16 Best Tips To Having A Long-Lasting Healthy Relationship

long-lasting healthy relationship

Having A Long-Lasting Healthy Relationship

Having a long-lasting healthy relationship isn’t that easy but with diligence, hard work, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle makes the relationship enjoyable and could stand the test of time as well. Being in a relationship is one thing but enjoying a long-lasting healthy relationship is another thing you can’t ignore.

Also, you wishing to have a long-lasting healthy relationship require a gradual process irrespective of your status; dating, single, engaged, or a married couple. Your spoken words, actions, and thoughts all constitute to having a long-lasting healthy relationship and you’ve to be watchful of them if you really want the relationship to blossom unending.

Apparently, you can also experience a long-lasting healthy relationship by not waiting till the problems in the relationship are unbearable before consulting a relationship therapist and make sure you heed to all the advice given to you by your relationship therapist/inculcating God’s wisdom as well.

Tips On Having A Long-Lasting Healthy Relationship

Below are the proven tips to enjoying a long-lasting healthy relationship you have to try and adhere to them.

Handle Your Partner With Seriousness

Have it in mind that if you take your partner for granted the relationship won’t be enjoyable like before and insincerity/infidelity will start setting in which is really not good for healthy partners. A partner might look elsewhere when he or she discovers that you keep mum about his or her needs or the euphoria of love is no longer felt by the other. Always learn to ask your partner if he or she is ok with some things than assuming since you are good to go without certain things you want so should your partner follow suit.

Although no relationship is perfect but never have you used that as a yardstick to be unconcerned about your partner so you could enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Avert From The Perspective Of Being Each Other’s Everything

You might think that saying she is your everything and you can’t do without her even for a second would be helpful in wooing her but a renowned couples therapist, Matt Lundquist, LCSW advised creating relationships outside your relationship or the relationship will be impeded and won’t be enjoyable.

Inculcate A Nicer Approach To Problems

Studies show that the way a problem is being brought up determines the path at which the conversation will follow and whether the overall relationship will be a mess or not. You see partners criticizing one another which are one of the things that make couples unable to have a long-lasting healthy relationship. Avoid blaming your partner on any issue that arises by speaking nicely in a good tone to her like honey I love seeing my unused clothes being kept far away from my used clothes than telling her you are always fond of keeping my used and unused clothes together in the wardrobe so better go and isolate them now. Applying good tune in problems help moisten and grease the affair immensely.

Keeping Things Hot And Spicy In The Relationship

If you know your partner loves you wearing particular sweet lingerie then put it on always to make him happy. Avoid making your sex-life boring and always keep things hot and spicy so as to enhance a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Working Together To Iron Out Your Good Conflicts

Good conflicts are inevitable in any relationship but the ways you handle it carefully give rise to a long-lasting healthy relationship. Partners tend to complain that their partner gives little or no-listening ears in giving him or her; what he or she needs most especially in committed relationships. Identifying these good conflicts and not working together to make it a success tends to make the relationship detesting and unfruitful.

Doing Away With Pressure On Sexual Performance

Having the idea that your partner must experience an orgasm anytime you make out tends to affect your sexual performance which might make you feel infuriated and frustrated. Try to understand that the word sex also involves a close, intimate, affair with your partner like kissing, bathing together under the shower, having romantic massages, and irrespective of whether orgasm is achieved or not is still ok with you both. When you have this mindset about sex then the pressure on sexual performance will disappear and you will enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship immensely.

Trying As Much As Possible To Meet The Needs Of Your Partner

Paying attention to what your partner loves than just professing how he or she makes you feel always and satisfying his or her needs make you guys have an unending long-lasting healthy relationship. Responding to each other needs have to be mutualistic so as to avert prejudice in the relationship.

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Avoid Setting Your Mind Always On Sex

Sex is not meant to be a daily routine but it’s simply having a good emotional intimacy, sweet sensation, improved health (improved cardiovascular and immune system), relief of stress, and increased romantic bonding with your partner resulting from the help of the hormone (Oxytocin) released during foreplay.

Taking A Break At Least Once In A While

You can take a break from your partner by going for a surprise visit to see your friends, family members at least for the weekend and when you finally return home to see your jewel, she will exclaim on how she misses you greatly and the bond will definitely wax stronger than before. Taking a break from your partner shouldn’t be a monthly routine because he or she might feel insecure in the relationship and will prevent a long-lasting healthy relationship.                   

Saying Or Doing Something Daily To Show Appreciation To Your Partner

When you appreciate your partner on the gifts he or she gets for you make both parties feel happy in the relationship. A simple thank you works miracle in the life of your partner as he or she will strive to make sure the relationship grow and last inevitably. Telling your partner, you are cute, you can help her out with the groceries, or you are the best mum ever will make her know that you are paying good attention to her. Try doing these simple gestures to enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Try To Create A Fulfilling Life For Yourself

You should also allow your partner creates an enjoyable and fulfilling life for himself or her by so doing he could also cater to the needs of his or her kids. Although, love entails sacrificing but doesn’t mean you should always displace yourself for the happiness of your wife and kids than your own happiness. All parties have to work hand in hand to make one another happy and experience a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Not Taking Care Of Yourself

Learn to take care of yourself in areas like financially (spending wisely), maintaining a good lifestyle, never ignore your emotional feelings, avoid being late to work or when coming back home, and avoid instigating conflict in the relationship, will definitely spice your affair. Self-abandonment is one of those things that make relationship unhealthy and when you do away with it, you will experience a long-lasting healthy relationship.

Someone With Similar Values Should Be Your Target

When you find someone who complements you in the aspect of education, age, hobbies, values, and your kind of personality but that doesn’t mean he or she should be 100 percent perfect; the relationship will definitely stand the test of time unlimitedly. You are sure to experience at least a little misunderstanding but you and your partner have to work closely to achieve your goal of having a long-lasting healthy relationship.

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Try To Handle The Four Conflict Messages

Studies have shown that these four conflict messages are one of those things that can tell if partners would be able to stick together for long or divorce. They include criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and withdrawal which constitute the four horsemen of divorce. Be united and imbibe the usage of ‘I’ versus ‘you’ language so that a long-lasting healthy relationship could be achieved.

Having In Mind Every Relationship Has Value, Irrespective Of How Long It Lasts

Relationships will easily change into what they were always meant to be and avoid trying to do things slated for temporary purposes into a lifelong committed relationship so as to enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship. Handle your relationship with high esteem and deviate from those things that might mar the sweetness of your relationship.

Play And Stay Together

This is one of those things that make you have a long-lasting healthy relationship immensely in a blinking of an eye. You can decide to take your partner for a romantic holiday to spend quality time with each other like skating, hiking, or a beach party to have fun. Experiencing new and exciting funs outside the comfort of your home tends to make the relationship grow stronger and healthier. You can decide to get away from everything at least once a year with your partner to strengthen the relationship bonds.

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We have seen the various tips on how you could enjoy a long-lasting healthy relationship by adhering to this tips and if your relationship won’t be booming immensely. You can share this article with your friends and loved ones for them to experience a long-lasting healthy relationship and live happily.    

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