should be expecting his wedding, and he replies, “soon maybe”. This is to show you that getting married are not in his plans and you should immediately look elsewhere to a man who is committed/ready to tie the knot with you.

He has the fear of God/Allah in him

Being financially buoyant and hardworking is not a yardstick that he is a husband material without the fear of God in him. A man who has the fear of God won’t do things to hurt his significant other and will love/cherish her forever.

Signs your man is not ready for marriage

Do you really want to be sure if your relationship is heading in the right direction that may eventually lead to you both getting married? Here are the signs that he is not ready for marriage as he’s just flirting with you:

He shies away from settling down with you

If your man tells you he has no interest in settling down with you. Instead of trying to change his mind, believe him and move on with your life. He wasn’t meant for you as you can always see another better than him.

Always mock his married friends

You discover your man likes calling his married friends “losers.” This is a great sign that he’s not ready for marriage. He also sees marriage as a burden to impede a man from achieving his desired goals.

Loves spending extravagantly on irrelevant things

If your man is a car freak and also spends a large sum of money in purchasing expensive cars like Lamborghini or Porsche as he doesn’t care about how you are faring is a selfish man. Stay away from such man as he’s not prepared to settle down with you and move on with your life.

He always makes you cry

A man that is ripe for marriage will try as much as possible not to make his jewel shed tears every day but a man who isn’t ready will make her cry incessantly. If your man is abusive, a cheat, and an unreliable person, stay clear from such a relationship as it’s not a healthy relationship.

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He never makes future plans with you

If you discover your man don’t always share his plans with you, it’s high time to reexamine the relationship. His plans with you are mostly now or tomorrow but never in a few months or next year is one of those clear signs he isn’t ready for marriage. For example, he wants to go on a vacation and happens to tell you a day before traveling as he doesn’t trust you and does not want to be committed with you. There’s no magic that you will have a successful vacation by just preparing for the vacation a day before the D-day.

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He emotionally shuts down

Everyone is bound to become upset but the ultimate thing is how the partners are there for each other during that time. If he is a type that doesn’t want to talk to you about what’s on his mind or bothering him and eventually tells you he wants some space after several attempts to make him speak out, let go of him and look for a man who’s ready for marriage. Communication is so vital in a relationship, and if there is a lack of trust, then there’s nothing you can do as he is not fully prepared to tie the knot with you.

He walks away on hearing his friends discuss marriage

Whenever your man hears people talk about marriage, he tries to shy away from the topic or quickly walk away from such gatherings. He dislikes it when people talk about marriage and discourages his friends from marrying. All these are clear signs that he is not ready for marriage and move on with your life without him.

He continually makes more promises he can’t deliver

You discover your man makes more promises he can’t deliver, then is a clear sign to let go of him to someone who is ready for marriage. He promises to buy you a gift on your birthday, but finally flakes. He also promises to take you out for lunch, just to call you on the phone and inform you he has a tight business schedule and won’t be able to make it up to you. There are times when he keeps his promises, but there are more times when he disappoints you greatly.

Furthermore, responsibilities are vital in marriage and since he’s unable to hold up his end of the bargain in the relationship, as the probability of him proposing to you is really negligible. A man who doesn’t keep to his word isn’t a committed man and as such isn’t ready for marriage yet.

He belittles your relationship in front of his friends and family

It is really pathetic when you don’t know your stand with your guy after dating him for more than 5 years. His friends tend to ask him when he intends getting married to you and he replies that there’s nothing serious between you and him and the loves downplaying you that you guys are just mere friend, not lovers. Others might say there are a lot of fishes in the ocean that marriage is not in their plans.

Always speaks negative comment about marriage

You hear your man tell your friend that a person can’t be committed to his wife in marriage is one of those signs that he is not ready for marriage. He went further to tell you in details of how many couples end up cheating. Marriage is a bigger commitment and comes with duties to perform as he’s not ready to perform such duties daily. Where your partner sees marriage negatively, then the possibility of him getting married is really negligible.

He shies away from keeping any of your belongings

If you discover after paying your guy a surprise visit, he always tells you to make sure you carry all your belongings from his house and never leave anything behind is a clear sign that your man isn’t ready for marriage. This is to enable him to cheat neatly with other girls after all none of your belongings are being kept at his place.

He always talks about his own future

A man who is ready for marriage can’t just be talking about his future only as he’s being selfish. He reveals to you what he wants to do with his life, and you aren’t a part of any of his future plans then you must be flogging a dead horse. Your man doesn’t tell you how you two could make a great couple in the future, beware and know it’s a bleak relationship.

He shies away from spending quality time with your friends/family

You discover your man doesn’t like hanging out with people who are important to you so as to avoid questions like, “Do you know her ring size if you’re to propose to her today?” He runs away from all these questions because he doesn’t want to talk about it or have anything to do with marriage. Your family members and friends might even want to give him a case study of the importance of marriage but he will still frown at it. All these are signs that he is not ready for marriage and never waste your time with such a man.

man is ready for marriage


Now that you’ve known the signs that a man is ready for marriage and signs he is not ready for marriage, you can then know your stand in the relationship than wasting your precious time with the wrong guy. Also, some guys may not want to spend quality time with you be it your place or his place as he doesn’t feel comfortable being with you for the entire day within. This is to tell you he is not ready to tie the knot.

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