17 Surprising Health Benefits Of Lime To The Human Body

health benefits of lime

The Health Benefits Of Lime Fruit

The health benefits of lime are numerous as it helps prevent the common cold and a suitable remedy for arthritis/gout. Most people tend to neglect the consumption of lime since it’s not as sweet as orange not knowing that it has unlimited health benefits to their body. The human body needs water to survive and drinking enough water is important for our overall health.

health benefits of lime

Also, the amount of water we drink might depend on the following:

  • Your sex
  • Your age
  • Whether you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother
  • If you have a fever, vomiting or diarrhea
  • The number of physical activities you indulge in
  • Temperature and several other environmental factors

Most people prefer drinking sweetened beverages to plain water which is not suppose to be so. Some people may have an appetite to drink more lime juice since it’s added with water to improve its taste. 

Nutritional Value Of Lime

The nutritional value of lime includes the following:

  • Lime water 84.6 percent
  • Fat 1.0 percent
  • Fiber 1.3 percent
  • Calcium 90 mg
  • Iron 0.3 mg
  • A little amount of vitamin B complex
  • Protein 1.5 percent
  • Minerals 0.7 percent
  • Carbohydrates 10.9 percent
  • Phosphorus 20 mg
  • Vitamin C 63 mg

Health Benefits Of Lime You Never Knew

Lime has a lot of health benefits to the human body as they include:

Reduces your chance of having heart disease

Although research about this is limited as consuming lime juice may aid lower cholesterol levels. The presence of both potassium and magnesium in lime helps improve heart health. The potassium found in lime can help improve the flow of blood and also lower blood pressure easily.

Digestive disorder

Consumption of lime can help in the treatment of a digestive disorder which is one of its health benefits to our body. Mix a teaspoonful of fresh lime-juice with an equal quantity of honey and lick it to stop unpleasant vomiting, burning in the chest as a result of high acidity in the stomach, indigestion and excessive accumulation of saliva in the mouth.

Home remedy for reducing stomach acidity can be achieved by mixing a teaspoonful of lime juice with water and a pinch of soda bicarb. This preparation is also helpful in expelling gas from the stomach in the case of indigestion. It also produces a calming effect in the stomach as a result of the release of carbonic acid gas.

Inhibits the growth of micro-organisms

A study deduced that the limonins which are present in limes can help prevent the deposition of Streptococcus bacteria in the human body. Streptococcus which is a type of bacteria is the cause of most health conditions and infections like mouth and respiratory infections.

Consuming enough lime juice may help stop these harmful organisms from replicating and avert bacterial illnesses. 

Peptic ulcer

The presence of citric acid in limes has an alkaline reaction in the system. Also, the mineral salts that are found in the juice together with the citric acid aids digestion by assisting in the absorption of alcohol/fats and by neutralizing excessive bile that is being produced by the liver. The juice acts against the effects of greasy food and reduces gastric acidity effectively. This is why peptic ulcer is regarded as one of the health benefits of lime.

Prevention of kidney stones

This is one of the health benefits of lime water since it contains both vitamin C and citric acid. Research in 2014 shows that since lime contains citric acid and vitamin C it was useful in preventing the formation of some kinds of kidney stones in the body.

It was deduced that when you introduce citric acid and vitamin C into your diet, the chance of developing kidney stones is being averted.

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Swollen gums

Treatment of swollen gums is one of the health benefits of lime as a glass of diluted fresh lime juice is mixed with a pinch of salt for its optimal treatment. The outer skin of the squeezed lime should be applied to your gums, before discarding it away.

Treatment of eye disorder

Eye disorder like conjunctivitis is one of the health benefits of lime juice as you can apply a few drops of warm lime-juice diluted with water to the affected eye for optimal result. Old-age cataract can also be prevented when you use the warm lime-juice together with pure rose water in the ratio of 1:4.

