17 Best Proven Tips On How To Handle A Breakup Smoothly


What Is Breakup?

A breakup is simply the act of ending a relationship or marriage. You might be thinking how can I handle this breakup? Will I be able to get over my Ex? Most of all these questions run deep within your mind. Losing someone you really love with all your heart doesn’t seem that easy to let go especially when you recall all the sweet and lovely memories you both shared together. A breakup can make you become emotionally depressed and also feel worn out because of excessive thinking.

Some studies have shown that ending a relationship you once cherish has a great influence on your mind and body. A study by the Northwestern in 2010 shows that a breakup can cover your sense of self and the more enjoyable the relationship was with your ex, the more likely you are to experience crises.

Consequently, we all know that breakup might occur any point in time but how well will you be able to handle it, is always the thing that can make you get over it and enjoy your life better than it was before. Although, we all know that time heals all emotional wounds we did sustain, speeding up your process of recovering from your breakup depends on you so as not to mar your emotional health and well-being.

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How To Handle A Breakup Smoothly

Handling a breakup is of top priority so as not to feel depressed and avert you the chance of not hurting yourself completely. We have carefully outlined the best possible tips on how you could handle a breakup smoothly and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Here are the best-proven tips to handle a breakup:

Take exclusive care of your body

Most people think of staging revenge on their ex but I can assure you, it will only make you feel more hurt and mar your health. You can indulge yourself more in consuming healthy foods that are rich in proteins, fiber, and provides your body with the necessary nutrients to energized and boost your mood.

Meyers, a relationship expert says that consuming a balanced diet with adequate greens, fresh fruits, and stress-busting superfoods can help avert the physiological stress of the breakup smoothly.

Also, Meyers said you should avoid consuming too many junk foods as they are foods that are high in sugar, fat, and salt which lead to a higher level of cortisol (a stress hormone). Eating healthy foods make you enjoy your overall health and you don’t look emaciated as a result of incessant thinking about your recent breakup.

Block all contacts with your Ex

This might seem you are acting childishly but it really works in making you get over your breakup. If your ex is on social media, I will suggest you give your social media account a break like 3-5 months or you block your ex on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and any other social media account you do reach him or her when you were dating. You can also un-follow your ex closed friends so you don’t end up seeing some annoying posts that might mar your feelings.  

Although, despite knowing your ex-phone number off hand, never call him or her after deleting his or her phone number from your mobile phone.

Doing exactly this tip will make you get over your breakup in a twinkling of an eye.

Control your feelings

Never try to conceal your feelings or try being tough on yourself as this will make you unable to get over the breakup smoothly. You can decide to apply for some days off your work to enable you to get yourself back and also have it mind that you can always get a better date than your ex.

Allowing yourself to go through these five stages of grief such as anger, depression, denial, bargaining, and acceptance by so doing you will see how easy you’ve moved on after your breakup.

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Try turning your loss into a lesson well learned

Take it that you can always learn from your mistakes so as to avert having a similar breakup in the near future. You can never alter anything about your past but you try making your present better than your pasts. Pick up yourself and move on with your life smoothly knowing very well that great things await you in the future.

Be in the company of your loved ones

Never neglect the company of your loved ones as they are people who will make you forget about your breakup quickly with their lovely gist and sweet company. You can also air out your feelings to your mum, dad or your best friend who are all ready to get you up to your feet again.


Write or talk through your issues

You can decide to control your emotional pains in the breakup by either consulting a relationship therapist to give you helpful tips in getting through your breakup.

Writing, listening to music, or visiting some serene beach can help you control your anger toward the breakup so as not to hurt yourself more. 

Learn to recognize your self-worth

Learn to accept where you are in life and don’t dwell on past memories by so doing you can learn to recognize your self-worth.

Try indulging in exercise

You can keep yourself active by engaging in gainful exercises like early morning jogging or sweet yoga which makes your endorphins pump more is one of the ways to get over a breakup easily. Exercise can help lower your stress levels, improve your mental health and boost your mood immensely.

Also, you can easily forget about your emotional heart breakup when you tend to exercise your body even if it’s for 20 minutes to avert you from sitting all day crying and reflecting on the breakup.

Never over-exercise your body so as not to feel pains after exercising in other not to add more to your emotional pains.

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Try doing things you love

We mostly find it difficult to get excited about the things we loved after a breakup. Try to force yourself to do that which you love doing like going to watch your favorite football club play, chilling with a cup of coffee with your friend or better still watch the action movie you love watching to take your mind away from the breakup and boost your overall health immensely.

Learn to focus on your best qualities

You can think of your best qualities the world can’t do without you and reassure yourself that you have great values by so doing you will get over your break up amicably. Also, writing down your best qualities embedded in you makes you feel your self-worth and actualize it greatly.

Try giving back

Imbibing the lifestyle of giving those in need tend to improve your well-being and help relieve depression smoothly. You will discover helping people out makes you forget about the breakup especially when they shower you with God’s blessing. 

Learn to imbibe patience

Try as much as possible not to bring back any gist about your relationship and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t return his or her greetings when you bump into each other on the road. Patience pays greatly and never let it out of your life as it’s one of the great keys in making you handle your breakup easily. 

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Experience A Breakup

Try as much as possible not to do the following things if you really want to get over your breakup quickly. It includes the following:

Never talk bad about your ex

It is advisable to avoid talking bad about your ex to your friends or family for hurting your feelings as it will only add more to your sadness and that will give a bad impression of yourself in front of your friends.

Avoid hiding your feelings

Most people tend to hide their feelings and claim they are doing fine which will mar their overall health and makes them unable to get over the breakup. When you tend to share your problem with an elderly person who can confide in you and offer you good advice goes a long way in making you forget about any breakup.

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Never indulge in sex with your ex

Never for any reason should you go back and have sex with your ex while you’re trying to get over the breakup because as a lady when you indulge in sex with your ex, oxytocin which is a cuddle hormone tends to be released from your body making you trust your partner more, reduces your defenses, and finally make you have more feelings for the person you were trying to get over with. Allow your brain to do the thinking and never allow your genitals or heart then the sky will not only be your limit.

Don’t indulge in a new relationship too quickly

It is really bad to rush into a new relationship when you’ve just had a breakup because you’ll only end up hurting yourself as any decision you make won’t be helpful in a long run and you’ll probably hurt the feelings of your new partner.  You might want to show your ex that you’ve gone over with him or her by clinging to a new partner for him to see which you knew very well you’ve not let your feelings heal properly and you might end up experiencing a more severe heartbreak than the one you last had.

Others might tend to shrug off their feelings by engaging in a one-night stand or have friends with benefits which will never alleviate the feelings of a breakup but instead makes you regret indulging in it.

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Avoid taking excessive alcohol/abuse of drugs

Engaging in excessive consumption of alcohol or taking of drugs in the name of making yourself forget about any breakup might even expose you to more danger and you wished you never had put yourself into the mess.


Never allow breakup or other things mar your feelings for long but dwell on the fact that you are somebody’s jewel out there and is just a stone throw to reach him or her.

Although everything might be looking bleak, remember your happiness is the best route to enjoying a healthy life and never stops loving/caring for yourself as time heals all wounds.

Why not share this enriching tips to your friends and loved ones to help them get over their breakup and enjoy life smoothly.

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