10 Surprising Reasons Why Men Get Rejected By The Women They Want So Easily

Men Get Rejected By The Women They Want

Most men get rejected by the women they want because of negligence and you just have to play your cards very well so as not to be feeling dejected after being turned down by the woman you have feelings for. We have seen several instances where women reject men who approach them as most men are the cause of their bad luck as only a few instances might not actually be from the man as she might be passing through some trauma and it’s just unfortunate you came at the wrong time.

Also, you don’t expect a girl to accept you when you sound disrespectful in your manner of approach and not well dressed to approach a lady who has taken her time to appear beautiful.

men get rejected by the women they want

Why Men Get Rejected By The Women They Want

Have you always asked yourself why am I always being rejected by women? If you really want to know that then carefully follow the following tips to have your dream woman at ease.

Being insolently bold

Most men tend to exhibit confidence in a way that is annoying to the lady as most ladies dislike guys with such attitude and as such you get rejected by women more. Try being yourself supersedes arrogance and makes you be loved immensely.

Never be cocky to any lady and better still never bring them up in the course of your conversation as these are one of the main reasons why men get rejected by the women they want very easily. Most ladies would love you more when they find out you kept a low profile about being a well-known superstar or a celebrity than boasting to her that you are a top celebrity as it turns them off.

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Avoid aiming too high

You might want to impress the lady by being out of your league as you might be lucky to come across a girl of such caliber and you don’t want to lose the girl. Unfortunately, after all the conversations of aiming high to have her, you might end up being rejected by the lady.

Always approach a lady in a polite way and speak with self-confidence as you might end up having the last laugh. Never feel bad for being rejected as it’s a normal thing to get rejected despite being polite.

Poor personal hygiene

This is one of the major reasons why men get rejected by the women they want as a result of not maintaining his personal hygiene. How on earth will you just walk up to a lady with your teeth not brushed, you have offensive body odor, and your clothes not well ironed as it gets most women agitated? Imbibe good personal hygiene to enable you to have your dream lady at ease.

You are just not lucky for her taste

The same way we men have several tastes so as women as they are very selective. A lady might not be physically attracted to you or she doesn’t like your personality. You just have to accept this in good faith as it isn’t your fault.

Never become angry over being rejected by a woman as it helps build your self-confidence to approaching a lady without being naive.

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Approaching her at the wrong time

You might look handsome, appear neat but you just showed up when she is not in a good mood and there is a 100 percent chance for you to be rejected. She might be having a bad day like recently experiencing a breakup or she must have had a fight with a close friend who will make her upset and anything you say to her at that moment will piss her up.

This is bound to happen as you don’t need to feel bad for being rejected as you just came at the bad timing which she isn’t in her normal state of mind.

Having no confidence

This is actually one of the reasons why men get rejected by the women they want simply because they lack self-confidence. Women love men with self-confidence than men with just a good sense of humor or a rich guy as most men tend to be cocky instead of being self-confident towards a lady.

A man who is confident tends to be precise in his decisions and doesn’t have pride. He is submissive, not a nagging type, and doesn’t take women for granted as these are the qualities you must possess to avoid being rejected by any woman of your choice. 

Also, avoid being too confident as it turns off women greatly so as to avoid losing her completely.

Being too self-involved in your conversation

You see most guys who just approach a lady on a first date tend to bore her with stories about themselves which is a greater turn off to ladies. They might think to say anything that goes through their heads is the best way to impress the lady not knowing that it’s one of the reasons why men get rejected by the women they want very easily.

Always allow the lady to inquire from you where you were coming from to approach her and try making your reply straight to the point and brief. Even if you were coming from hiking, never feed her with your gist for long and instead try showing interest in her life and career as she would love you very well.

You are not great in performance

You guys might probably go on a few dates or better still have a great time together. Either of these two reasons might constitute for you being rejected by her after the initial meeting. She might feel you aren’t good at performance after having a great time with you.

Most women love guys who will also make them feel loved as a woman as a majority tends to dislike a guy who is just after his own needs and not figuring out what her own needs are. If you are such a guy, there is no way you won’t get rejected by any woman you had encounters with.   

Try eating good foods and live a healthy lifestyle to boost your lovemaking life immensely so as not to be rejected so easily by any woman of your choice.

Maybe he’s kind of an asshole

No doubt most women love guys who are jerks than a gentleman because they feel you might dull their social life. This doesn’t mean you must be a jerk to the core as this makes them turn you done quickly.

Although guys are rude towards ladies as they assume a lady must always subject to them is really a bad idea as she will quickly tell you a big no cause you are an asshole. Learn to be nice and avoid being a jerk to ladies as they loved to be treated like an egg.   

Your religious background

Most women tend to choose guys whom their parents have given green light in the aspect of their religious background. I can boldly tell you that I experienced this particular challenge as the girl I approached tend to turn me down because their belief doesn’t permit her to date guys who are not in line with her religion as I understood her point and moved on with my life smoothly.

Although being accepted by a lady is a matter of choice but I would say true love knows no religion or race as it is a matter of your eternal happiness with whom you truly love.

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You tend to feel bad after dressing very neatly and applying sweet cologne just to get rejected by the lady you want isn’t the end of the road as it’s a normal thing in our everyday life to surface. Being able to handle rejection from women will pave the way to how well you will adjust when your personal or professional goals hit the rock too.

Consequently, you might not get your desired results but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get greater result elsewhere. Yes, you can and you just need to change your attitude to move on without feeling hurt. Try correcting the things you are doing wrong and accept deep within you that there are some things you can’t just change.

Finally, if you can follow closely these great reasons why men get rejected by the women they want, your chances of getting accepted will be great.

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