Inflammation of urinary bladder

This is also one of the health benefits of lime to the body. Put a teaspoonful of lime juice into 180 gm of boiling water and then allow it to cool.  You can drink about 60 gm of this water every 2 hours in the case of cystitis. Also, the burning sensation can also be reduced and it helps stop cystitis bleeding efficiently.

Weight loss

Losing weight is one of the health benefits of lime juice as it has a sedative effect on the nerves. An obese person can take fresh lime juice into a glass of warm water and sweetened with pure honey.

This preparation should be taken very early in the morning on an empty stomach for optimal result. You will definitely lose weight between two to three months time and avoid taking a high-calorie diet to achieve your desired result.

Treatment of scurvy

Lime is also useful in the treatment of scurvy since its rich in vitamin C. Most people might opt for the consumption of lime juice where fresh vegetables are not readily available. Always consume at least 4-5 glass cups of lime juice weekly, to help prevent scurvy from occurring.


Constipation is one of the health benefits of lime juice when you take it in a glass of warm water as the first thing in the morning before eating. This can be achieved by inducing biliary secretion from the liver efficiently.

Common cold

Lime juice is useful in the treatment of common cold effectively. When you take lime juice with coconut water or diluted vitamin C. This fruit juice reduces toxicity, increases resistance, and reduces your chance of having a common cold or any type of fever.

Always take lime juice during cold except you are allergic to it. The home remedy of common cold/dry cough is simply taking a glass of diluted lime juice in warm water with a teaspoonful of fresh honey for optimal treatment.

Treatment of gout and arthritis

This is one of the health benefits of lime juice as the vitamin C present in it helps prevent and treat sore joints by making the connective tissues of the body to be strengthened efficiently. The citric acid present in the lime is a solvent of the uric acid which is the main cause of gout and other related diseases.

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Treatment of piles

You can cure bleeding pile by simply splitting a small line into two and sprinkle it with rock salt powder. After this, you can put the lime inside your mouth and take in the juice slowly. Both the lime juice and rock salt help arrest the bleeding, good bowel movement and gradually make the pile masses to become smaller in size or amount.

A cure for a scorpion sting

Fresh lime can be applied externally for the treatment of scorpion sting. You can decide to put a crystal of potassium permanganate on it and you will definitely see the effect after 10 minutes time.

Facial beauty

This is one of the health benefits of lime to the body as you can squeeze the fresh lime in a fully-boiled glassful of whole milk to make your face look smooth and beautiful. A teaspoonful of glycerin may be added to it for optimal result. You can leave it to stay for half an hour before applying to your face, hands, and feet before going to bed at night.

Applying this preparation every night will make you look young and beautiful. This preparation can also be used to treat cracked soles and palms, pimples, dryness of the face and hand and shade your face from hot and cold winds/sun-burn effectively.

It can also avert falling of hair, soften it and prevent it from turning grey easily when you apply a few drops of lime juice with ample hair cream every night before going to bed. This application can also be used in the effective treatment of dandruff.

Improves your appetite to drink more water

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the urge to drink more water is being increased when one consume lime in a glass cup of water.

Preparation Of Lime Juice

You can easily prepare lime juice with the following procedures:

  • Get a fresh lime and wash it before cutting it.
  • Squeeze the juice from the sliced lime into a glass cup with water.
  • You can fill a pitcher with water and add the squeezed lime juice into it.
  • Lime slices should be added to the pitcher for it to have a sweet flavor.
  • You can consume the lime water juice within a day for optimal flavor.
health benefits of lime


After knowing all these health benefits of lime juice to the human body, it is advisable not to use it excessively. The alkaline salts of the lime juice can neutralize the free uric acid making it be precipitated. Lime juice can also be useful in reducing your chances of having cancer, lower your blood sugar level, and help improve your diet.

Also, continuous consumption of lime juice weakens digestion of food and depletion of blood. Excessive usage of lime has been found to cause the formation of renal calculi and can damage your teeth as the acid derived from excessive sucking of it makes the enamel of your teeth to be very sensitive.

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