130 Amazing Facts About Girls All Guys Should Know

facts about girls

Amazing Facts About Girls

Facts about girls could seem very simple for all guys to know but when not taken into consideration might mar a girl’s feelings and you will regret your actions. A girl is usually a female child from birth to when she is actually mature. One of the commonest facts about girls is that they are usually scared of bugs and their hearts beat faster than that of guys. The interesting aspect of girls is that they are unique from their lifestyle to their illuminating beauty.

Facts About Girls On What They Like

When you know these amazing facts about girls, you will definitely enjoy their company and they will cherish you. Below are the 130 amazing facts about girls all guys should try knowing:

  • Girls really love playing with babies and that doesn’t mean they are ready to take in or they are ready for marriage.
  • Most girls love cooking and that makes their food very tasty/delicious.
  • Girls love eating junk foods, sweets or chocolates in between meals.
  • They like guys who are always neat and handsome.
  • Most girls love it when you surprise them with sweet gifts.
  • A girl loves talking to the guy she truly loves all alone in a quiet place or in a romantic way.
  • Girls do like guys with a good sense of humor extremely well.
  • They love guys who always appear smart and are intelligent.
  • Girls love guys who are always there for them to make her feel secure and happy.
  • When you are a guy that sticks to a particular girl without cheating, girls love such guys to the moon. They see it that you are amenable and discipline.
  • Girls love it when you call them always and send them SMS.
  • Knowing her likes and dislikes makes her feel that you are interested in knowing her more and she will definitely love you for that.
  • Girls love guys whom ulterior motive is not just for making out.
  • If a girl wants to get a particular thing, she will make sure she gets it.
  • Girls love a guy who can do his own cooking and believes he won’t be going out to eat outside always.
  • When you see your girl complimenting the watch or clothing worn by her boyfriend, then you have to wear such item more to make her happy.
  • Girls’ love guys who are romantic like singing for her in front of her friends and in public which makes her feel exhilarated.
  • Girls always like it when guys ask them for advice and they feel goose-bumps that their opinions count.
  • They love guys who don’t cage them and allows them to be free.
  • They so much love taking pictures, they are picture freaks.
  • Girls love sports-minded guys a lot and they see you as an icon.
  • Also, girls love it when you introduce them to your friends and family members that she is your jewel and that makes her convince that you actually love her.
  • Girls like their boyfriend to hold their hands in public to show you are proud of her to the entire world.
  • Girls love chatting about anything.
  • They like talking and wouldn’t mind gisting all day.
  • Girls love guys who can easily maneuver themselves when they are faced with a difficult challenge.
  • Most girls do love a guy who can bear with her in what she feels.
  • Girls love it when you admire their gorgeous assets and that makes them happy that they are really attractive.
  • They like watching their weight.
  • Girls usually prefer older guys than their age grade.

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Facts About Girls On How To Treat Them Nicely

You are thinking about how you could treat your girlfriend nicely and make her unable to stay a day without looking for you? Here are the cool facts about girls you should do to blow up her mind.

  • Girls love it extremely well when you play with their sweet hairstyle.
  • Doing something special for her for no reason like surprising her with beautiful rose flower, singing or dancing for her makes her love you insanely.
  • Treat your girl nicely and in the right manner unless she will slip off from your hands into another lucky guy’s hand.
  • Girls love it when you don’t delay in replying during conversations than making it look boring.
  • They really loved to be spoilt, so get her what she likes and don’t be too inquisitive.
  • Girls love it when you make time for them and that shows you can sacrifice anything just to be with her and she will definitely cherish you.
  • Even if a girl doesn’t ask you to walk her home after a date, you must guide her to her house safely and that makes her feel protected that you actually love her.
  • Listen to her especially when she is serious with an issue and that shows you give a listening ear to her problems.
  • Girls love it when you tend to show them they are better off with you especially when they still feel over their ex-boyfriend.
  • Girls love it when you say something sweet to her hearings like the smell of her perfume could quench your hunger and thirst instantly especially when she is feeling sober.
  • She loves it when you ask her than reading her mind.
  • If a girl is feeling heartbroken, she will feel reluctant in telling a guy at first so don’t pressurize her.
  • Girls love being called sweet/lovely names like my jewel or my world will make her feel loved.
  • Girls love and cherish it when a guy says a meaningful thing because such words could still linger in the girl’s heart for a lifetime.
  • They love it when you buy into their hobbies and show her how much you would like to indulge in it with her to make her happy.
  • Girls love it when a guy remembers a particular thing she says during your previous discussions and these make her know you are not a forgetful type and values you well.
  • When you hug or hold her hands in the public surprisingly she felt really happy and valued.

