16 Best Tips On How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You

How To Make A Guy Realize He's Losing You

Making Your Guy Realize He Is Losing You To Another Man

These tips on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you will make him come back to you in a blinking of an eye while you diligently follow our proven tips. Most relationships are parasitic in the sense that the girl do all the giving and the guy do all the taking, be careful of such relationship as he might be at ease with someone else.

No one wants to be taken for granted in a relationship and if you discover your guy never reciprocates the love and care you shower on him, just follow these proven tips on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you to another guy and he will tend to become very serious with you.

Also, ask yourself this question, is he worth fighting for? If yes, take the bold steps to make him realize you are slipping off from his hands and that will make him fight back not to lose you to another guy.

Proven Tips On How To Make A Guy Realize He’s Losing You To Another Person

If you really want to make your guy regret he is about losing you to another person, simply follow these best-proven tips to achieve your desired goals.   

Never Become Available

It really hurts when your guy doesn’t take you very seriously despite all the love and care you shower on him as you can decide never to become available to him. When he keeps saying you don’t like seeing him or talking to him, tell him you are very busy as you have a hectic schedule and don’t go into explaining any further.

If he plans a date with you, cancel it and let him know you don’t have time for him. This will make him try to figure out why you are behaving in such a manner and he will put in more effort to impress you so he shouldn’t lose you.

To achieve the desired result, never back off with this technique too quickly. Try to stick with it for a longer time until you see some positive results in him.

Avoid Receiving His Phone Calls And Replying His Texts

Most men dislike girls who ignore their calls and texts, so try inculcating this tip as it’s one of those tips on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you to another gentleman. Always show him that you don’t care about his calls or texts as he will be thinking you seem not to be interested in him any longer. He will definitely try to make everything possible to reach you and plead with you to make things right.

Try doing this tip until you see he is fully back to his normal senses and he will never take you for granted again.

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Step Out Without Him

Never wait till he asks you out on a date. You can call your friends and step out in beautiful apparel that will make him think where you are going to and never ask him for permission to go out. Also, never give him an idea of when you are coming back as this entire attitude will make him realize he is losing you to another guy and he will come asking for forgiveness to turn things around for good.

Make Him Jealous Of Your New Bedroom Moves

This is one of those tips on how to make a guy realize he is losing you very quickly and he will be wondering where you learned those cute moves in the bedroom. This will send clear signals to his brain that you might be seeing another man and he will quickly turn a new leaf just to avoid losing you.

Never take this technique for granted as it’s very vital to also show if he truly loves you with all his heart.

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Give Him Enough Space

Giving your guy enough distance shows him he is about losing you rapidly to another man. This will make him want to think on areas he might have wronged you and amend his ways so as to avoid losing you forever.

Try Treating Yourself Nicely

Take good care of yourself, hit the gym to stay in shape, and shop for sweet lingerie as all this will make him feel awe. Never point attention to him as you are solely focused on your fitness and by so doing, he will try as much as possible to come closer to you and will even offer to drive you to your gym center.

Treating yourself nicely is one of those tips on how to make a guy realize he is losing you and you will laugh the last laugh joyfully.

how to make a guy realize he's losing you

Act As If He Doesn’t Exist

If he is a stubborn type, completely ignore him even if you guys live together and see if he won’t come running to you for forgiveness. You might find this tip very difficult to introduce as you so much loved him but if you really want to be the number one person in his heart then never hesitate to set the ball rolling.

Consequently, when you exhibit this attitude for long, he will definitely know you mean business and he will quickly amend his ways so as not to lose you for a lifetime. 

Embark On Trips Without Him

You can decide to go on a long holiday trip far away from your place of abode or picnic trip with friends and make it clear he isn’t welcomed. The more leisure things you do without involving him will definitely make him feel you are no longer interested in him. This particular tip on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you works in a jiffy and he won’t take your love for granted anymore.

Never Involve Him In Your Plans

Never let him know your plans and let him feel awful after seeing you hit great heights. Continuous acting in that manner will make him feel you no longer discuss your plans with him as he is flogging a dead horse. This particular technique on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you very quickly to another man will make him think twice never to let you go forever and he will amend his ways.

Never Do Things To Please Him

This is one of the main tips on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you as most men tend to be relaxed because the girl loves them immensely. After showing him all the love and care expecting to be loved in return, you end up being the side chick.

If he always expects you to keep doing things for him, it’s high time to say no and never do things for him anymore. In no time, he will soon realize your importance and try to act right so as not to lose you to anyone. A guy that also cooks, buy you gifts, take you out for a trip, and always want to be around you is a guy that truly loves you and won’t take you for granted.

Inculcate A New Hobby

If you two do enjoy a particular hobby together, try to let go and imbibe a new hobby to cut off that romantic relationship with him.

Try having a new hobby and try becoming independent than relying on him to make your day blossom. He will definitely feel jealous because you no longer find interest in the hobbies you two were loved birds in the past. This will make him strive by all means to win your heart back by either apologizing on areas he has wronged you or wants to enjoy your new hobbies with you.

