11 Alarming Side Effects Of Sitting All Day Without Standing Up

side effects of sitting all day

Side Effects Of Sitting All Day

The side effects of sitting all day could seem like nothing to you but in the long run, they are a lot of its health effects on your body. Generally sitting in a particular place for a long time might make you feel dizzy and lazy to do a tangible thing for oneself.

We have carefully researched the possible side effects of sitting all day to your body. It includes the following:

Severe body pain

You can experience severe pains around your back, neck, hips, shoulders, and legs due to the bad posture exhibited while sitting for a longer time. In the U.S., backache is a common health problem and also regarded as one of the prevalent common disabilities in most job oriented places.

Also, about 50 percent of American adults usually 125 million do experience a particular musculoskeletal pain disorder such as pain in the lower back, neck, sciatica, joints, and not excluding other similar conditions; while the percentage of people with lower back pain was found to be 20.3 percent according to a National Health Statistics Report by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Disease of the heart

This is one of the side effects of sitting all day and it leads to increased cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure. Most at a time, there is an increased chance of fatty acids blocking the heart arteries especially when your body burns less fat and there’s insufficient blood circulation around the whole body.

Research shows that men who spent over 23 hours weekly watching television or a minimum of 10 hours per week riding a car had 82 percent and 64 percent higher risk of having heart disease compared to others who spent less time on both activities.

Try as much as possible to avoid contracting heart diseases which is one of the side effects of sitting all day.

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Feelings of anxiety and depression

Inability to enjoy a healthy and mood-boosting is associated as one of the alarming side effects of sitting all day. You see most people derive pleasure in sitting all days watching TV or working on their PC which inhibits them from interacting with their friends and limits sun exposure resulting to feelings of loneliness and lack of vitamin D in the body.

Exercising and staying fit can help you avert the feelings of anxiety and depression effectively.

A weakness of the muscles

A weakness of the muscles especially that of the lower body and midsection are one of the side effects of sitting all day. Also, stretching yourself for at a minimum of thirty (30 minutes) aid build strong muscles.

We walk and stand up effectively when we are sitting down with the help of our strong legs as this helps in averting injury to the body. Try as much as possible to stand up and exercise your body in some intervals to avert having a weakened muscle.

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Most cancers are life-threatening and one has to be careful to avoid having it especially by avoiding sitting down all day. Also, older women tend to have breast cancer when they continuously sit down all day. It is also very disastrous for people with colorectal cancer to sit down all day long as it invigorates pains and makes them unstable.

Shortening of life

Shortening of life can also be attributed to as one of the side effects of sitting all day which makes one unable to enjoy the fruit of his/her labor. You can decide to stand up and walk around your office premises for at least 20 minutes to stimulate your muscles and make them active.

Damaging of brain

Dementia is also one of the side effects of sitting all day and sitting all day leads to brain damage because your brain is unable to utilize adequate oxygen/blood for proper functioning. Our brain tends to function optimally when we indulge in exercise and more blood/oxygen is transferred around the whole body effectively. Why want to damage your brain cells by sitting static in a place for a longer time?  

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A decreased in strength and muscle mass breeds a low insulin sensitivity which increases the chance of one having diabetes. Diabetes is one of the adverse side effects of sitting all day.

Also, a study in 2017 examined the link between diabetes and total sitting time and there was an increased risk of diabetes in physically inactive people, listing prolonged sitting as the main contributing factor.

Weight gain

When one sits in a particular place for a long time, he or she tends to add weight immensely. Excessive sitting in one place results in a decrease in lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activity which makes the body unable to burn fat efficiently.

Also, this makes fats to be accumulated and the body opts in using carbohydrates instead of the fat for fuel thereby making the body to continuously gain fat even while consuming a diet with low calorie.

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Bad posture

You can have a bad posture especially when you don’t employ the use of an ergonomic chair to easily move your body around in the office and your neck/shoulders will become stiffen and curvy. This is as a result of your spine losing its flexibility as it imbibes pressure and your pelvis rotates in a wrong way making bad posture inevitable.  

Poor blood circulation

Most people often becomes ignorance about poor blood circulation not knowing that it is one of the side effects of sitting all day apart from exhibiting some bad lifestyles like excessive smoking and drinking of alcohol. Sitting in a particular place for a long time makes blood to be accumulated in the feet and legs which usually results in deep vein thrombosis (DVT), swollen ankles, and varicose veins.

Also, most at the time you discover your leg or feet become very heavy and you can’t even move your feet when you sit in a place for a long time which is detrimental to your health.

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How To Avoid The Alarming Side Effects Of Sitting All Day

You are thinking how can I avoid experiencing these side effects of sitting all day? Yes, you can, and it’s simply trying to move around for as little as 20 minutes to stimulate your muscles.

A study shows that the best way to avert the side effects of sitting all day is by occupying yourself with a stable stream of activity all day long than sweating it out continuously in the gym.

Also, desk workers can enjoy keeping their legs and feet moving even when they are to sit for a long period of time with the help of HOVR swing.  This aid “active sitting,” which enables you to burn more calories during your downtime effectively while averting the negative side effects of sitting all day.     


Also, when you surf the net and watch a lot of movies throughout the day makes you more likely to gain weight rapidly which is unhealthy to your body. Why not stretch your back/neck at least once in every thirty (30 minutes) to avoid having a neck or backache.

Consequently, your laptop or computer should be placed on a table that is suitable for you to avoid experiencing the side effects of sitting all day. You can also learn to work so as not to affect your health to enable you to enjoy your efforts immensely.   

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