Facts About Girls On What They Don’t Like

You should be extremely careful not to do these things that might make a girl unhappy and might want to make you pay for hurting her feelings in return. The following are the facts about girls on what they dislike most:

  • Girls hate lying and they will definitely know when you lied.
  • Never have you taken her simplicity for stupidity; just because she forgives you, you keep hurting her feelings.
  • A girl hates it when her friend or guy goes about revealing her secrets.
  • Never date her friends for any reason even if you are no longer dating her because it pissed them off.
  • Girls hate it when you make a mockery of them in front of their friends or your friends.
  • If a girl dislikes someone, her boyfriend should also stay away from such a person except you want to make her hate you.
  • They dislike guys who don’t exhibit good personal hygiene at all times.
  • Girls dislike guys who raise their hand on them and you’ll never have a place in their heart.
  • A girl dislikes it when you make her wait unnecessarily.
  • Never have you made a girl say one word repeatedly because she will think you are not interested in her conversation and might feel bad.
  • Girls don’t like guys who promise and fails always.
  • Despite girls gossip but they dislike guys who gossip.
  • Girls dislike guys that are not over with their ex-girlfriend which either makes her feel unsecured or you are just dating her for dating sake.
  • No girl will entertain you comparing her to your ex-girlfriend, mum or sister. She is unique in her own way.
  • Girls don’t like guys who don’t trust them especially when she is being honest with you.
  • If you are a type that double-dates, no girl will like to date you because they assume you will also act like that while being with them.
  • Girls don’t like talking about their ex’s except she brings up the topic and be careful with your suggestions so as not to awaken the old wounds completely.
  • They get pissed off when guys ignore them, so try to be accommodating.
  • Girls dislike it when their guy friends make the mockery of their boyfriend. She will always want to be sure that you’re protected no matter what.
  • You can be jealous a little but being too jealous make her dislike you.
  • Girls dislike it when you correct them in front of their friends or in the public.

Facts About Girls On The Way They Appear

You see most girls spend a lot of time looking at the mirror to see if she is really cool and pretty enough to step out. Below are the few facts about girls taking time on their appearances?

  • A girl will always want you to give her compliment on how she appears if the dress fits her perfectly well and this makes her happy.
  • Girls love guys who say they admire a particular thing in them like the way she talks, walk, her charming smile, and her cute hairstyle.
  • They love it when you show they are the only one in your entire world by hugging her early in the morning and before going to bed and tell her she is really beautiful without makeup.
  • If a girl perceives you will judge her immediately on her actions, she will never open up completely to you.

Facts About Girls On Their Family, Friends, And Relationship

Facts about girls on how they manage to put up with you together with her friends and family show how much she loves and values you. You just have to follow closely these facts on her family, relationship, and friends so as not to mar her feelings.

  • Trust her when you meet her mum and she replies she has heard a lot about you doing just that makes her feel butterflies.
  • Girls are jealous and might look at any girl who is with her guy as an enemy.
  • If a girl yells at her boyfriend don’t take it as an insult instead try calming her down or get her favorites.
  • Try changing for the better will make her trust and stick with you that you want the relationship to be healthy.
  • They feel reluctant in falling in love because they are scared of being heartbroken again so just rest assures her you won’t toil with her feelings.
  • Girls do feel insecure about their guy’s ex-girlfriend.
  • If a girl will accept to be your girlfriend then she truly loves you and never betray her to make her happy.
  • When a girl loves you, she won’t see anything bad about you.
  • Girls love it when you prove to her that you love her more than your exes.
  • If she wants to meet your family let her be free because she cares about them and if you have reasons why you might not want her to go see your parents, explain to her she will definitely understand.
  • When a girl dances in front of her guy in the kitchen or room even with no music on then know that the girl really loves you.
  • If you break a girl’s heart she will feel emotional pains and will definitely dislike you.
  • You hear her telling her friends that her guy is handsome with nice beards then she is proud of you and reciprocates her love too.
  • If you see her sitting by her guy’s friend then know that she really cares about him and never think otherwise.
  • When you see a girl let go of her friends to go on a date with a guy, never make her regret such a big decision she made.
  • Telling her what your future plans are towards her especially if you plan to settle down with her is important to her.
  • Girls love it when guys say sweet things in front of their friends and will also understand if they do not especially in front of their parents.
  • No girl won’t feel honored when a guy is the first to wish her happy birthday and also shower her with surprise gifts to show her he can never forget her birthday.

