14 Ways To Living A Healthy Life: Number 6 Is A Must Read

living a healthy life

Living A Healthy Life

There’s no iota of doubt that health is wealth but living a healthy life is of paramount importance to both adults and kids and it’s irrespective of gender as well. Health can easily be defined as the state or condition of being well or free from disease. It also entails being physically, socially, emotionally and mentally sound. People want to know the various ways of living a healthy life so as to be able to carry out their daily activities.

Below Are The Ways Of Living A Healthy Life:

The following is a list of ways of living a healthy life:

  1. Eating Good Foods/Fruits

In living a healthy life, one can combine various healthy foods in its right proportion and at the right time. These aids the growth and maintenance of our body system. Foods like beans, potatoes, yams, fruits (oranges, apples, bananas, pineapples, and pawpaw), as well as vegetables, watermelon, and lettuce are not exempted. These foods provide proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and mineral salts which are the necessary nutrients the human body needs in order to stay healthy.

It is advisable to consume garlic, ginger, and onions which aid in flushing our system against gastroenteritis. Try to streamline ingestion of sugary foods and drinks so as to avoid being diabetic, instead consume lots of water and green tea.  Also, in living a healthy life you must avoid eating too many canned or processed foods and fried foods to avert cancer. At least try to abstain from taking heavy foods before going to bed.

living a healthy life

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2. Adequate Rest

The human body isn’t to be stressed for long because it could deter one’s living a healthy life and may make a person fall sick or eventually be prone to diseases.  Below are the optimum hours for sleep as directed by CDC: Usually kids from 1-3 years of age require 12 to 18 hours of sleep, children from 10-17 years of age requires 81/2  to 91/2 hours of sleep and age 18+ needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep daily. Adequate rest should be imbibed to enhance a healthy life.

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  1. Smoking

Incessant smoking can make one’s immune system to be liable to diseases and may eventually lead to the death of an individual. Also, pregnant women who smoke tend to give birth to babies with low weight. Although, if you can’t quit smoking, at least you should be ingesting foods that are reached in vitamins, carbohydrates, and proteins which help reduce excessive damage to the liver and cardiac arrest.

Consequently, visiting a medical practitioner for counseling on taking its oral medication. Zyban and chewing of nicotine gum can help a chronic smoker in living a healthy life. It is also known that just inhaling the smoke from the cigarette could be detrimental to our health.

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  1. Consumption of Lean Meats and Fishes

In living a healthy life, I would prefer you to choose chicken or fish over red meat because the continuous consumption of red meat leads to colon cancer. Consumption of fish is important because they are rich in proteins, omega-3-fatty acids, and vitamins which helps reduce the risk of contracting cancer.

  1. Adequate Exercise

Exercise does not only help someone to live a healthy life but also stimulates the muscle and maintains human balance. Engaging in early morning road walk and walking over 1-2km daily helps to keep the body fit. Also, sports like football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis can also regulate and stimulate the body.

Participating in exercise helps one lose weight, boost self-confidence/ self-esteem, reduces stress/ anxiety, cardiac arrest, diabetes/ stroke and also reduce high blood pressure.

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  1. Walking or Running Bare Foot

I know this will amaze you, but I can assure you the sky isn’t just your limit. Do you know walking or running barefoot makes the joint and bones relaxed? and give you a good posture in living a healthy life. In case your road is not free from any sharp objects, then you can opt to wear barefoot shoes to be safe.

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  1. Abstinence From Unprotected Sex

When a person indulges in unprotected sex, he deters himself from living a healthy life and he or she is at a higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes virus, Hepatitis B and C, Trichomonas vaginalis, Neisseria gonorrhea and human papillomavirus. All these infections cause cervical cancer if not properly treated.

Do take your partner for a test in the medical laboratory to know if he or she is completely healthy and try sticking to a single and trusted individual.

Also, the use of condoms before having intercourse and eventually go for counseling for more medical advice aids one in living a healthy life.

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  1. Consumption of Alcohol

Excessive intake of alcohol makes one have blurred vision, slurred speech, damages the lungs, brains and even causing liver cirrhosis. Alcoholism could be hauled by taking anti-alcohol medications like Antabuse (disulfiram), Campral (acamprosate) and Revia (naltrexone) together with a regular visit to a medical doctor and a counselor. Never take drugs without the prescription from a medical doctor.

14 Ways to Living a Healthy Life: Number 6 is a must read

  1. Think Positively

Avoid thinking or saying negative words because these will definitely mar your mental health from living a healthy life. It also makes the brain relaxed and work effectively well. If you have a problem thinking positively consult the medical psychologist or counselor for help on living a healthy life.

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  1. Good Personal Hygiene

Enact personal hygiene like oiling the hair after bathing, brushing of the teeth thrice daily and also before going to bed. Finally, wash your hands with medicated soap each time you visit your convenience. You can consult the dentist if you have a problem with your teeth or better still dental caries to assist you in living a healthy life.

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11. Listening to Loud Music

You should avoid listening to loud music in your sitting room or on the road because it could mar the eardrums, eventually leading to deafness.

It is advisable to listen to music using a moderate volume. Also, if you know you have a hearing impairment, and ear tumors consult an Otologist for living a healthy life.

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  1. Drinking Enough Water

Water is an important substance in the body to make living a healthy life worthwhile. It makes one lose weight in the case of obese patients. Daily intake of water in the morning helps to fight against diseases and boost the immune system. Water also aids the removal of the waste product of metabolism from the human body.

I recommend the daily intake of 1-2 glasses of water every morning before breakfast to help flush your system and makes living a healthy life comfortable. If you discover your lips or mouths are breaking, then you could be lacking sufficient water or deficient of Vitamin C in your body.

14 Ways to Living a Healthy Life: Number 6 is a must read

  1. Avoid Life-Threatening Behaviors

In living a healthy life one has to avoid the following:

  • Try avoiding too much exposure of the body to the sun because the skin can burn and these may cause skin cancer.
  • Wear protective clothes, hats, and sunglasses during summer weather.
  • Avoid drinking or smoking while driving to save you from an accident.
  • Don’t drive when you are dizzy or not feeling sound.
  • Try cultivating the habit of not receiving or making calls with your mobile phone while driving.
  • Also, your protective helmet should be worn at all times whether riding a bicycle or motorcycle or better still in your workshop to avoid an accident.
  • Receiving or making calls around inflammable places should be prohibited.
  • Discouraging illegal possession of guns and firearms in public places.
  1. Making Friends With Healthy People

In living a healthy life, there is a saying that “evil communication corrupts good manners”. Therefore, hanging out with healthy people will add a dramatic change in your health status. Why not share this great article with your loved ones and friends, if you care for them living a healthy life.

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Living a healthy life should be of paramount importance to all irrespective of either your age or gender so as to enjoy a life free from illness.


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