17 Best Foods That Increase Breast Size Naturally Very Easily

foods that increase breast size naturally

Breast Enlargement Foods

Foods that increase breast size naturally are not out of your reach as you can lay your hands on them easily and see some remarkable results. You might be thinking how can these foods make your breast bigger and make it look very firm? Absolutely yes, the foods will produce hormones that will help stimulate the growth of your breast immensely. Having a good cup size makes a lady beauty illuminates greatly.

Foods That Increase Breast Size Naturally

Here are the commonest foods that boost breast size naturally without having any side effect:

Soy milk

Soy milk is very delicious and also rich in protein. It also contains a hormone (phytoestrogen) that boost breast enlargement immensely. This type of milk is derived from soya beans and it contains isoflavones which prevent free radicals/cancerous growth from developing in your breast tissues. You can either add soya beans into your diet/salad or take a glass cup of soy milk daily each morning after boiling it. Soy milk is regarded as one of the best foods that increase breast size naturally.


Nuts like cashew nut, walnuts, and almond nuts are all good sources of protein and fat making it essential foods that increase breast size naturally without any side effect. Apart from making you have a bigger cup size, it is suitable for your brain and heart health. You can either add it into your diet or consume it as snacks for optimal boost enlargement.

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Seafood like shellfish, seaweed, prawns, and oysters are rich in manganese which improves sex hormones thereby increasing your breast size naturally without any harmful effect. Imbibe the habit of consuming seafood every day and you will see great results on your body. You can prepare the fish by adding pepper, onions, some little oil or fry the fish in a mild way to avoid deep frying so as to enjoy the optimal nutrients to boost breast enlargement.

Milk/dairy products

Dairy products like yogurt are important foods that increase breast size naturally because of the presence of some hormones such as prolactin, estrogen, and progesterone which boost milk making in females. Always boil it a little and drink one glass of milk very early in the morning and also at night for optimal result.

Pawpaw fruit

Inculcating papaya with milk is one of the foods that increase breast size naturally at ease. You can decide to eat some slice of papaya after your meals or as a salad. The vitamin C present in papaya helps improve your immune system and increase the growth of your breast effectively. Other foods that have vitamin C are oranges, watermelon, and lemon.

Steamed chicken

Steamed chicken is a good source of protein and important interesting foods that increase breast size naturally without having to use artificial products to boost breast enlargement. It aids the production of estrogen which improves the overall development of your body immensely. Avoid deep frying your chicken so as not to lose some essential nutrients for breast growth. You can consume the chicken by cooking it with salt, pepper, and mild olive oil and serve twice daily till you achieve desired results.



Tofu is one of those amazing foods that increase breast size naturally since its rich in protein, estrogen with a considerably low amount of fats. You can decide to substitute your chicken or lean meat with Tofu for an optimal result. Avoid deep frying the tofu before inculcating it into your diet so you can enjoy its essential nutrients.

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Leafy green vegetable

Although leafy green vegetables like brassicas, spinach, alfalfa don’t have adequate phytoestrogens that can rapidly boost breast enlargement easily but contains essential iron, calcium, and natural antioxidants to aid the overall physical appearance of your breast effectively. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and cabbage are also rich in vitamin k which aids the growth of breast easily.

Why not introduce leafy green vegetables into your diet or make curries with green leaves for an optimal result? Also, consuming leafy green vegetables has many health benefits apart from important foods that increase breast size naturally but are also important for skin health and heart health.

Lean Meat

Lean meat is rich in protein which is an essential nutrient that boosts breast enlargement rapidly. Avoid deep frying the meat but rather cook it by adding salt, onions, pepper, and olive oil for optimal consumption to boost your breast growth.


Seeds such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds are important foods that increase breast size naturally with rapid results. They also aid the improvement of natural estrogen levels in your body effectively.  You can consume these seeds as snacks or introduce it into your salads to boost your breast enlargement. Flax seeds contain omega 3-fatty acids, omega 6-fatty acids, and flavonoid that also prevent ovarian cancer from occurring.

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Red clover flower

They are rich in vitamin C, phosphorus, thiamine, calcium, niacin, and potassium which are all essential nutrients for rapid breast growth. Red clover contains isoflavones which are chemicals that when dissolved in water aids immense development of your breast easily. It is mostly taken as a tea but before consuming it; seek advice from your medical doctor. Grind some dried red clover flowers and introduce about 2 to 3 teaspoons of it with a teaspoon of homemade tincture into boiling water. Allow it to steep for a minimum of 10 minutes before drinking it. You can take this preparation thrice daily until you see a desirable result.


Berries like blueberry, strawberry, and cherry are good sources of estrogen the hormone that aid breast growth effectively. Plums and apples are good foods that increase breast size naturally as well. So never stop consuming this fruit daily so as to enhance the overall look of your boobs and body.


Fennels are widely known herbs and essential foods that increase breast size naturally at ease without potentially harmful effects since it has a large amount of phytoestrogen in it. You can consume fennels by adding a teaspoonful of oil with some mustard seeds and cook it.

Fatty oils

Fatty oils like avocados oils, groundnut oils, or olive oils have both positive and negative effects on your body. The harmful effect is that it increases your chance of having a heart attack while the important aspect is that it improves your breast growth immensely. Limit your intake of fatty oils so as not to gain excessive weight and also make your hips get larger than the desired result you wanted.

Extract of fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are also rich in phytoestrogens which boost breast growth. You can get fenugreek herbal oil from a reputable shop and apply it daily on your breast for desired results. Its capsules can also be taken once daily together with the fenugreek herbal oil for an optimal result on your breast. You can have these seeds grounded into a fine powder and introduce its powder to your curry/other spices. Finally, consume them together inside your diet daily.

Whole grains

Whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat are important foods that increase breast size naturally in a blinking of an eye. They provide enough energy to make the breast stand firmly.


Watercress is essential foods that increase breast size naturally without having to indulge in exercise or take any artificial breast enhancer. They are rich in minerals and vitamins suitable for breast health. You can consume watercress daily for rapid breast growth and overall health of your body.

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Having seen all those great foods that increase breast size naturally, you can also build your breast muscles by indulging in exercises like push up, wall pushup, dumbbell fly, and dumbbell bench press. Also, massaging your breast with Vaseline, olive oil, and mustard oil can make it look firm and bigger in less than a month. Other foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, dates, egg yolks, cheese, and orange are all good foods that boost breast enlargement greatly. Consequently, if you know any other foods which increase breast size naturally and are not listed in this article you are free to comment below.

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