10 Relationship Stages All Long-Lasting Couples Go Through

relationship stages

Love stages all couples must experience

Relationship stages in your love life are those stages all long term couples go through and it always begins with infatuation through to other stages. The relationship is unique as one experience of love is never ever the same. You must have experienced several relationships in your life, and all of them seem different from your previous relationships. But they seem to be a few traits about every single relationship that binds all relationships along a definite path.

Consequently, to be candid with you no relationship that will continuously be flourishing without experiencing ups and downs and will definitely experience one of these relationship stages. These relationship stages need the patience to sail through if you really cherish your relationship. It is not always easy to identify a new stage when it comes along, especially since they can appear so different for each partner.

Some couples may go through all the relationship stages in a few months while others may take years to cycle through these stages. Most couples are always excited in the first stages of their relationship, thinking they have seen their dream partner without looking further. These relationship stages are like tests that check your compatibility with each other. You tend to see some couples who appear to be love birds at first and ended up breaking up less than a year.

The 10 relationship stages all couples must experience

Are you already in a relationship? Or are you planning on starting a new relationship with your new partner? It doesn’t matter whether your relationship is in its infancy stage or it has lasted for years because all the relationships will pass through one of these relationship stages.

You don’t know what relationship stage you’re in right now? Just follow these 10 relationship stages diligently; you’ll know which stage yours fall in and it’ll help you understand your own love life better.    

Early love birds stage (infatuation stage)

This is usually the first stage in all relationships as partners tend to love each other uncontrollably with an intense attraction. Couples tend to have the mindset that they have seen their dream partner. I also call this stage the lusting stage as both partners may be intensely sexually attracted to each other, or both of you just love the intimacy and enjoy each other’s company. The romantic feeling makes you feel happy, but won’t last forever even if you want it to.

relationship stages

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Here partners may even overlook each other’s flaw and focus only on the good sides because of the chemistry of love.

The understanding stage

This stage is very unique as both couples tend to enjoy long conversations all day, and everything about your significant other interests and fascinates you. Here couples tend to understand each other better as they are now familiar with each other. Couples keep making efforts to work on their relationships to make it more interesting and better.  You both discuss each other’s likes, dislikes, families, innocent secrets, exes, and life seems so romantic and interesting.

However, the understanding stage entails both give and take, and each partner tries to change the other to suit his or her tastes. For couples to be able to get through this stage smoothly, they have to accept each other’s weaknesses and strengths. You have to learn to focus on the good aspects, let go of the bad aspects, and strive to actualize each other’s goals and dreams.

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The disturbance stage

This stage usually forces its way into a happy romance after a few months of being together. In this stage couples ‘love chemicals’ fade away and they tend to return to their normal selves with normal moods and sex drive. Here couples no longer focus on each other but tend to be more involved with their daily duties and work.

Couples who are not aware of this particular relationship stage might assume they’re no longer in love. Some might even get upset on their partner not giving them adequate attention.

Have in mind that a little fight and bickering are a normal part of this relationship stage. However, confrontation is healthy to some extent as it helps partners understand things better. The ability for you both to get over confrontation and also resolve differences amicably helps make your relationship mature.

Also, things like sex drives detest you as you’ll be wondering why that of your significant other doesn’t match yours, or why you anger your partner more now.

Opinion maker

In this stage, you might make assumptions and opinion about your significant other and your expectations towards each other tend to increase as well.

You may start feeling depressed when these assumptions and opinions differ in real life. My advice is to be patient and diligent as the best is yet to come, even if you see a decline in your love relationship. Keep pressing harder and hope for the best than giving up or breaking up.

The building stage

This is one of those relationship stages where couples try so hard to mould each other to fit their own tastes in a perfect partner. The reason is that you have your own expectations from an ideal partner. This stage is really more about giving and take, and both couples continuously strive to subtly convince each other to change their behavior/attitude towards the relationship. If care is not taken, couples may part ways in the course of trying to dominate the other in terms of power struggle.

You’re advised never to allow the drive for power makes you lose your ideal partner and to be able to pass through this stage smoothly.

Conquering stage (happy stage)

Since both of you have been able to sail through the building stage smoothly, the conquering stage now sets in. You both tend to be happy with each other because you now understood each other’s expectations very well. In this stage, that euphoria of love comes back again and you both feel like a perfect match. Partners here might even decide to get engaged or tie the knot happily.

Also, in this relationship stage, partners stop thinking about their own individual selves and shift their attention towards making the relationship superb. Misunderstanding is inevitable in every relationship but if couples are able to trust and be loyal to each other, this can make them sail through this stage smoothly.

This happy stage is actually the stage of attachment as you both feel connected to each other and love each other immensely.

The doubting stage

This is one of those relationship stages where most couples tend to end their blissful relationship. It is a very delicate stage which couples have to handle with care. After enjoying the euphoria of love for several years, the feeling of doubts starts setting in how happy both of you are in the relationship. You tend to start reflecting on your past affairs, your exes, and other prospective partners. Couples tend to blame their relationship if they’re unhappy.

Here, couples start comparing their relationship with that of their friends or other relationships. Some partners tend to tell their other partner’s that they love them but they don’t like them. It makes the other partner go insane and may decide to end the relationship if care is not taken. This is one of those common mistakes in relationship couples make that mar long-lasting healthy relationship.   

Both of you can get over this particular relationship stage as long as your relationship isn’t a one-way drive and repetitive.

The sexual exploration stage

It’s one of those relationship stages where partners’ lovemaking life tends to play an important role. You hear a partner complains that the other lovemaking life is monotony or boring. This is where cheating comes in because the other partner isn’t satisfied with the other lovemaking life. Why not find other creative ways in making your lovemaking life exciting and see if the relationship won’t be enjoyable as it was before? This does not only spark your lovemaking life but strengthens bonds between you both very well.

relationship stages

The absolute trust stage

In this stage, the trust and love for each other make them live happily forever and always. But couples can still take each other for granted because of trusting each other too well.

Both of you can easily navigate your way from the things that can hurt other feelings and even find it easy to predict each other’s behavior and decisions. No matter how you both may be drunk in love, never take each other for granted and always learn to appreciate each other too.

Remember, love is like the oil that greases motor parts into making it run smoothly. Failure to keep your love fresh and alive, and you don’t express your love to your significant other more often, it can be rekindled by someone else in a blinking of an eye.

relationship stages

The spiritual stage

Here even the bible says “be not unequally yoked with an unbeliever” as this particular stage is often neglected by most couples. If you both are spiritually inclined, you can help each other fulfill your potentials without any selfish motive. The Godly book says “that husband should love their wives as they love themselves and wives should reciprocate it” Love and respects your wife or girlfriend and watches your relationship grow greatly beyond imagination.


Now that you’ve known all the relationship stages all long-lasting couples go through, you can easily predict where yours fall under now. I know those who have been in a relationship for a while, must have experienced all or most of these relationship stages. This can also be a great guide for those who are still to fall in love; I’m convinced you would be well prepared to face the task ahead.

Nevertheless, don’t let the dark side of these relationship stages scare you especially if your love relationship is in its tender stage.

Instead, be happy that you’ve seen the light at the end of the tunnel by diligently adhering to these 10 best-proven relationship stages and never forget to keep love alive all the time.

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