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Facts About Girls On What Her Actions Mean

All guys will say they sometimes find these facts about girls still difficult to comprehend because they are unpredictable. We got your back and will let you know what her every action mean.

  • Girls tend to think too much.
  • They tend to remember little things very well.
  • All girls do double-date but some do not actually mean it.
  • Girls sometimes test guys to see their actions.
  • Guys have to be careful because girls already know the truth before asking you.
  • Girls are more observant and coordinated than guys.
  • A girl that has good feelings for a stranger could reach for even the least and stupid bits of information about the guy.
  • If a girl does tell you “no,” believe her. If she truly likes you, she would not give you a “no” instead she will give you pending messages.
  • Girls tend to stammer when they are talking to a guy they really admire.
  • A girl doesn’t always know what she wants.
  • If a girl holds her boyfriend’s hand then she never wants to let it go.
  • A girl might cheat but she doesn’t joke with the one she truly loves amongst others.
  • If she says you are invaluable to her, she is telling you the truth believe her.
  • You will definitely see from her reactions if she wants you to keep her company immensely.
  • When a girl tells you things she loves like her favorites delicacy or she likes gazing at the glittering stars know that she has feelings for you.
  • If she is still in love with another guy, she will always want to say good things about that guy.
  • Girls are extremely good in Social Science and Language than General Science and Mathematics.
  • When a girl admits she misses you, don’t dispute her or take her for a ride.
  • She writes you note; you have to keep that note in a safe place to show her you are a diligent type in the near future.
  • You hear a girl say nothing is wrong, she is saying the opposite because something is actually wrong.
  • If she asks her boyfriend what he is thinking that’s to say she truly shows concern towards him.
  • When girls say NO, they actually want you to press further than relenting in your effort.
  • You see how she laughs at a guy’s joke always, she actually likes him.
  • Girls show admiration for a lot of things in a shopping mall.
  • Guys who are not mature in thinking and attitude are out from girl’s list.
  • A girl will easily dump a guy who is too innocent about handling a relationship.
  • Only God could heal a girl from her past because it’s not easy for her to forget about her past.
  • Tears usually gush out from girls, especially when they are watching a sensational film or they are being weighed down.
  • Girls prefer learning about relationships from novels to experience.
  • Girls tend to mature quickly and grow older than guys in their age bracket.
  • A girl’s decision can always change in a blinking of an eye.
  • They easily get carried away by their emotions, so be careful not to hurt their feelings.
  • Extremely nice girls are usually the yellers, so beware.
  • A girl who replies you with a quick “yes” could be too impulsive and may not be valued by a guy.
  • Limit the rate at which you spoil a girl because a particular day you didn’t give her what she wants, she will hate you and never remember all the good things you’ve been doing for her.
  • Girls are weaker than guys physically but emotionally stronger than guys when problems arise.
  • There’s no girl that doesn’t love a gentleman.
  • Girls tend to be merciful and pitiful in their actions.
  • They also admire guys who have carpentering and electrical skills because they feel convinced that you can handle even the smallest thing effectively.

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We have seen from the facts about girls that they are complex humans but at the same time, they are fun to be with when you actually know the basic facts about girls immensely. When you actually understand the facts about girls, you would be the one smiling at the end.

They can be attributed to a Digital Video Player (DVD), what you play inside the DVD is what you will definitely see on your Television set. After knowing all these facts about girls, why not you handle them like an egg and see if they won’t cluster around you just the way ants cluster around sugar cubes. Your opinions and contributions are highly welcomed.

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