Always Use Your Social Media To Illustrate You Are Having Great Fun

This particular tip on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you can either make or mar a relationship. Why not show cute pictures of yourself having fun on your Instagram or Facebook account which he is actually following will make him fall back to you again and ask for forgiveness.

You can put pictures of yourself with a guy more handsome than him and this will make him know you are seeing another guy and he’ll make haste to make things right with you so as not to lose you to that particular guy. This tip works in virtually all relationships effectively as you should keep performing these tips from time to time as most men are not overwhelmed with emotional romance for long.

Flirt With Handsome Guys

If you are serious about having your man to yourself and you know he is actually worth the stress then never take this particular tip for granted. Show your man that sweet and loving smile when you are with another guy out there and make sure he sees you in action.

Try taking a selfie with a handsome guy and make him feel jealous. I can assure you, your guy will come running to you as no guy wants to lose his adorable girl to any man. This particular tip on how to make a guy realize he is losing you is one of the methods used by most ladies to win their man back.

Try Having Peeps That Are Yours Only

It is advisable never to share all your friends and also inculcate the habit of having more time with these friends. This will definitely leave your man wondering what must have made you avoid spending every night with him unlike before as he might be losing you to someone else.

I can assure you after he must have slept for a night or two without you by his side, he will come begging that you shouldn’t go out to sleep elsewhere and admits his mistakes. Make sure you spend time with your friends that can impact positively to your life than causing a setback to you and your relationship.

Take A Break

Take the bold step by telling your guy you want to take a break as this will definitely shock him to his spinal cord and he would be left with no option than to apologize to show you he truly doesn’t want to lose you. This tip works great wonders especially in men who take their women for granted always.

Never Fake Yourself

The worst thing you should never do is trying to conceal your real you. Never allow your man to treat you like you don’t have any option as you do, and he will definitely respect you for just being yourself.

You can make him know in a nice tune that you are not easy to please and avoid doing this excessively so he shouldn’t see you as someone that might mar him when he decides to work down the aisle with you.

Let him see uncountable things you have to offer and why all men will wish you are theirs for being yourself. This will make him put in more effort to do pleasant things so as not to avoid losing you. This tip is also helpful to know if he truly loves you for who you are and you both enjoy an intense relationship.

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How To Make Your Ex Regret Ever Losing You

Do you really want to make your ex felt he or she has lost a jewel? Then follow closely these great tips:

Block Your Ex-Number

Taking this bold step towards your ex shows you are no longer interested in the relationship any more by blocking his or her phone number/un-following him on any social media account you both do reach each other.

Although, it is usually difficult especially when you remember sweet memories you both shared in the past by blocking his number or un-following him will make your ex regret ever losing you.

Occupy Your Life With Much Fun

Never allow the past ruin your present life and spice up your social life by having fun with good friends. This will definitely make your ex feel dejected that he or she has lost a rare gem.

Your ex was probably thinking you would be weighed down with grief from the breakup but instead, you are up and lively.

Let Your Ex-Friends Know You Are Actually Happy

Showing your ex-friends that you’re extremely doing fine without your ex will send a message to your ex as his or her friend will tell your ex how happy in life you are now and your ex would wish he shouldn’t have let you go.

You have to be careful about saying anything about your ex or asking how he or she is doing, so as not to make you fall for your ex again.

Keep Things Light

Your ex might be thinking you won’t answer his or her greetings whenever you both crossed path. When he or she sees you no longer care as you’ve let go of the past by communicating with him smoothly as if you guys have never dated before. This will make your ex regret ever losing you as he or she now sees an amazing you.

Avoid No Contact With Your Ex

You really want to show your ex you don’t need him or her in your life anymore as you guys parted for a reason. If you contact your ex even if you don’t have an ulterior motive, your ex will know you still need him or her in your life and he or she won’t regret ever losing you. So be warned and never contact your ex after the breakup.

Try Changing Your Personal Life Positively

Why not engage in spicy summer holidays, make an attractive hairstyle, or hit the gym to stay in an amazing shape that will depict you aren’t weighed down by the breakup.

This will definitely make your ex wonder as you still look more beautiful after a breakup and he will definitely regret ever losing you to another man.

Try Making Your Ex Jealous

It is advisable never to do this excessively as you might end up hurting your feelings more. Let your ex see how good looking, happy, and astonishing you are without him or her on your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram. I can assure you, your ex seeing those cute pictures of yours will definitely go awe and regret ever losing you to another person.

Look Confident And Bright

Although this particular tip takes a little time to practice as showing your ex how stunning and confident you are without him or she will make your ex feel astonished on why he or she let you go.

Give Your Ex A Personal Card

This might either make your ex regret losing you or hate you for life. You can decide to send your ex a personal wedding invitation card with your hubby in it showing him or her how someone else has taken you seriously and finally walked you down the aisle will make your ex regret ever losing you.

Others might tend to send their ex pictures as they are enjoying the cool breeze in Las Vegas with their new partner as this will make your ex jealous and wished you never had gone.


Having seen the above tips on how to make a guy realize he’s losing you or lost you forever is something you don’t have to take for granted and carefully follow the tips to win the heart of your man back to where it belongs. Also, remember to follow your heart, instinct, and head to know your dream man.

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